wednesday march 5 n.
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Wednesday, march 5

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Wednesday, march 5. The Book Thief Pages 336-350. Do Now. Writing all that you know, please write 5-7 sentences in the “What I know” portion of your CW sheet Examine the effects of the tragedies on Jewish families during WWII and the Holocaust

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wednesday march 5

Wednesday, march 5

The Book Thief

Pages 336-350

do now
Do Now
  • Writing all that you know, please write 5-7 sentences in the “What I know” portion of your CW sheet
    • Examine the effects of the tragedies on Jewish families during WWII and the Holocaust
    • Use AT LEAST one direct quote from the book to help you understand what you know!
graded discussion
Graded discussion
  • Using your Chromebook, please log onto the wiki
  • You are going to go through the PPT and have a graded discussion
  • You will have 10 minutes to, as a group, go through the PPT and take notes about what you have learned
  • You will then have 15 minutes to have your graded discussion
  • For the slides that have links, please go on the links and watch the videos! Make sure your volume is on!
world war ii 1942

World War II: 1942

Death’s Travels

prior to 1942
Prior to 1942…
  • The National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NSDAP), or Nazi Party for short, was gaining popularity among the German people left without jobs after World War I.
  • A young, charismatic leader, Adolph Hitler ran for chancellor of Germany and won.
  • His passion for promoting German nationalism spread. He ordered the military to take over surrounding countries in hopes to increase the size and power of Germany.
wwii where the fighting took place
WWII: Where the fighting took place
  • German and Italian fought against French, Russian, British and American armies.
  • Most battles occurred in Germany and France, with a second “front” forming along the Russian border
effects on civilians
Effects on Civilians
  • Similar to the Hubermanns, people in multiple countries practiced for air raids by gathering in underground shelters.
  • As supplies became more scarce, governments limited the amounts people could buy in a process called rationing. These women are waiting to pick up their rations.
soaked bodies of a french coast
“Soaked bodies of a French Coast”
  • Known in as D-Day, the seize of the beach at Normandy was a first move by the American and British Armies to push Hitler’s army back toward Germany, out of France
bombing of cologne
Bombing of Cologne
  • The first notable bombing performed by Allied forces on German targets
  • Done to break down the German confidence
parisians 1942
Parisians, 1942
  • In 1942, Germany took total control of France
  • Beginning that summer, German soldiers began to round up all of the French Jews and place them in camps, burning them after the gas chamber
the eastern front russia
The Eastern Front - Russia
  • Germany fought both in France and in Russia. Due the bitter cold, soldiers were often underprepared, which resulted in more deaths outside of battle.
in class reading
In Class Reading
  • With your shoulder partner, you are going to read pages 336-346
  • Complete the CWHW sheet (or as much as you can!)
    • Whatever you don’t finish will need to be completed for HW
exit ticket
Exit Ticket
  • “Just past the rubble of Cologne, a group of kids collected empty fuel containers, dropped by their enemies. As usual, I collected humans. I was tired. And the year wasn’t even halfway over yet” (338)
    • What event is this quote referencing and why is it significant?
    • “On June 23, 1942, there was a group of French Jews in a German prison, on Polish soil. The first person I took was close to the door, his mind racing, then reduced to pacing, then slowing down, slowing down…”
      • Where is this quote taking place?
      • What did you learn in today’s graded discussion that you can connect to this quote?
      • Why is this significant to the novel and its plot?
  • Finish reading to page 350
  • Complete CWHW sheet
  • Bring in ONE study tool for the quiz tomorrow
    • You SHOULD be making one study tool for the vocabulary and then another study tool for the textual analysis