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What symbols does the cartoon use? PowerPoint Presentation
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What symbols does the cartoon use?

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What symbols does the cartoon use? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Day /6.1. What symbols does the cartoon use? What statement is the cartoonist trying to make about Andrew Jackson and the Second Bank of the US?. Day /6.2.

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What symbols does the cartoon use?

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Day /6.1

What symbols does the cartoon use?

What statement is the cartoonist trying to make about Andrew Jackson and the

Second Bank of the



Day /6.2

“We mean to let you know our situation at present. . . We arrived here about five o’clock in the afternoon of yesterday, fourteen of us together, where we were received with the greatest kindness of respectability. . . When we came to the house we could not state to you how we were treated. We had potatoes, meat, butter, bread, and tea for dinner. . . If you were to see Denis Reen when Daniel Danihy dressed him with clothes suitable for this country, you would think him to be a boss or steward, so that we have scarcely words to state to you how happy we felt at present.”

1. Making Inferences Based on the quote above, how was Daniel feeling about being in

the United States?

2. Making Inferences List three reasons to prove your inference.


Day /6.3

One of the first influential abolitionist leaders was William Lloyd Garrison, who began

publishing the abolitionist paper (1)________________ in Boston in 1831.

Women’s rights expanded during this time. In 1837 Mary Lyon opened the doors to

(2)____________________ , the first institution of higher education for women.

Other moral reforms included the fight for the prohibition of liquor, or “temperance.”TheAmerican Temperance Union was founded in (3)_______________


Of all the reform movements that began in the early 1800s, the movement calling for abolition, or the immediate end to slavery, was the most divisive. By pitting North against South, it polarized the nation and helped bring about the Civil War.

1. What was the abolitionist movement?

2. When did the abolitionist movement occur?

3. What was important about the abolitionist movement?

Day /6.4


Day /7.1

Who is the woman and what does she have in her arms?

What is the difference between the left and right halves of the painting?

What does this have to do with “Manifest Destiny”?


In 1821, after more than a decade of fighting, Mexico won its independence from Spain. During the decades that followed, Mexico experienced great turmoil and political chaos. The far northern territories of California, New Mexico and Texas remained part of Mexico, although their great distance from Mexico City allowed for considerable political independence. As the young Mexican republic struggled to establish a stable national government, it neglected its northern borderlands.

1. When did Mexico win its independence?

2. Who had been in control of Mexico?

3. Where were the borderlands?

Day /7.2


In what order did

the battles take






Day /7.3


1. According to the graph, how

many casualties (both dead and

wounded did Mexico experience

during the war with Mexico?

How many casualties did the Americans experience?

Day /7.4