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E.I.G. Euridice G.I.E. Operation and Management of the URL and other Infrastuctures. Marc Buyens Kris Moerkens Bert Vreys Alex Isenborghs Christian Lefèvre Johan Peters. E.I.G. Euridice G.I.E. History of the project (2) Experimental programme (1) Services to third parties (1)

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E i g euridice g i e

E.I.G. Euridice G.I.E.

Operation and Management

of the URL and other


Marc Buyens

Kris Moerkens

Bert Vreys

Alex Isenborghs

Christian Lefèvre

Johan Peters

Marc Buyens Mol, 18 januari 2001

E i g euridice g i e1

E.I.G. Euridice G.I.E.

History of the project (2)

Experimental programme (1)

Services to third parties (1)

Exploitation conditions (4)

Operational cost (4)

Safety structure of EURIDICE (1)



1974 : Selection of the Boom Clay Formation.

1975 : Core Sampling (Geology, Geotechnical).

1978 : In situ tests in Terhagen.

1980 - 1984 : Construction of the URL.

1987 : Construction of the TD an the ANDRA gallery.

1995 : Construction of the demo hall and officces.

1997 - 1999 : Construction of the second shaft.

2001 - 2002 : Construction of the connecting gallery.

2002 - ???? : Construction of the ventilation building.

Experimental programme

Experimental Programme

Characterisation of the Boom clay

Mine-by test, Archimedes, Phebus, Cactus, ...

Interaction between waste package and Boom clay

Corrosion tests, degradation of waste forms, corrosion of container materials, ...

Migration of radionuclides and gas in clay

Backfill and Reseal of shafts and galleries

Integrated experiments involving radiation

Cerberus, Coralus, ...

Services to third parties

Services to third parties

Canberra Semiconductor N.V.

Temporary underground storage of germanium crystals in 1991 and 1992


Underground gamma background and low activity measurements since 1993

Philips Eindhoven

Underground storage of video chips since 2000

UM electro-optic materials

Possibility of underground production of germanium crystals for the Max Planck Institute.

Exploitation conditions

Exploitation conditions

Ministry of Labour and Employment



Ministry of Economic Affairs

Administration of Quality and Safety

(former Mining Authority)

Mining regulations

Exploitation conditions1

Exploitation conditions

SCK licence Nr.: N.0024 (R.D. 1986/11/19)

Hades licence

Safety files SCK

Use of radio-elements

HADES licene Nr.: 1.777.51SVYL (1984/11/19)

R.D 1965/04/12 and 1972/04/04 (employment)


Specific conditions

Exploitation conditions2

Exploitation conditions

The owner has to appoint some one (responsible leader) to exercise supervision on the exploitation of the underground facilities (art. 18 - R.D. 1965/04/12).

Access regulations

Working instructions

Safety instructions for underground activities

Special instructions for activities by a third party

Instructions for the use of radioactive elements

Emergency plan

Inspection procedures

Exploitation conditions3

Exploitation conditions

For the dayly operation of the facilities, the responsible leader can delegate a part of the responsability to other people.

(These peoples are called green helmets)

Operation of the hoisting gear

Operation of the cage (elevator)

Responsible for a working team in the underground


Operational stand by costs

Operational Stand By costs

Rent of the hoisting gear and the headframe of the first shaft.

Manpower to keep the installation operational

Legal inspections by AIB-Vinçotte and AVN

Legal inspections by own people

Maintenance of equipment

Power consumption


Operational stand by cost

Operational Stand By cost

Level 1 : 991,57 €/day

Underground visits

Covers the winding installation and the operator

Level 2 : 1.760,04 €/day

Field activities without the use of the DAC system

Covers level 1, utilities, legal deputy for underground activities

Level 3 : 1.859,20 €/day

Field activities with the use of the DAC system

Covers level 2, the DAC system

Operational stand by cost1

Operational Stand By cost

Use of the drilling equipment : 1.748,29 €/day

In this cost the working team (1 A2 and 2 A3) and supervision is included

Charges for employees

A0 = 109,17 €/hour

A1 = 75,26 €/hour

A2 = 57,73 €/hour

A3 = 41,67 €/hour

Operational stand by cost2

Operational Stand By cost

Every user pays 1 OSB a month, unesteemed the use of the installations.

This cost must be seen as fixed participation in the operational cost.

Beside this it is foreseen to charge users for their active use of the installations.

Days of active use of the installations multiply by the OSB.

Use of the drilling equipment.

Use of other employees.


E i g euridice g i e

Safety structure EURIDICE







Ind. Veiligheid Medisch toezicht

Ergonomie Socio-psycho. asp.

Arbeidshygiëne Fysische Controle


leider HADES






Ind. Veiligheid




(ER 1992/57/CEE)







(1), (2), (3) = dezelfde persoon = "Preventie Coördinator