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WELCOME!!!. NTO Science / Social Studies. Michele Dorsey (ITL, Gen Ed Inclusion)- Longfellow Rebecca Allwang- (Gen Ed Inclusion) Bryant Woods Sonya Robinson (Spec Ed Inclusion)- Atholton Elem. Co-teaching in your classroom: Using your resources wisely. What is Co-teaching?.

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Nto science social studies
NTO Science / Social Studies

  • Michele Dorsey (ITL, Gen Ed Inclusion)- Longfellow

  • Rebecca Allwang- (Gen Ed Inclusion) Bryant Woods

  • Sonya Robinson (Spec Ed Inclusion)- Atholton Elem

Co teaching in your classroom using your resources wisely

Co-teaching in your classroom:Using your resources wisely

What is co teaching
What is Co-teaching?

  • “When two or more educators co-plan, co-instruct, and co-assess a group of students with diverse needs in the same general education classroom. In addition, both educators co-teach for specific content objectives, with mutual ownership, pooled resources, and joint accountability, although each individual’s level of participation may vary.” (Friend, 2005)

Why co teaching
Why Co-teaching?

  • Co-teaching provides the least restrictive environment for students with disabilities

  • Students with disabilities need opportunities to interact with age-appropriate peers

  • Gives all students access to the general education curriculum within the regular education environment

  • Shared responsibility to help ALL students to meet established standards

Two or more professionals
Two or more Professionals

  • Two teachers (General, Special, GT, Reading or Math Specialist, Interventionists, ESOL, etc.)

  • Teacher and Related Service Professional (Speech and Language Pathologist, OT, PT, Related Arts)

  • Paraprofessionals working under the guidance of a teacher

Defining characteristics
Defining Characteristics

  • Promotes a coordinated delivery of instruction

  • Provides opportunities for shared decision making

  • Lowers teacher-student ratio

  • Supports active roles in teaching

  • Incorporates unique instructional strategies

  • Engages all students

  • Meets the individual needs of diverse learners

  • Encourages shared classroom space

Promotes differentiated instruction
Promotes Differentiated Instruction

  • Provides instruction to a diverse or blended group of students

  • Includes students with disabilities (inclusion)

  • Allows effective response to students needs

  • Provides and extra set of hands and eyes

  • Lowers teacher-student ratio

  • Expands professional expertise

    • Each participant’s contributions are equally valued and participants have equal power in the decision making

Co teaching approaches
Co-teaching Approaches

  • One teach, one supporting

  • Station teaching

  • Two groups

  • Alternative teaching

  • Multiple groups

  • Team teaching

Essential components of effective co teaching
Essential Components of Effective Co-teaching

  • Shared system of beliefs

  • Prerequisite skills

  • Collaboration

  • Classroom Practice

  • Administrative Roles and Perspectives

Roles of the general educator
Roles of the General Educator

  • Facilitate instruction of content area curriculum

  • Organize record keeping and grades

  • Consults on-

    • Lesson content

    • Effective direct instruction activities

    • General education expectations

Roles of the second teacher spec ed
Roles of the Second Teacher (Spec. Ed.)

  • Provide a variety of instructional strategies , modifications, and adaptations to accommodate students with special needs

  • Integrates IEP goals and objectives into curriculum

  • Consults on

    • Lesson format and pacing

    • Organization of the class

    • Management system

Roles and responsibilities of both teachers
Roles and Responsibilities of Both Teachers

  • Develop innovative and effective activities to instruct content

  • Increase knowledge of content and process

  • Maintain reciprocal consultation

  • Attend regular planning and training sessions

  • Evaluate effectiveness

  • Share responsibility for planning, instruction, and assessment

  • Attend IEP meetings and Parent Teacher Conferences

Roles of paraprofessional intern
Roles of Paraprofessional / Intern

  • Provide support to the teacher and the students in the classroom

    • Collecting data

    • Assisting with distribution of materials

    • Review of previously learned material

    • Supporting with seat work / center activities

  • Administer activities prepared by the teacher

    • Reading or math rotation

So why co teach
So Why Co-Teach?



  • IT WORKS!!!

Not without setbacks
Not Without Setbacks

  • Planning Time

    • Same planning time, use of interns, technology, before or after school, during guidance/technology, professional development time, lunch, extended breaks (summer)

  • Time intensive

    • Planning, Modify, Lesson Plans, Delineate responsibilities, Make materials, Adapt assessments, Report Cards

  • Forming strong relationships

    • What are you beliefs about teaching, grading, behavior, what are your routines, what is your teaching style?

Howard county curriculum
Howard County Curriculum

  • MSDE Standards

  • VSC Curriculum

  • Howard County Curriculum

Project approach
Project Approach

  • Approach used unique to Kindergarten focusing on scientific skills and processes

  • Student Driven Instruction / Interests

  • Teacher Guidance and Support

  • Interdisciplinary across Curriculum Areas and connected to the Related Arts Curriculum

Ways to share student work
Ways to share student work

  • Application to technology

    • Flip Cam, iMovie, Digital Camera, E-Books, Websites

  • Other

    • Class books, Posters, Songs and Poems, Plays, Evening of Excellence…


  • Kindergarten Goes Green