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Green Space Housing

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Green Space Housing. Solar Panels.

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solar panels
Solar Panels
  • In solar panels, photons are converted into useable energy called electrons. The solar panels you generally see like in calculators and satellites are called PV cells. There are also homes that are solar powered, and save enough energy to power home appliances for long periods of time.
  • Geothermal systems are very unique, for they harvest energy from the earth. In this case, heat that comes from the earth is harvested, and only small amounts of electricity are required. Places near volcanoes generally gather more energy that those away from such heated areas.
reused or recycled construction materials
Reused or Recycled Construction Materials
  • In building homes, you can used recycled materials to build a cost efficient home. For example, people have used materials like baled cardboard, beer cans, plastic bottles, cork, earth rammed tires, and even used wood to build homes.
natural light
Natural Light
  • In an eco friendly home, natural lighting is vitally important. It is important for you get free light, and free heat from the sun. With windows that have a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.55, heat can easily pass through the windows and save money in the long run.

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