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Community Investment Impact System (CIIS) CIIS 8.1 CDFI ILR First Time Users February 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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US Department of the Treasury. Community Development Financial Institutions Fund. Community Investment Impact System (CIIS) CIIS 8.1 CDFI ILR First Time Users February 2011. Introduction . You should continue with this session if you are a CDFI with questions about:

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Presentation Transcript
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US Department of the Treasury

Community Development Financial Institutions Fund

Community Investment Impact System (CIIS)

CIIS 8.1

CDFI ILR First Time Users

February 2011

Introduction l.jpg

  • You should continue with this session if you are a CDFI with questions about:

    • The Institution Level Report (ILR) functionality

    • Completing the ILR

    • Certifying and submitting the ILR

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The Institution Level Report (ILR) functionality

General CIIS Information

Completing the ILR

Investment Capital Table

Income Statement


Certifying and submitting the ILR

Certify ILR


General ciis information l.jpg
General CIIS Information

Hint: CIIS “times out” if system is idle for 10 minutes.

ILR certification/submission and cleansing processes are distinct.

Hint: For best viewing, set screen resolution to 1024 X 768.

General ciis information5 l.jpg
General CIIS Information

  • In CIIS, use CIIS navigation tools. Do NOT use browser navigation tools.

  • Saving

    • “Save” button saves.

    • “Previous”, “Next”, & “Exit” buttons also save.

    • New data entries will not be saved if:

      • CIIS “times out;”

      • User closes CIIS window;

      • User selects a Table of Contents link; or

      • User selects “Home” button.

General ciis information7 l.jpg
General CIIS Information

  • Access complete ILR Help (Instructions):

    • “Help” button in upper, right corner of CIIS Homepage

    • “Help” link in upper, right corner of ILR

    • “Help” link at top of ILR Table of Contents.

  • Access page-level ILR Help :

    • “Help” button in upper, right corner of ILR (in white text)

General ciis information9 l.jpg
General CIIS Information

  • Access complete Glossary:

    • “Glossary” link at top of ILR Table of Contents.

    • “Glossary” link within the complete ILR “Help” system.

  • Access specific Glossary term:

    • Select the on-screen hyperlink.

General ciis information11 l.jpg
General CIIS Information

  • Notes fields exist for each ILR question.

  • Notes are useful for Users:

    • Save notes for co-workers that are assisting with ILR entry.

  • Notes are useful to the Fund:

    • Document any discrepancies or clarification between financial statements and ILR responses for cleansing.

General ciis information12 l.jpg
General CIIS Information

  • Select Icon to Add New Notes:

    • Enter text.

    • Select “Add Notes”.

  • To Review, Edit, & Delete Existing Notes:

    • Use Table of Contents “Notes” link.

    • Edit:

      • “Check”/select Note in left column

      • Select “Edit Note” button to open editing box.

      • Edit Note and select “Update” button.

    • Delete:

      • “Check”/select Note(s) using left column

      • Select “Delete Note(s)” button.

General ciis information14 l.jpg
General CIIS Information

  • Tables

    • User creates the necessary number of rows.

    • Buttons to “Add”, “Update” and “Delete” rows.

    • Checkbox allows user to indicate a Table is complete.

Investment capital table q 19 l.jpg
Investment Capital Table (Q.19)

  • Include Total Lending / Investing Pool:

    • Include idle and deployed capital.

    • Include all liabilities available for lending on balance sheet.

    • Exclude undrawn lines of credit.

    • Exclude funds used for grants.

  • Net Assets (Type of Capital) – All, or portion, usually used for investment capital.

  • Internal Funds (Source of Capital) – For-profit & Credit Unions should use Internal Funds to show retained earnings.

Investment capital table q 1917 l.jpg
Investment Capital Table (Q.19)

  • Create one row for each distinct Source and Type of Capital

Income statement l.jpg
Income Statement

Contributed Operating Revenue Table (Q.30)

  • Include all contributions used for operations.

    • Include unrestricted operating grants and contributions.

      • Exclude funds designated for lending/investing capital.

    • Include net assets released from restrictions during FY 2010.

      • Exclude temporarily restricted grants earmarked for future use.

    • Include in-kind contributions and donations.

      • Exclude grants to be passed through to other organizations.

  • Data directly from income statement.

Income statement19 l.jpg
Income Statement

Total Operating Revenue (Q.37)

  • Enter ALL (restricted and unrestricted) Earned Income from Income Statement:

    • Interest Income Earned on Portfolio (Q.31)

    • Fee Income Earned (Q.32)

    • Interest Earned on Cash & Marketable Securities (Q.33)

    • Contract, Training and Consulting income (Q.34)

    • Other Earned Revenue (Q.35)

  • CIIS will calculate:

    • Total Earned Revenue

    • Total Operating Revenue (before gains/losses)

Income statement20 l.jpg
Income Statement

Total Revenue (Q. 43)

  • Enter ALL Gains / Losses (Q.38-39).

    • Include restricted & unrestricted Gains / Losses

    • Include realized & unrealized Gains / Losses

    • CIIS will calculate Total Gains/Losses (Q.40)

    • CIIS will calculate Total Operating Revenue (Q.41)

  • Enter Non-Operating Revenue (Q.42)

    • Include restricted grants & contributions

    • Include funds designated for lending/investing

    • Include net assets released

    • Exclude Earned Revenue

    • CIIS will calculate Total Revenue (Q.43)

Income statement21 l.jpg
Income Statement

Total Pre-Tax Operating Expenses (Q.49)

  • Enter Expenses (Statement of Functional Expenses)

    • Interest Expense (Q.44)

    • Loan Loss Provision (Q.45)

      • Adjustment to LLR

    • Salaries & Benefits (Q.46)

      • Exclude management fees to other organizations

    • Professional Fees (Q.47)

      • Include contractors & consultants

      • Include Management fees

    • Enter Other Operating Expenses (Q.48)

      • Include depreciation

    • CIIS will calculate Total Pre-Tax Operating Expenses (Q.49)

Income statement22 l.jpg
Income Statement

Total Expenses (Q.51)

  • Enter Expenses (Use Statement of Functional Expenses)

    • Total Non-Operating Expenses (Q.50)

      • Include Pass-thru grants & taxes

      • Exclude losses on fixed assets & idle funds (gains/losses)

    • CIIS will Calculate Total Expenses (Q.51)

      • Verify CIIS calculation against your Income Statement.

Financing l.jpg

Loans/Investments Originated Table (Q.59)

  • Include all loans/investments originated in FY 2010.

    • Include sold loans IF receivable is on balance sheet.

    • Exclude loan guarantee receivables.

    • Exclude loans/investments to affiliates, subsidiaries, & other related organizations.

  • TLR may be substituted for Loans/Investments Originated Table

Total Loans/Investments Originated< Total Investment Capital

Financing24 l.jpg

Portfolio Outstanding Table (Q.62)

  • Include all loans/investments in Portfolio

  • TLR may be substituted for Portfolio Outstanding Table

Total Loans Must be within 5% of balance sheet gross receivables amount.

Total Portfolio Outstanding must be≤ Total Investment Capital

Certify ilr l.jpg
Certify ILR

  • CIIS has a single Certification for ILR and TLR.

  • Users may Certify ILR when:

    • ILR is complete.

    • TLR, if applicable, is complete.

  • Organizations may only Certify one time per Report Period.

    • Select “Certify” from CIIS home page.

    • Check that Organization has met requirements to certify.

    • Review Certification Statement and select checkbox to agree.

    • Select “Submit CIIS Reports” button.

Useful information l.jpg
Useful information

  • Additional CIIS information is available at

  • Contact the CIIS Help Desk at or (703) 373 -1516