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The Communication Initiative? …global forces...local choices… critical voices…telling stories... PowerPoint Presentation
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The Communication Initiative? …global forces...local choices… critical voices…telling stories...

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The Communication Initiative? …global forces...local choices… critical voices…telling stories...

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  1. The Communication Initiative?…global forces...local choices…critical voices…telling stories... The Communication Initiative Very Brief Outline [sorry – wanted to show this but now no internet access]

  2. The Communication Initiative [CI] is a working partnership of development organizations which supports advances in the effectiveness and scale of communication and media interventions for positive development.

  3. CI Focus • The focus is across • All major development issues – eg Poverty, Gender, Rights, HIV etc • Full spectrum of media and communication processes and actors – eg journalists, community radio, entertainment, advocacy • Full spectrum of Communication strategies –eg communication for social change, media development, media training, etc

  4. The goals of The CI are: • Improve strategic communication thinking on • development issues • - Advance the extent and quality of communication for change practice • - Effectively advocate the impact and value of communication for sustainable development. • - Expand dialogue, debate and review of key communication issues and programmes

  5. CI Strategies: • The core strategies include increased: • access to real-time information; • horizontal networking; • peer critiquing; • community building; and • strategic review and advancement.

  6. Strategy Partnership process Horizontal Linkages Real Time Knowledge and Information Peer Review Change Strategic Thinking

  7. CI Activities: The activities that operationalise those strategies involve: Knowledge sharing platform Network of communicators and other development actors Series of electronic magazines On-line interactive processes Specific communities of practice

  8. Developing those as an integrated platform Specific Communities Network Knowledge Sharing Magasines Interactivity

  9. Network User Survey 2006 2,334 people • from 153 different countries • 47 countries had 10 or more respondents • 1,620 [70% approx] respondents reside in the [so-called] developing world or The South. • 714 respondents [30% approx] reside in OECD countries. • The numbers and percentage for nationality rather than residence is very similar.

  10. Network User Survey cont’d • 55% of respondents use The CI to find resources for their work [it was possible to select more than one option • 39% also use The CI to conduct research for programmatic/strategic purposes; • 33% to find training courses • even spread of use

  11. Network User Survey cont’d • All other categories were above 25% including • "conduct research for academic purposes“ • “conduct research for material for other electronic publications or online resources“ • "support my teaching curricula“ • "find people who are doing similar work (networking)“ • "find new jobs“ • "find events"; and • "find funding opportunities (awards, grants, scholarships)".

  12. The Communication Initiative Latin America The CI Global Soul Beat Africa

  13. New Platform includes: • Integrated database • Atomised data • Plug in Modules • Improved searching and presentation • Flexible and varied templates • Wider range of interactive tools • New Design • New Admin system • Greater content team control • Improved and more flexible page reviews, polls etc • Full RSS process [API on the way] • etc

  14. Just a few examples [show] • Modules • Advanced Search • Nodes – flexibility • Home page features • Calendar • Web forms • Polls • My site • Bulk coding • News • Registration • Dynamic teasers • Video

  15. CI Network subscribers: 75,418 Individual user sessions - 2,110,306 [12 months] 35,000 plus knowledge summaries from network and on platform

  16. Democracy and Governance Communication and Media • Major theme in CI process • Significant numbers in network work on D and G • Thousands of summaries of on-the ground action, strategic thinking, evaluations and research, events, materials, etc • -Highly flexible organisation processes • Poll • Interactive web forms • Calendar • My Site[personalisation] • News • - Advanced search • etc • Specific UNDP support

  17. Very recent comments “Thanks - Very much appreciated! In almost every alert of Communication Initiative we find relevant links, resources, events that are very useful to our work/website. Best wishes and keep up the good work. Cheers” [European NGO Director] “I have found the links to be very timely and useful” [Trinidad NGO worker] “I am a fun of Drum Beat... I really appreciate the work you do and would always participate in this great endeavor.” [World Bank Africa Country Director] "I find your News letters very infomative keep up the good work. Since I have started browsing your newletters I have created a very good network aound the globe.Thank you." [Zimbabwe NGO] • Many thanks for your kind support. Being featured in the Drum Beat will greatly enhance the visibility of the competition and allow many broadcasters to participate. That's fantastic! Again thanks a lot [Media for Development Agency]