chapter 6 the major education policy actors n.
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Chapter 6- The Major Education Policy Actors

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Chapter 6- The Major Education Policy Actors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 6- The Major Education Policy Actors. Dr. Dan Bertrand LEEA 554. The Dramatis Personae of the Policy Drama. The individuals or groups who are actively involved in the policy process. Collectively they make up the Dramatis Personae or cast of characters.

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the dramatis personae of the policy drama
The Dramatis Personae of the Policy Drama
  • The individuals or groups who are actively involved in the policy process.
  • Collectively they make up the Dramatis Personae or cast of characters.
  • Why focus on state level policy actors
    • US Constitution 10th amendment.
  • Ranking of State Level - Education Policy Actors
    • Individual legislatures
    • Chief state school officer
    • Educational interest groups
    • Teachers organizations
most influential education groups
Most Influential Education Groups
  • Teacher Unions
  • State Departments of Education
  • School Board Associations
  • Administrators Associations
  • PTA
  • Who are the most influential education and business interest groups in IL?
government actors
Government Actors
  • Legislative Branch
    • Function and Structure
      • Functions
        • Development and passage of Statues
        • Approve the State Budget
        • Exercise investigatory function
        • Review laws, hold hearings, establish task forces
      • Structure
        • Senate- President of the Senate and Lt. Governor
        • House of Representatives-Speaker, Majority Leader, Minority Leader, Whip
        • Committees
        • Political Party Caucuses
other government actors
Other Government Actors
  • Legislative Staff
    • Clerical, professional, centralized staff agency
  • Important Legislative Actors
    • Education committees
    • Finance committees
    • Powerful speaker
executive branch
  • Governors
    • Institutional power
      • Little influence over education policy.
    • Powerful governors
    • National Governors Conference
  • State Board of Education
    • Responsible for K-12 and CTE (Voc. Ed.)
    • Policy Tasks
      • Education laws, certification requirements, assessment programs, graduation requirements, accreditation
other executive positions
Other Executive Positions
  • Chief State School Officials
  • State Departments of Education
    • Important in policy process
    • Provide education committee with data
    • Oversee and monitor compliance of new laws
    • May ignore, block or dilute legislation when writing rules
    • Can monitor districts to varied degrees
  • Activity p. 162- determine how the SBE and CSSO are selected in IL.
judicial branch
  • 2 tiered (11states) – trial or circuit court and supreme court
  • or 3 tiered court systems- circuit, appellate and supreme
  • Higher courts only rule on correctness of legal procedures and the soundness of the judges legal interpretation.
  • Judges can be influential over education policy through their interpretation of statute.
  • Groups with policy agendas try to influence courts.
non governmental actors
Non- Governmental Actors
  • Education Interest Groups
    • Teachers unions
    • NSBA
    • AASA
    • PTA
  • Non-Education Interest Groups
    • Business
    • Religious
    • Ethnic
  • Policy Networks
    • Education Commission of the States
    • Business Coalition for Education
    • Children’s Defense Fund
policy planning organizations
Policy Planning Organizations
  • Think Tanks such as the Gates Foundation and the Center for Education Policy
    • Gather data about public policy issues and communicate to government
      • Widget Effect
    • Determine which social problems will be considered public policy issues.
    • The most important actors in the policy process.
    • Sponsor policy entrepreneurs.
  • Robertson Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, Carnegie Corporationand the Walton Family Foundation.
identifying and learning about policy actors
Identifying and Learning about Policy Actors
  • Locating elected government officials
    • District office, telephone book, public library, the internet, League of Women Voters, Politicians offices, Newspapers
  • Identifying Appointed Officials and Groups
    • SDE directory
    • Telephone book
    • Organizational Headquarters
  • Identifying Policy Planning and Related Org.
    • Recent policy papers
    • Newspapers
    • Education Week
  • Print
  • Broadcast
  • Wire services
  • On-line services
  • Internet
    • Report on policy issues and their stages but are also important actors in it.
  • Read the News Story for Analysis- New IEA Chief Seeks to Unify Members p. 162