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Best ways to Lose Weight

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Best ways to Lose Weight - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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List of Best ways to Lose Weight.this ways to reduce body weight very fastly.

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Best ways to Lose Weight

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    1. Best ways to Lose Weight

    2. #1 Balance Dieting This can keep you slim. You need to prepare a chart what you should eat and what not. You need to take appropriate calories throughout the day to keep yourself fit.

    3. #2 Drink Plenty of Water Water is a very good solution to stay fit. Stay away from energy drinks or beverages because they contain a lot of sugar. Drink plenty of water when you feel thirsty.

    4. #3 Stop Eating at Midnight Everybody needs to sleep 8 hours at night. Stop staring at night. If you stay wake at night it is obvious you have to eat something. Sleep peacefully at night so that you can stop eating at midnight.

    5. #4 Always Eat Breakfast Breakfast is the best solution for staying fit. After sleep you need to energize your body in morning. If you skip breakfast you will feel hungry all day long. Start the day with a healthy meal. Breakfast should be heavy so that you can work with full energy. Heavy breakfast keeps you away from snacks at midday.

    6. #5 Eat Fruits and Vegetables Fruits and vegetables don’t have much fat. So it is easy to diet with these things. Eat fruits in every meal. Fruits salads, green and yellow vegetables are good for health. When you feel hungry eat an apple or an orange. Eat vegetables at night meals so that you can take the main dish a little.

    7. #6 Use Smaller Plates If you eat in a big plate you will eat more. So keep the plate small and measure your food.

    8. #7 Eat Low Calories You need to give proper calories to your body. So do not eat much calories at a time. Select low calorie foods to eat. Slowly eat all needed calories throughout the whole day.

    9. #8 Eat Smaller Meals Do not eat a lot at a time. Eat five or six meals in a day but they should have to be smaller. Eat a light snack or a fruit at midday. In evening you can take a coffee and a biscuit without sugar. This will help to full your stomach and keep you healthy.

    10. #9 Raising Metabolism Metabolism is the key to weight loose. Raising metabolism will force to lose weight. So do the thing which keeps your metabolism active throughout the day.

    11. #10 Avoid Alcohol Alcohol is one of the reasons to gain weight. Avoid alcohol and start eating juices which will fulfill your calorie demands.

    12. #11 Don't Stay Hungry If you stay hungry for a long time you will surely eat much at a time. So don’t stay hungry for a long time.

    13. #12 Do Some Household Chores Some work can burn your fat such as sweeping your floor. It needs lot energy and burns calories. So try to do some work at home and stay fit.

    14. #13 Practice Walking If you walk everyday a little that will help you to stay slim and fit. When you have a work near your home or office go there by feet. This little walking will boost you up.

    15. #14 Stop Eating Starches Foods like pasta , pizza contain a lot of starches. Stay away from these food. Don’t eat much potatoes. Stop eating white bread and sugar.

    16. #15 Exercise The best way to stay fit and slim. Everyday you keep 30 minutes for your exercise. This will help you to cut down your calories and fat. Exercise will also give you strength day by day.