active galactic nuclei
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Active Galactic Nuclei

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Active Galactic Nuclei - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Active Galactic Nuclei. Nick DiPreta. Nebula. Inside nebula are stellar nurseries Stars begin to form from the gases that are the remnants of past supernovae. Formation of an Average Black Hole. Super Massive Black Hole. Result of a galaxy merger One possible way.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Inside nebula are stellar nurseries
  • Stars begin to form from the gases that are the remnants of past supernovae
super massive black hole
Super Massive Black Hole
  • Result of a galaxy merger
  • One possible way
super massive black hole1
Super Massive Black Hole
  • Hubble Deep field found galaxies of irregular shape
  • From beginning of universe
super massive black hole2
Super Massive Black Hole
  • Knots of gas form pockets of stars at beginning of the Universe.
  • Huge stars ~ 10sm formed with short life
  • Result is SMBH at the end of Super Nova which eats up surrounding material
  • Also could be result of galaxy merger
active galactic nuclei1>. Active Galactic Nuclei
  • Super massive black holes
  • Center of Galaxy
  • Emit Enormous amounts of energy
active galactic nuclei quasars
Active Galactic Nuclei/Quasars
  • Quasars are most important as they are the oldest, largest black holes
  • Quasars spew huge amounts of radiation very far out and foster new galaxies and solar systems.
ho 2002
Ho (2002)

Found no direct relationship between radio luminosity and the mass of the black hole, contradicting previous thoughts.

zhang 2003
Zhang (2003)

Concurred with Ho, didn’t find any direct relationship between RL and MBH. Claims that other factors contribute to RL.

dunlop 2002
Dunlop (2002)
  • Determined that the relative number of Quasars can be explained in several thresholds.
  • Determined that the percentage of galaxies that are active around us is about 0.1% while those active at high redshifts were active about 10% of the time.