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PDM Assessment Priceless

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PDM Assessment Priceless. The Artist.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Presentation Transcript

The Artist

The maker of priceless is a young animator called Tyson Di Rosa. Tyson stated animation when he was 10 but at that age know one knew of his existence. He started with little 10 second clips because he loved watch the end product. His big break wasn’t tell 2012 when he decided to put his clay animation scream into a film festival. His clip won first prise and Tyson’s animation was shown around the world. This success made Tyson make another animation. A month later he made priceless, this made him sky rocket into fame. His animation picked up 7 Oscars and beat Harvey krumpet for beat animation. Priceless got number one in the box office. Now Tyson is a very sucessful animator and has done many animations for companies and TV shows.


The Audience

The animation Priceless is a comedy for children and adults. The clay character looks like a kids cartoon, the clay man is not very detailed and is one colour except for the eyes. The clay man has no voice, he just does simple and recognisable movements to show his feelings or to tell us what he is doing. The way that Tyson has set out the script reaches out to the audience throw comedy. The animation was a simple idea but it has a great effect on the audience. Priceless was made like the silent animations and show. There might be know sound but throw body language and facial expressions the audience know exactly what is happening, this makes the audience more involved in the animation because they have to watch carefully.


The artwork

By using modern day technology, Tyson makes his clay animations. Tyson used a computer to take the photos for his animations instead of using a camera. When it comes to the editing process, he also uses a computer to add music, sound effects, digital effects and voice over's. It is a silent clay animation will lots of noticeable movements and expressions both body and facial. It is a comedy for children and adults. It will get a laugh out of every one.



Tyson has used a lot of technology to make, capture and put together his animation. He used his computer to capture the photos, he edited the pictures on video studio unlead plus 11 and also put the animation together using that program. Tyson was in inspired by great clay animators like Adam Elliot. He was also inspired by the comedy and ride offs of robot chicken. He put a little bit of each in to Priceless.


Structural frame

The story is about a man owning priceless picture in his gallery. The clay man happens to stumble across it. Whilst he is admiring the painting he happens to break it. So he has to go all out to fix the painting. Finally he fixes it but then he finds out that the picture was worth nothing.

The animation Priceless has quite a colourful scenery. The walls are red and the is a big paint on one. There is bright colours and it has a welcoming look to it. It is not dark scary or dull. The man in the animation is made out of skin colour clay with wire inside of him so he is easy to move. The animation was created by a series of photos taken by a computer, sped up and put together to create movement. Ten frames are shown per second. Priceless is set in a gallery. There is clay animation in the film but there is also real life footage. The focus of the story is on the painting and the clay man.


Subjective Frame

When you watch the film, you become lightened up and happy. It puts you in a good mood because of the comedy. It is a very entertaining animation that makes you want to watch it over and over again. Because of the story line and the comedy, it inspirers people to make there own animations. It takes you out of the real world and into Tyson’s world of imagination. The film connects to people in unexplainable ways through the joy of a little clay man.


Cultural Frame

Tyson has influenced people to get back into old silent comedy. Even though Tyson uses modern technology to make his animations, His stories are old classic and simple ideas. This film is for all races ,ages, gender, size, shape, basically this animation is for everyone. The film was made due to the demand of the public for another animation from Tyson.



Tyson’s film would have be post-modern because many things. Firstly he captured the images with his computer . Every one the makes stop animation always takes the photos via a camera and they are downloaded onto a computer. Secondly, he has morphed two types of film. He has made a silent clip with a clip with sound. Another thing would be that he put everything together by using a computer.