corporate responsibility and society mngt 5990
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Corporate Responsibility and Society MNGT 5990

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Corporate Responsibility and Society MNGT 5990 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Corporate Responsibility and Society MNGT 5990 . Fall 2013 - Shanghai , PRC Robert Serben, Ph.D. Week 1 - Foundations. Introductions. Please introduce yourself with the following format: Name Your occupation What you would like to gain from this course. Course objectives.

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corporate responsibility and society mngt 5990

Corporate Responsibility and SocietyMNGT 5990

Fall 2013 - Shanghai, PRC

Robert Serben, Ph.D.

Week 1 - Foundations

  • Please introduce yourself with the following format:
    • Name
    • Your occupation
    • What you would like to gain from this course

Corporate Social Responsibililty

course objectives
Course objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Identifyconflicting interests and values between organizations and their members, stakeholders, and publics.
  • Identify and evaluate the ethical and social claims and appeals organizations and individuals employ to justify their values and actions.
  • Applymajor ethical theories including utilitarianism, ethics of duty, and virtue ethics to concrete organizational and personal situations.
  • Critically evaluate case studies and their own careers applying appropriately the concepts of the corporation and of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Recognize ethical issues confronting managers, including organizational challenges to their integrity

Corporate Social Responsibililty

teaching methods
Teaching methods
  • Lecture
  • Discussion
  • Team activities
  • Case studies

Corporate Social Responsibililty

your role
Your role
  • You are in control of your learning - and your grade
    • Attend class, be on time, read and prepare
    • Stay involved and active in class
    • Your opinion is an important contribution
    • What you invest is what will be returned to you

Corporate Social Responsibililty

my role
My role
  • Present course content
  • Discussion starter
  • Encouragement

Corporate Social Responsibililty

professional courtesy
Professional courtesy
  • Place cell phones on vibrate
  • Receive telephone calls outside of class
  • No texting in class
  • Personal computer use limited to taking class notes and team projects
  • Only one conversation – the class conversation

Corporate Social Responsibililty


Corporate Social Responsibililty

class discussions
Class discussions
  • Learning =
  • In class discussions: Your views are important
    • “I’m not sure” – acceptable answer
    • “It all depends…” acceptable answer








Corporate Social Responsibililty

this week
This week

Corporate Social Responsibililty

end of course team project
End of course team project
  • CSR Consulting Company
    • Headquarters: Shanghai
    • Offices in: New York, Chicago, London, Berlin, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta
    • Services: Help businesses set objectives and evaluation strategies for corporate social responsibility programs.
    • Objective: Help clients understand the value of CSR for their business

Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility

what do you think of
What do you think of…





Corporate Social Responsibililty


When thinking about creating and maintaining a successful business, which are the most important groups that need to be considered?

Corporate Social Responsibililty

the perfect company
The Perfect Company
  • Please identify three to five word or phrases of the perfect company or business – from your point of view

The Perfect Company






Corporate Social Responsibililty

csr foundational concepts
CSR foundational concepts

Corporate Social Responsibililty

business society relationship
Business/Society relationship

Create much of the wealth and well-being in societies

Capable of harm (example: pollution

Globalized capabilities

Corporate Social Responsibililty


“Corporate social responsibility”

A collection of evolving terms, concepts, theories, and practices to describe one essential idea:

  • That business has the responsibility to do more than comply with the minimum requirements of law and the generation of a profit for its owners.

Corporate Social Responsibililty

just good business
“Just Good Business”
  • CSR now seen as “mainstream”
  • Stronger interest by governments
  • Societies and stakeholders have higher expectations
  • Three layers
    • Traditional philanthropy
    • Risk management
    • Value creation

Corporate Social Responsibililty

iso social responsibility
ISO – Social responsibility
  • ISO 26000 – “Business and organizations do not operate in a vacuum. Their relationship to the society and environment in which they operate is a critical factor in their ability to continue to operate effectively. It is also increasingly being used as a measure of their overall performance.”
      • Found at:

Corporate Social Responsibililty

shareholder value
Shareholder value
  • “The Dow Jones Sustainability Index created a commonly accepted definition of CSR: "a business approach that creates long-term shareholder value by embracing opportunities and managing risks deriving from economic, environmental and social developments." This definition encompasses a broad range of corporate values and concerns, including reputation, transparency, social impact, ethical sourcing, profitability and civil society -- the list goes on. As a result of the interdependent nature of CSR, integration of its values remains a challenge for many organizations.”
        • “The balanced scorecard and corporate social responsibility : aligning values for profit.” Web location:

Corporate Social Responsibililty

strategic csr class text
Strategic CSR – class text
  • “The incorporation of a holistic CSR perspective within a firm’s strategic planning and core operations so that the firm is managed in the interests of a broad set of stakeholders to achieve maximum economic and social value over the medium to long term.”
      • P. xiii. Glossary of Terms. Class text.

Corporate Social Responsibililty

strategic csr is not
Strategic CSR is not
  • Exclusively philanthropic charitable giving
  • Unrelated to the business strategy
  • Solely for image building
  • Rigid

Corporate Social Responsibililty

strategic csr is about
Strategic CSR is about

Corporate Social Responsibililty

strategic csr is
Strategic CSR is
  • Strengthening the strategic capabilities of the organization
    • Activities supportive of unique business needs
    • A balanced relationship among stakeholders
  • Adaptable to changing conditions
  • Medium to long term view

Corporate Social Responsibililty

f undamental points
Fundamental points

Business does not exist in a vacuum

The environment surrounding business is always changing

CSR takes a longer term view of success

Corporate Social Responsibililty

csr definition two componenets
CSRdefinition: Two componenets



CSR: A responsibility among stakeholders to hold the business accountable for its actions. (Who?)

CSR: A view that business assumes a responsibility to pursue goals in addition to profit. (Why?)

Corporate Social Responsibililty

csr current state
CSR current state



Seen as valuable

  • Recognizes the power of business to do good or harm
  • Growing in acceptance
  • Variable/fluid in application
  • Evolving in theory
  • Controversial
        • “Just Good Business.” The Economist.
        • Location:

Corporate Social Responsibililty

largest csr survey
Largest CSR survey

“While corporate responsibility reporting was broadly considered an ‘optional’ activity only a few years ago, more organizations are generating CR reports to meet rising stakeholder demands for greater accountability, transparency and accuracy in assessing parts of the business that are not necessarily financial, but which contribute to the overall value of the company.”

Corporate Social Responsibililty

the csr hierarchy p 6
The CSR hierarchy – p.6



Strategic CSR

Ethical Responsibilities

Legal Responsibilities

Economic Responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibililty

three arguments for csr
Three arguments for CSR
  • Moral argument:
    • Successful operations reflects the values of the larger society
  • Rational argument:
    • Maximize performance by minimizing restrictions
  • Economic argument:
    • Reflects concerns of stakeholders over medium to longer term

Corporate Social Responsibililty

fortune 2011 global 500 top 10
Fortune – 2011 Global 500 (top 10)

Web location:

Corporate Social Responsibililty

csr value
CSR Value

Corporate Social Responsibililty


Corporate Social Responsibililty

how do we know
How do we know?
  • Watch (observe)
  • Compare to context
  • Compare to others
  • Look for benefits

Corporate Social Responsibililty

csr relevancy
CSR relevancy
  • Five trends that seemingly will grow throughout the 21st century:
  • Growing affluence
  • Ecological sustainability
  • Globalization
  • Free flow of information
  • Brands

Corporate Social Responsibililty

csr relevancy1
CSR relevancy

Five mega - issues

Five demanding stakeholders

“Green" consumers

Activist shareholders

Civil society / NGOs

Governments and regulators

Financial sector

  • Climate change
  • Pollution / health
  • Globalization backlash
  • The energy crunch
  • Erosion of trust

Corporate Social Responsibility

why strategic csr is important
Why strategic CSR is important

Consumers want to buy products from companies they trust

  • Regulate that which can’t be trusted

Suppliers want to form partnerships with companies they can rely on

  • Something for both of us

Corporate Social Responsibililty

why strategic csr is important1
Why strategic CSR is important

Employees want to work for companies they respect

  • Treat me well and I’ll treat you well

Investors want to support firms they believe are socially responsible

  • Money loves safety

Corporate Social Responsibililty


Corporate Social Responsibililty

csr interactivity
CSR Interactivity
  • Each team to visit a website
        • Wison:
        • Lenovo:
        • Changan:
  • How difficult was it to find the CSR page?
  • What did the CSR page tell you about:
    • Aims
    • Audiences

Corporate Social Responsibililty

next week stakeholders
Next week - Stakeholders



Corporate Social Responsibililty

next week
Next week

Corporate Social Responsibililty