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THE POWER OF VISION (George Barna). Prof. Jintae Kim, PhD Alliance Theological Seminary (845) 353-2020 ext.6978 E-mail: Website: What is Vision? (chap. 2). 1. It is from God. 2. It is clear .

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the power of vision george barna

Prof. Jintae Kim, PhD

Alliance Theological Seminary

(845) 353-2020 ext.6978



what is vision chap 2
What is Vision? (chap. 2)

1. It is from God.

2. It is clear.

3. It is preferable to the current state.; and concentrates on the future.

4. It is a gift to the leaders, which is tailored to their circumstances.

5. It is built on reality; reflects a realistic perspective; is the dreaming the most possible dream.

6. A visionary pastor is a successful pastor.

capturing god s vision chap 6
Capturing God’s Vision (chap.6)

1. Know yourself (Refer “Self-Evaluation Questions).

2. Know your ministry environment.

3. Know God

4. Know Objective wisdom. What other people saying about you and your ministry.

character of god s vision 7
Character of God’s Vision (7)

1. When you capture God’s vision for your ministry, it will have specific, predictable qualities.

2. God’s vision is inspiring.

3. Vision is a means of describing the activity and development of the ministry.

4. God’s vision for you will cause you to go beyond the limitations you assumed were obstacles.

5. Vision is empowering.

6. God has created a personal vision that fits you perfectly.

7. Vision is detailed.

8. Vision is people (not program) oriented.

vision killers chap 9
Vision Killers (chap.9)

1. One of the most popular and devastating barriers to true vision is the notion that God would never cause you to do something other than what you’ve always done before.

2. Vision replaces fear with energy and hope.

3. Christian culture and ministry are riddled with damaging stereotypes.

4. Complacency is the extinguisher of the smoldering passion of vision.

5. As a leader, you have the responsibility to overcome the inhibitors of God’s vision.

count the cost chap 12
Count the Cost (chap.12)

1. Capturing the vision can be a lonely and exhausting process.

2. God’s vision for our ministry require you to learn new skills or to create new systems within your church.

3. You may realize that you are being called to a different ministry.

4. Expect Satan to confront you as you strive to gain God’s vision.

necessity of vision
Necessity of Vision
  • Vision provides the means of organizing information into a meaningful perspective.
  • Vision integrates your mission with existing opportunities.
  • Vision is the key ingredient to formulating a plan for action.
  • Without vision, the communication of the marketing plan sounds like good works performed for their own sake.
  • Vision acts as a filter for evaluating feedback.
causes of lost vision
Causes of Lost Vision
  • Input problems
  • Distorted perspective
  • Injurious conditions
input problems
Input Problems

1. Out-of-touch with God.

2. Burnout

3. Poor leadership

4. Absence of accountability

distorted perspective
1. Impatience

2. Broadening of focus

3. Egocentricity

4. Ignoring values

5. Seduced by other visions, interests

6. Ministry becomes tedious

7. No evaluation of vision process

Distorted Perspective
injurious conditions
Injurious Conditions

1. Inappropriate structures/lifestyles

2. Extreme conflict

3. The vision becomes outdated.