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Committee for Korea Studies

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2nd General Meeting. Committee for Korea Studies. General Meeting . Barrows STARTS AT 7PM SHARP!! Don’t be late. Membership. Continuing member $10 New member $20 Voting Rights T-shirts Discounts on all CKS events Right to attend Subcommittees Love from 선남선녀 선배 s.

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general meeting
General Meeting
  • Barrows
  • Don’t be late
  • Continuing member $10
  • New member $20
  • Voting Rights
  • T-shirts
  • Discounts on all CKS events
  • Right to attend Subcommittees
  • Love from 선남선녀 선배s
website facebook
Website/ Facebook
  • www.berkeleycks.com
  • Facebook group: Committee for Korea Studies
choa korean hip hop subcommittee1
ChoA : Korean Hip-hop Subcommittee





We are waiting for NEW MEMBERS!




choa korean hip hop subcommittee2
ChoA : Korean Hip-hop Subcommittee
  • Listening/Discussion Session every week
  • What is Rap? How to Rap?
  • How to write a Verse?
  • Creation / Performance in Concerts
  • Just come and enjoy together 
  • Every Sat.4pm@ 235 Dwinelle
  • Contact: 신수철 / 510-926-2940 / sucheolshin@gmail.com
staff meetings
Staff Meetings
  • Every Sunday 7PM
  • @Dwinelle 263
  • POY meeting starts at 6 PM (same day)
  • You are welcome to come
이번달 뒷풀이 계획

02.18 Game night

+ 술

02.25 안주 Potluck

+ 술

hakseup plan
HakSeup Plan
  • 2/18: Who is Temporary Worker (비정규직 및 복지)
  • 2/25: 외국인 노동자 & 노조 (민주노총)
  • 3/4: 게임 / 유흥 in Korea
  • 3/11: 한국 언론사회와 미디어 법(이상호 기자)
  • 3/18: Single Mom, Unwed Mom
  • 4/1: 당신은 행복 한가요?
  • 4/8: 결혼알선업체를 통한 국제결혼
foot and mouth disease
Foot-and-mouth disease
  • What is 구제역?
  • What is happening?
type of temporary worker
Type of Temporary Worker
  • Department of Labor: laborer who does not meet the conditions of wage, contracted working period, working hours.
  • Minimum wage: per hour - 4320won
  • Currently: 5.7million. 33-36% of labor force
  • Types

- Short term Worker: have contracted certain period time to work.

- Part Time Worker: works for relatively short time.

- Unofficial Worker: Dispatched, service, specialized, domestic workers

differences discrimination
Differences & Discrimination


  • Wages: only70%
  • Contract on certain period of time to work.


  • Easy to Cancel contracts
  • Sudden firing. Sexual Abuse.
  • Less Pension(79% vs 36%)
  • People’s Perception
  • Welfare: education fee, vacation, insurance - health:50%, employment: 60%
case study1
Case Study1 쌍용자동차
  • Conflict from 2009January~ September
  • Company’s attitude
  • The company is in bankruptcy and sold to other company
  • In order to save 쌍용자동차. Company need to cut wages and workers
  • Workers’ attitude
  • Why do workers have to take the responsibility of terrible management?
  • Unfair discharge of unofficial workers
  • Official workers are also anxious and go against dismissal of unofficial workers.
case study 2
Case Study 2 기륭전자
  • Conflict from 2005May~ 2010November
  • Company’s attitude
  • Guarantee job positions in different company
  • 95% of shareholders disagree with official employment
  • Only pay for the penalty
  • Workers’ attitude
  • Discharge through text messages, and other treatments are unacceptable
  • Unexcused from work in any circumstances
  • Frequent dismissal
  • Company’s illegal dispatching of workers
case study3
Case Study3 홍대비정규직
  • 임금: 월 기본급 75만 2천원 (~$675)
    • 식대(쌀값) 폐지팔아 조달했었으나
    • 월9천원 (끼니당 300원)
  • 아침 8시~ 오후 6시 (10시간)
    • 3주마다 토요일에도 출근
    • 유급 7시간 무급 3시간
case study
Case Study: 홍대비정규직

2011년 1월 4일 ~ 현재

  • 노동자 측:
    • 임금
    • 대우 개선
    • 고용승계 보장
    • 노조 유지
  • 홍대 측:
    • 합법적
    • 새 용역회사 선정이 우선순위
    • 고용승계, 처우개선 등 용역업체가 결정할 사안
case study2
Case Study: 현대차비정규직
  • 현대차비정규직 비율 16.9% 유지
  • 임금: 비정규직 정규직의 73%
  • 2010년 7월 22일 대법원 판결
  • 동성기업
case study4
Case Study: 현대차비정규직

1차 파업: 2010년 11월

2차 파업: 2011년 2월 ~

  • 노동자 측:
    • 비정규직 정규직으로 전환
    • 고소고발 취하
    • 해고자 2월말까지 전원 취업 알선
    • 등등
  • 현대차 측:
    • 3지회 해고 30여명선
    • 징계 최소화, 가압류 해제손해배상
    • 정규직화 별도 회의체 구성 논의, 동성 2공장해고자 취업 알선 등등
    • 각 업체 규칙따라 징계
case study 3 part time instructors
Case Study 3 - Part-time Instructors
  • Total part-time instructors at 4-year college 72,419 (1.2 times number of full-time professors)
  • Total % of lecturesmore than 50% (in arts division, up to 70 to 80%)
  • Disadvantages Low salary, unstable employment, No insurance and pension
  • Suicide of Part-time Instructors
minimum wage
Minimum Wage
  • Definition:
    • The minimum price for labor set by governments in the labor market.
    • By definition, minimum wage must be greater than market clearing price.
minimum wage1
Minimum Wage
  • Pros
    • Device that forces businesses to share some of their vast wealth with the people who help produce it.
    • Workers need a minimum amount of income to survive and pay bills.
    • Preventive measures against businesses abusing the labor market.
      • Downward spiral of decreasing wage.
minimum wage2
Minimum Wage
  • Cons
    • Obstacle for businesses striving for greater efficiency and lower prices.
    • A competitive advantage for foreign companies.
      • Obstacle in the ability of domestic companies to compete globally.
    • Many domestic workers might lose jobs.
      • Minimum wage = Incentive for businesses to mechanize duties previously held by humans.
      • Minimum wage = Businesses might just outsource jobs to foreign workers, where labor is much cheaper.
food for thought
Food for Thought
    • 1. 정규직과 비정규직의차이 때문에 일어난 기업의 차별은 당연할까요?
    • 능력, 학벌,
    • 임금, 혜택.
  • 2. 자본주의 사회에서 기업의 단기적 이익 추구보다 기업의 노동자에 대한 사회적 책임이 더 중요한가?
food for thought1
Food for Thought
  • 3: Many countries around the world have some sort of minimum wage law. Explain why the minimum wage may hurt workers as much as help them. Give some ideas as to how the government could help workers more effectively.