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USHER. Yesenia Roa hrm.018.

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Yesenia Roa


Usher was born on October 14 1978 on Dallas, Texas. His is 32 years old when he was little his dad left his mom at the age of 1 year old he had too lived with her mom n his step dad n step brother. When he was nine he join the local church from there her grandma discover he actually knew how too sing.
At the age of 11 he joined the R&B local quintet witch it was organized by the local music. From there they had realize that he actually had experiences on been a good singer one day.
From there he went too studios with people who were already famous and became one of the famous people his album was realized in may 27 2008 people started listening too his songs and voting from what they thought.
His occupations are singer-writer and music executive an actor and more thank to that occupations he did he made some one believe he could of done something good. He become famous and now he has a kid named Usher Raymond.