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TECHXPLORE 2008-2009

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TECHXPLORE 2008-2009

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techxplore 2008 2009

TECHXPLORE 2008-2009


our statement

This TechXplore project was completed by Blanche Ely High School, Pompano Beach, FL with technical support from Mr. Mark Eyerman. The project aimed at assisting the visually impaired by creating a clothes closet that can inventory, choose and organize outfits.

team profile and assessment screen

School: Blanche Ely High

City: Pompano Beach

State: Florida

Team: High School Team

Team Project Facilitator: Mr. Mark Eyerman

  • Yasmin Chin
    • Power Point Specialist
  • Samantha Daley
    • Researcher
  • Shaniqua Hansen
    • Researcher
  • Marckenley Isaac
    • Team Leader
  • Nicholas Thomas
    • Team Leader
  • LaPorcia Wagner
    • Power Point Specialist

Yasmin Chin

    • I am a senior at Blanche Ely High School, in the Pre-Medical Magnet Program. I will be attending Howard University in the fall and majoring in Biology. Because I am pro-active, I am the power-point specialist. While everyone complied the information, I organized it into a power-point format.
  • Samantha Daley
    • As a senior at Blanche Ely High School, Samantha is in the Pre-Medical Magnet Program as well. In August, she will be attending the University of Central Florida and leaving as a Biologist. She specializes in research papers, so it was her duty to be a researcher.
  • Shaniqua Hansen
    • Shaniqua is a Senior at Blanche Ely High in the Pre-Medical Magnet Program as well. In the fall, she will be majoring in Biology at Howard University. Because of her love for research and reading, Shaniqua took on the position of researcher as well.

Marckenley Isaac

    • Marckenley is a senior at Blanche Ely High School, and is in the Pre-Medical Magnet Program as well. He will be attending Florida State University to major in Biology in the fall. Because he has such a take charge attitude, he automatically fell into the position of team leader.
  • Nicholas Thomas
    • After graduating from Blanche Ely High School’s Pre-Medical Magnet Program, Nick will be attending Howard University to study Biology. Whenever anyone becomes sidetracked or falls astray, Nick is always the one to keep them in line, which is why he was also chosen as team leader.
  • LaPorcia Wagner
    • Blanche Ely High School’s Pre-Medical Magnet Program has prepared me for my Biology courses at Howard University. My passion is to use my creativity to put informational pieces into eye-capturing presentations, so that everyone can learn! This is why the role of power-point specialist was assigned to me.
statement of the problem

People who are visually impaired, have a difficult time as it is, performing, what may seem to us, simple, every day tasks. The color blind have to have their clothes separated before hand based on colors that they cannot make out, and the blind have to have their clothes organized so that they will not walk out looking as though they are going to perform in the circus. Picking out clothing that matches should not be a strenuous burden added to their never-ending missions.

what are we going to do about it

Utilizing current and future technology, Crème de la Crème decided to create a clothes closet that can inventory, choose and organize outfits and clothes for the busy generation. This closet was meant to not only help this technologically dependant generation, but also to assist those who are blind as well as color blind in terms of selecting matching clothing; an essential aspect of everyday life.

facts on blindness
Facts on Blindness
  • Nineteen percent of persons 70 years of age and older had visual impairments. Visual impairments, including blindness, increased with age. As the older population increases over the next 30 years, the number of older persons with visual and hearing impairments may increase significantly(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Aging Trends, No. 2, March 2004)
  • More Americans than ever face the threat of Blindness from Age related Eye Diseases. (The Eye Digest)

The leading causes of vision impairment and

  • blindness in the US are primarily age related eye
  • diseases. Cataracts affect nearly 20.5 million
  • Americans age 65 and older. About 2.2 million
  • Americans have been diagnosed with glaucoma, and
  • another two million do not know they have it. More
  • than 1.6 million Americans over age 60 have
  • advanced macular degeneration. Diabetic
  • retinopathy affects more than 5.3 million Americans
  • age 18 and older. The number of Americans with
  • age-related eye disease is expected to double within
  • the next three decades. (The Eye Digest,
how do people with sight loss identify and match their clothes
How do people with sight loss identify and match their clothes?

There are plenty of simple practical ways that people with sight loss can use to organize and match their clothes. People can place their clothes in the same place and order so that they can find them again. They can learn which clothes are which by identifying different fasteners, textures or tags on their clothing.


Some people keep something distinctive in the pocket of a jacket or put on a brooch to help them identify the clothing. Different types of coat hangers can also denote different types of clothes. A person will know which way round their jumper is because the label is on the inside at the back. By pinning outfits together before they are washed can ensure that they remain color coordinated.

they way blind people dress themselves
They way blind people dress themselves

They do dress themselves and live alone...but how each individual person dresses themselves is up to them. Some people put dots on their clothing tags (one for a red shirt, two for a blue shirt....) while others have special hangers or designated drawers to know what matches and what doesn't.

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