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Ayurvedic Medicine: Herbology PowerPoint Presentation
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Ayurvedic Medicine: Herbology

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Ayurvedic Medicine: Herbology

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Ayurvedic Medicine: Herbology

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  1. Ayurvedic Medicine: Herbology Michelle Blevin

  2. Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha • Vata • People who are creative, quick-witted and resourceful. They like being on the move. Seldom very good at managing money. Vata’s good can be quite soft-hearted and romantic. Thrive in warm, coastal climates. • Pitta • People who are fiery, determined, strong- willed and passionate. They are tough minded, clearheaded, enthusiastic and ambitious and can be quite successful. Work well under pressure. Can be fad followers. Cool climates where seasons change visibly are best for Pitta • Kapha • People who are sensuous, strong, clam, soft-spoken and forgiving. Tend to develop well-developed bodies with big bones. Energy dominates in winter and early spring

  3. Why are Herbs Used • Herbs are the most effective, powerful, yet gentle form of healing in Ayurveda. • Easily digested and closer to the essential elements, compared to vitamins and minerals. Herbs also assimilate to the body quicker then vitamins and minerals. • Herbs can be tailored according to one’s dosha. They can come in variety of forms (cooling/drying, heating, and moistening) • Target tissue layers: Plasma, blood, muscle, fat, nerves,/joint, bone, and reproductive fluids

  4. Major Herbs that Are Used In Ayurveda • Ginger • Ginger is used in many recipes to cure all different aliments. Ginger can be bought in most grocery stores and added to foods or made into teas • Fennel • Has a licorice-like flavor, used in many recipes. Also helps the milk supply in lactating women. Can be purchased at ,most grocery stores • Aloe Vera • Used taken internally to help for a lot of stomach disorders. Must be the type of aloe Vera to be ingested • Turmeric • Used mainly as a spice, fragrance, and or the flavor. It is also sold as an eyewash for conjunctivitis

  5. Allergies Asthma Backache Fatigue Flu Hangover Indigestion Menopause Problems Nausea and Vomiting Osteoporosis Sinus Problems Smoking Children Sore throat Ulcers During Pregnancy Babies Herbology Treatments

  6. Companies That Produce Ayurvedic Medicines • Shamrmilia Pharma • Multtani Phamractuticals • Baidyanath