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Changing to MCC Cultural Partnership Agreements PowerPoint Presentation
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Changing to MCC Cultural Partnership Agreements

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Changing to MCC Cultural Partnership Agreements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Changing to MCC Cultural Partnership Agreements

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  1. Changing to MCC Cultural Partnership Agreements A new relationship between Manchester City Council and the city’s cultural organisations. Joanne Johnston & Jenny Goodman Culture Team 20th & 21st February 2012

  2. Purpose of today To consult with you about the proposed changes, provide up-to-date information and have an opportunity for discussion, questions and feedback.

  3. The background The development of the Cultural Ambition Changes at ACE and AGMA The changing financial context – reduction in resources and austerity measures Other Manchester City Council priorities e.g. Community Strategy, focus on neighbourhood delivery

  4. Rationale behind the process Effective and efficient Open and transparent Long-term investment and impact Strategic delivery of high quality and diverse cultural activity Development and encouragement of partnerships

  5. What are we looking for? Strategic delivery partners Three year negotiated agreements Delivering the Cultural Ambition Neighbourhood focus Partnership driven (ecology of the sector) Innovative

  6. Eligibility Cultural Partners must…. Deliver against at least 1 of the themes of the Cultural Ambition plus show cross-over to other themes Be a cultural organisation Be based in Manchester with a track record of delivering to Manchester residents or be based outside Manchester but with a strong record of delivering to Manchester residents (“Manchester” is the City of Manchester) Be a not-for-profit 3rd Sector organisation

  7. Who cannot apply Manchester City Council Strategically funded Cultural Partners Individuals Public sector organisations i.e. local authorities, educational institutions, health authorities

  8. How much and for how long? The total budget is expected to be £300,000 so advice is to apply for not more than £50,000 Agreements will run for approximately 3 years – from July 2012 to March 2015

  9. Essential criteria Experience and existing knowledge of Manchester’s cultural sector Neighbourhood delivery and existing knowledge/experience of Manchester’s local neighbourhoods/communities Partnership working and collaboration Innovation Good governance and sustainability

  10. How your application will be scored All applications must score at least 32% on content and 8% on Governance to be considered for funding. Content (80%) Cultural Ambition 40% Neighbourhoods 24% Partnerships 8% Innovation 8% Governance (20%) Constitution and Governance 10% Financial Sustainability 10%

  11. The decision-making process Eligibility check Scoring Advice from key partners (ACE & AGMA) & departments (Legal & Finance) Ranking Moderation – consideration of “programme fit” Recommendations Decisions made Appeals (on process)

  12. Application form includes…. Details of your organisation How your application will support Cultural Ambition & other priorities (neighbourhood focus, involvement in cultural sector, innovation, economic impact, partnerships) Beneficiaries, outcomes, monitoring and evaluation Budgets & finance of your application Management & governance of your organisation Equalities information on your organisation Feedback from you to us

  13. Timeframe Consultation Closes March 22nd 2012 Application packs out 9th April Applications submitted May 21st 2012 Decisions made by June 15th 2012 Cultural Partnership Agreements begin 1st July 2012 and run until March 2015

  14. Questions and Comments?