South south cooperation sids project
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South-South Cooperation SIDS project. Prepared by Karen Bernard and Jacinda Fairholm UNDP Dec 2010 – 5 th CDM Conference, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Project info.

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South south cooperation sids project

South-South Cooperation SIDS project

Prepared by Karen Bernard and Jacinda Fairholm


Dec 2010 – 5th CDM Conference, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Project info
Project info

Project title – “South-South Cooperation Between Pacific and Caribbean SIDS on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management”

Time frame – 2010-2012 ( 3 years)

Extensive consultation – bilateral, CDM, PacPlat, pre-PAC, LPAC, BPAC, etc.

Budget and funding
Budget and funding

Total budget – $809,468 USD

Funding sources –

UNDP Special Unit for South-South Cooperation - $200,000 USD

Japan-UNDP Partnership Fund - $420,000 USD

Remainder In- kind UNDP Pacific Centre & CRMI

Expected outcome
Expected outcome

Strengthened safety and resilience of Pacific and Caribbean SIDS communities to a range of natural hazards by facilitating and supporting a south-south cooperation program targeted at strengthening climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction capacity in SIDS, based on the transfer of appropriate ‘southern’ expertise and technologies.

Output 1
Output 1

Identification, documentation and dissemination of best practices on integratedclimate change adaptation and disaster management specific to the SIDS context.

Eg.Case studies, presentations at meetings, contributions to electronic networks

Output 2
Output 2

Transfer and exchange of technologies currently being used by SIDS for effective, equitable and appropriate disaster risk management and climate change adaptation, between the Pacific and the Caribbean regions.

Eg. Training courses, exchange visits

Output 3
Output 3

Disaster risk management and climate change adaptation included in the broader development agenda through support for national action planning, mainstreaming and advocacy work in the Pacific and Caribbean regions and countries.

Eg. guidelines, templates, best practices

Achievements to date

Achievements to date

Presentation made at Pacific regional meeting on the Caribbean experience to date with the CCRIF – catastrophe risk insurance– explaining considerations and pitfalls, enabling discussion by Pacific decision-makers as to whether this pooled risk insurance model would be worthwhile to adopt for the Pacific – Fiji Aug 2009

Achievements to date1

Achievements to date

Participation by Pacific partners in the Caribbean region’s annual Comprehensive Disaster Management Meeting for the first time, establishing the basis for sustained dialogue between the two regions - Jamaica Dec 2009

4 Representatives from Vanuatu, Samoa, Solomon Islands and Fiji: DRM Managers and regional institutions SOPAC and SPREP

Participation in 4 th cdm

Participation in 4th CDM

Presentation made by Solomon Islands’ disaster manager on traditional food preservation techniques (casava)in preparation for cyclone season, to share details on long-standing and effective traditional coping practices which may be of relevance for remote communities in the Caribbean - Jamaica Dec 2009

Field visit to landslide mitigation site in rural Jamaica, with explanations on lessons learned on the containment and prevention of recurring landslides which threaten communities and local infrastructure – Jamaica Dec 2009

Achievements to date2

Achievements to date

Exchange visit by selected Pacific partners to view and discuss best practices in Jamaica, Cuba, St. Lucia and Barbados, which constituted the first inter-regional exchange on a practitioner levelfor these key regional and national partners; thematic focal points established to facilitate follow-up

– July 2010

Examples of technical knowledge exchange

Examples of technical knowledge exchange

Field visits to view a low-cost but effective flood warning system (Jamaica), local centre for risk reduction management (Cuba), and a seismic monitoring station (St. Lucia) which could be replicated in the Pacific – July 2010

Achievements to date3

Achievements to date

Training on gender mainstreaming in disaster risk managementprovided by Caribbean senior expert to all Pacific disaster managers, as part of their annual professional development closed session, resulting in evidence of their better grasp of this issue – Aug 2010

Caribbean delegation undertook field trip to Yasawas in Fiji to see how one remote island community is implementing community-based disaster preparednessin the Pacific with minimal resources

– Aug 2010

5 representatives: IFRC, ECLAC, CCCCC, INSMET, CRMI

Achievements to date4

Achievements to date

Visit by Director of the Caribbean Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH) to SPREP in Samoa, achieving familiarization with the organizational structure and priorities of each; details provided on how the Caribbean Meteorological Organization was established and operates in the Caribbean, as a potential modelfor the Pacific

– June 2010

Achievements to date5

Achievements to date

Caribbean senior expert provided for work session between SOPAC, UNECLAC and IUCN to design upcoming training on post-disaster damage and loss assessmentfor Pacific stakeholders, integrating best practice from macro and micro level assessment methodologies from both regions – Sept 2010

Achievements to date6

Achievements to date

Video Documentary on technical exchange “Looking South Across the Oceans” highlighting south-south cooperation

Publication “Integrating Gender in DRM in Small Island Developing States: A Checklist” to be released in January 2011

Website “Chronicles of the South-South journey”

Two published articles: “o lai tu kêgestiondezas o riesgo

del clima sou zile motu?“How do you manage disaster and

climate risk on your island?” South-South Action (Summer 2010); South-South SIDS Cooperation (Biodiversity News, Summer 2010)

Undp strategy
UNDP strategy

Convergence of UNDP Priority Areas

Priority on South-South Cooperation

Priority on documenting and capturing knowledge and facilitating knowledge transfer

Priority on capacity building

Focus on Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

Undp strategy1
UNDP strategy

A crucial part of these new partnerships will be the way in which we facilitate South-South knowledge transfer.  Much of the most relevant experience on how to achieve effective development results is likely to come from those countries most recently involved in achieving them…..  Going forward UNDP is likely to be more often and more explicitly associated with South-South co-operation  and to place it at the very centre of its mission.

Helen Clark, Feb 2010after Senior Mgmt Retreat

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