english class week 6 n.
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English Class Week 6

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English Class Week 6 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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English Class Week 6. Section 1:Part 1 Talk about teaching. Schedule . Welcome/housekeeping English warm up Crossword Puzzle Activity Battleship game . Schedule . Presentation on Chatting in English. Presentation 5-7 minutes Presentation should include:

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english class week 6

English Class Week 6

Section 1:Part 1 Talk about teaching

  • Welcome/housekeeping
  • English warm up
  • Crossword Puzzle Activity
  • Battleship game
presentation on chatting in english
Presentation on Chatting in English
  • Presentation 5-7 minutes
  • Presentation should include:
    • Nationality, gender, and approximate age of conversation partner
    • Method(s) of communicating with each other
    • How often and how much did you chat?
    • What did you learn from each other?
    • Do you feel your English improved? In what way? Did you study any of your transcripts?
  • You will be graded on:
    • Content 30 points
    • Preparedness 10 points
    • Q&A 10 points
conversation details
Conversation Details
  • minimum 1 month, once a week
  • Start and end whenever you like, but must equal at least one month
  • communicate any way you like (email, Skype, messenger, mail)
saudi arabia teach us english without teaching us its culture
Saudi Arabia: Teach us English without teaching us its culture
  • New debate within TESOL
  • Can one divide a language and its culture?
http www mapsofworld com thematic maps most popular sports html
baseball related idioms
Baseball related Idioms
  • “Ballpark figure, estimate, etc.”
  • “Out of the ballpark,” “Hit a home run,” “Grand slam” etc.
  • “Batting a thousand”
  • Big leagues “You’re in the big leagues now”
baseball idioms
Baseball Idioms
  • (Brand) new ball game
  • Cover one’s bases
  • To throw a curve ball
  • First base, second base, third base, homerun…
baseball idioms1
Baseball Idioms
  • Play hardball
  • Heavy hitter
  • Hit or miss
  • “___ really came out of left field”
  • Rain-check
baseball idioms2
Baseball Idioms
  • Right off the bat
  • Step up to the plate
  • Strike out
  • Touch base
crossword puzzle activity
Crossword Puzzle Activity
  • Get to know each other!
  • I made a crossword puzzle with everyone’s info from email
  • Ask questions to fill out your crossword puzzle Don’t ask “Which # is yours?”
  • After finding the answer, chat about it a bit
  • Find out one more piece of information about that person
  • Say good bye and find the news person
how to make a crossword puzzle
How to make a crossword puzzle
  • Choose content (definition + answer)
    • Students can help with content
    • Students can be the content!
  • Put into online crossword puzzle generator
  • Copy and paste onto a worksheet and print!
battleship game
Battleship Game
  • Hard to explain but easy to recycle in class
  • Good for controlled speaking practice
  • Choose your content (grammar and/or vocabulary)
  • Test the game to see if the English works in all situations
  • Introduce to students