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Oral English Training

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Oral English Training. Session 3. I’ve gotta go !. I have to go now. Talk to you later. Walk Around and Talk. Make a dialogue with a partner when the music is playing . End the dialogue when the music is stopped . Change a partner to make a new dialogue when the music plays again .

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Presentation Transcript
i ve gotta go
I’ve gotta go !
  • I have to go now. Talk to you later
walk around and talk
Walk Around and Talk
  • Make a dialogue with a partner when the music is playing.
  • End the dialogue when the music isstopped.
  • Change a partner to make a new dialogue when the music plays again.

Long time no see.

How is it going? Great

How have you been? I’ve been…

How is everything? Not bad


Would you like to …

Can you come?

I’d like to invite you over for…


I’m sorry. I’d love to, but…

  • I’m afraid I can’t make it.
  • May be another time?
  • What about…?
  • How does… sound?
  • Where should we meet?
  • What time should I plan to arrive?

I’m in a hurry, can we talk later?

  • I’ve gotta go, I’ll catch up with you later.
  • I have to go. It’s nice talking to you.
  • All right, talk to you later. Take care.

It was played by

Robert John Downey Jr

He is


and Charming


the story is about a superhero
The Story is About a Superhero

Science Fiction

Action Movie

Explosions (爆炸场面)

and fancy Weapons (华丽的武器)

Scenes are huge (场面宏大)

Special Effects (特效)


The lines are amusing/humorous (台词幽默)

The story is light-hearted (轻松诙谐)

Not so many twists (曲折)

discussion let s talk about movies
Discussion: Let’s talk about movies
  • What kind of movies are you interested in? why?
  • What are your three favorite movies in English? Why?
  • What’s the worst movie you have ever seen?
let s listen and find out
Let’s Listen and Find Out
  • Put the lines into correct order
  • Find out what people do on Christmas

I'm wishing on a star and trying to believe

  • that even though it's far, he’ll find me at Christmas Eve
  • I guess that Santa is busy, ‘cause he’s never come around
  • I think of him when Christmas comes to town
  • The best time of the year when everyone comes home
  • With all this Christmas cheer, it's hard to be alone
  • Putting up the Christmas tree with friends you come around
  • It's so much fun when Christmas comes to town
  • Presents for the children wrapped in red and green
  • All the things I've heard about, but never really seen
  • No one will be sleeping on the night of Christmas Eve
  • Hoping Santa's on his way

Get together

put up
Put up

the Christmas Tree

hang put up
Hang/put up

the Christmas Light

the Christmas Tinsel


the Christmas Tree



Hang 挂

Christmas Stocking


Christmas Candy Crane

Jingle Bells


Stay up late

on Christmas Eve

christmas presents
Christmas presents


on Christmas Day

christmas cookies
Christmas Cookies


let s practice
Let’s Practice
  • Read the dialogue with your partners
  • Try to imitate their intonation
  • Present it to the class
christmas interview
Christmas Interview
  • Interview your partner with the questions given
  • Now, change “Christmas” to “Spring Festival”
  • Interview another partners with the changed questions
  • 农历 lunar calendar 
  • 正月 lunar January; the first month by lunar calendar 
  • 除夕 New Year's Eve; eve of lunar New Year 
  • 初一 the beginning of New Year

We receive

red packets.

We get

gift money/lucky money.

spring festival interview
Spring Festival Interview
  • Interview another partner with the changed questions
  • Add more questions if you want