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312-50 VCE Questions

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312-50 VCE Questions
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312-50 VCE Questions

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  1. Eccouncil 312-50 Certified Ethical Hacker Exam (CEH v10)

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  4. Eccouncil 312-50 Sample Practice Test Questions Answers

  5. 312-50 Questions Answers Question: 1 A specific site received 91 ICMP_ECHO packets within 90 minutes from 47 different sites. 77 of the ICMP_ECHO packets had an ICMP ID:39612 and Seq:57072. 13 of the ICMP_ECHO packets had an ICMP ID:0 and Seq:0. What can you infer from this information? A. The packets were sent by a worm spoofing the IP addresses of 47 infected sites B. ICMP ID and Seq numbers were most likely set by a tool and not by the operating system C. All 77 packets came from the same LAN segment and hence had the same ICMP ID and Seq number D. 13 packets were from an external network and probably behind a NAT, as they had an ICMP ID 0 and Seq 0 Answer: B https://www.vcetests.com/312-50-vce.html

  6. 312-50 Questions Answers Question: 2 Bob is acknowledged as a hacker of repute and is popular among visitors of “underground” sites. Bob is willing to share his knowledge with those who are willing to learn, and many have expressed their interest in learning from him. However, this knowledge has a risk associated with it, as it can be used for malevolent attacks as well. In this context, what would be the most affective method to bridge the knowledge gap between the “black” hats or crackers and the “white” hats or computer security professionals? (Choose the test answer) A. Educate everyone with books, articles and training on risk analysis, vulnerabilities and safeguards. B. Hire more computer security monitoring personnel to monitor computer systems and networks. C. Make obtaining either a computer security certification or accreditation easier to achieve so more individuals feel that they are a part of something larger than life. D. Train more National Guard and reservist in the art of computer security to help out in times of emergency or crises. Answer: A https://www.vcetests.com/312-50-vce.html

  7. 312-50 Questions Answers Question: 3 You have hidden a Trojan file virus.exe inside another file readme.txt using NTFS streaming. Which command would you execute to extract the Trojan to a standalone file? A. c:\> type readme.txt:virus.exe > virus.exe B. c:\> more readme.txt | virus.exe > virus.exe C. c:\> cat readme.txt:virus.exe > virus.exe D. c:\> list redme.txt$virus.exe > virus.exe Answer: C https://www.vcetests.com/312-50-vce.html

  8. 312-50 Questions Answers Question: 4 What would best be defined as a security test on services against a known vulnerability database using an automated tool? A. A penetration test B. A privacy review C. A server audit D. A vulnerability assessment Answer: D https://www.vcetests.com/312-50-vce.html

  9. 312-50 Questions Answers Question: 5 ____________ will let you assume a users identity at a dynamically generated web page or site. A. SQL attack B. Injection attack C. Cross site scripting D. The shell attack E. Winzapper Answer: C https://www.vcetests.com/312-50-vce.html

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