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Atonement. Repairing of the Relationship. Everyday we put on our clothes before we go out, but once there was a time when we didn’t need a covering at all. . What are some ways that clothing helps our daily life ? . We put a coat on when its ______.

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Repairing of the Relationship


Everyday we put on our clothes before we go out, but once there was a time when we didn’t need a covering at all.

What are some ways that clothing helps our daily life?

.We put a coat on when its ______.

.Bathing suits when we want to_________.

.We wear a hat and sunglasses if its ______.


You see, clothing covers our bodies

from all types of elements. But the bible tells

us that until the fall there was never a need

for covering, because the Lord was our

covering. He had made everything to

suit us. There was no need to add

or take away from anything

the Lord had given us.



why do we need it?

why don’t we have it?


When Adam and Eve found that theywere naked,they knew right away they needed covering. They reached for some itchy leaves.

But when God found them, Hecoveredthem and used animal’s skins; which were much more comfortable.


*Did you know that if properly cared for an animal skin could last thousands if not tens of thousands of years?

You see God, even though we had sinned, provided the right type of covering.

(Leaves do have a tendency to dry up and wither away.)

You see God offered a covering that was not only better but more permanent than the weak attempt that we made.



Another use of Covering

You may know a person by what he wears.

*God made us in His image, so He made us special. He also was the first to offer our bodies the type of coveringthey would need in the new fallen world. Now as sinners,we could be recognized as being incomplete. We now need covering to protect us.


What about those poor animals? What did they do to become clothing?

Now all would suffer for oursin. We are left to cover ourselves with the innocent. Ourcovering (plant or animal) would die to coverourflesh. Why?

Maybe God didn’t want us to forget what He saw as a suitable covering. To repair our relationship we would need an innocent covering. We needed Atonement.


Read Genesis 4:1-6

So what was wrong with Cain’s offering?

What was right about Abel’s offering?

Did God punish Cain for not making the right offering?

No, He just didn’t like it, because it was not what He asked from him. Like Adam and Eve, Cain was trying to make a weaker attempt to coverhissin. Even though he knew better.


Do you think sometimes we can be like Cain and be mad at God for the things that we do?

Have you ever blamed God for yoursin?

There can be a repair in yourrelationship with God. Remember what God said to Cain, “If you do what is right, will you not be accepted?.” In other words He says you can still fix yourmistake, you can still choose Myacceptable sacrifice.

Can you accept Hisway or are you just trying it your own way? He wants you broke so He can fix you. You just got to do it Hisway.


Memory verse:

God does not take away life; instead, he devises ways so that a banished person may not remain estranged from Him.

2 Samuel 14:14