fusd local assessment assessment of critical standards l.
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FUSD Local Assessment Assessment of Critical Standards PowerPoint Presentation
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FUSD Local Assessment Assessment of Critical Standards

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FUSD Local Assessment Assessment of Critical Standards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FUSD Local Assessment Assessment of Critical Standards. 2005 - 2006. ACS Coordinator Training Week of October 31, 2005. Research Evaluation and Assessment Eric Wenrick: 457-3876. Research Evaluation and Assessment Shaeng Vue: 457-3829. ACS Coordinator Training Agenda.

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FUSD Local Assessment Assessment of Critical Standards

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fusd local assessment assessment of critical standards

FUSD Local Assessment Assessment of Critical Standards

2005 - 2006

ACS Coordinator TrainingWeek of October 31, 2005

Research Evaluation and Assessment

Eric Wenrick: 457-3876

Research Evaluation and Assessment

Shaeng Vue: 457-3829

acs coordinator training agenda
ACS Coordinator TrainingAgenda
  • Brief Overview of the FUSD Assessment of Critical Standards (ACS)
  • ACS Procedures
    • What’s in the box (Shaeng Vue)
    • During the test (Eric)
    • Packing the box (Shaeng)
  • What’s New for 2005-2006
  • Alignment with CA Standards and CST
  • REA Contacts



Assessment of Critical Standards

subjects grades assessed
English Language Arts

6th Grade (McDougall-Littell)

7th Grade

8th Grade

Each grade tested three times each year


7th GradeFoundations of Math

8th GradeMath Concepts

All Students Enrolled in Algebra I

Each grade tested three times each year

Subjects & Grades Assessed
purposes why acs
Purposes (Why ACS)
  • Measure student performance on the assessed standards/ skills
  • Enable teachers to target students for appropriate instructional interventions
  • Provide overall ACS results in a manner similar to CST results
  • Allow teacher self-study of standards/objectives taught
  • Allow monitoring of the delivery and pacing of the adopted curriculum
acs features
ACS Features
  • The assessments are aligned to the California State Standards
  • The tests are NOT timed. Students should be able to complete the test in a 50-minute class period. Extra time may be given for students continuing to make progress toward test completion after the end of the class period.
  • Test booklets are re-usable. Scanners are provided. No writing in test booklets
acs features special notes
ACS Features – Special Notes
  • No calculators are allowed on the mathematics tests. (ELA too)
  • The ACS ELA assessments are an adaptation of the Cluster Tests included in the California Standards Manager.
    • The tests consisted of some open-ended items that would require teacher scoring. To alleviate the burden upon teachers, such items were converted to multiple-choice items
    • To enhance the validity of the test, the item sequence is changed and includes items from all four units taught prior to each administration (not cumulative).
acs scoring reporting
ACS - Scoring & Reporting
  • Score and reporting of student performance on tested standards will be available within a few weeks after each testing period is completed.
  • Teachers will be able to access their class report using the AIS (Assessment Information System). The AIS will provide results for each student tested in the class.
  • School Site Administrators will receive an electronic pdf (Portable Document Format) of school results for each teacher. They will also receive districtwide comparisons in a pdf report.
  • Each test is aligned to the state content standards covered during the time period preceding the test, therefore each round of testing is independent from the others.
acs accommodations
ACS - Accommodations
  • Students in special education programs with Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and students with current plans under Section 504 are allowed accommodations, which must be specified in the plans, such as ..
    • Large print
    • Braille
    • Use of Reader
  • Testing accommodations may be made for EL students and may include extended time to take the test with a bilingual proctor (who may read the instructions and answer procedural questions), and testing in a small group setting.
  • If you need help in making large print editions or other special editions of the tests, please contact the REA ACS coordinator.
test material delivery
Test Material Delivery
  • Materials are delivered during the week before each subject test window.
  • Open the boxes in numerical order to check the contents.
  • Test materials include:
    • Test Coordinator Package
    • Classroom Packages
test coordinators package
Test Coordinators Package
  • Inventory Sheet
  • Box Labels for Returning Materials
  • Copies of Class Rosters
  • Blank Answer Sheets (Scanners)
  • Extra Administration Guidelines
  • Extra Test Booklets for each test to be administered
classroom packages
Classroom Packages
  • Inventory
  • Class Roster
  • Administration Guide
  • Pre-identified answer sheets (Scanners)
  • Test Booklets for the Class
  • A Couple of Blank Answer Sheets
students without an answer sheet
Students Without an Answer Sheet
  • Hand-bubble an answer sheet for students not listed on the rosters that enrolled at your school
  • Hand-bubble a new answer sheet and destroy the pre-printed answer sheet for students that need to have their pre-printed answer sheet changed.
test administration procedures
Test Administration Procedures
  • Put a Do Not Disturb sign on the door.
  • Encourage students to perform as well as they can.
  • Make sure that each student has a #2 pencil.
  • Give each student his/her pre-printed (or hand-bubbled) answer sheet.
  • Give each student the appropriate test booklet.
  • Hand Bubble answer sheets for students not on roster or to make changes
supervision during testing be alert to the following
Supervision During TestingBe alert to the following:
  • Students who do not have their correct answer sheet.
  • Check that students are making uniform dark marks and are erasing completely.
  • Have students erase any stray marks on answer sheets.
  • If students are marking their place, it is possible to redirect students who are marking answers next to the wrong response number.
  • To keep costs down, we need to reuse the test booklets. Please do not let students make any marks on test booklets.
  • We want an accurate assessment, so watch for students who appear to be looking elsewhere for answers whether it's to other desks, their lap, etc.
  • Students with unapproved materials on their desks (materials approved in IEPs or 504 plans are ok)
testing material pickup
Testing Material Pickup
  • Scorable Materials and
  • Non-scorable materials must be packaged…

… separately.

testing material pickup19
Testing Material Pickup

Scorable Materials

  • Include all answer sheets and test booklets
  • Separate the answer sheets by subject if needed (For example: ELA and Math during 3rd round)
  • Separate the answer sheets into hand-bubbled and pre-identified
  • Please verify that all the hand-bubbled answer sheets are marked completely
  • Include answer sheets for students who were absent.
  • Enclose class roster with hand entered student names and ID
testing material pickup20
Testing Material Pickup

NON-Scorable Materials

  • Include all Administration Guidelines
  • Enclose all unused answer sheets
  • Return ALL test booklets
  • Use provided return labels to mark the boxes


Standards, Teaching and Assessment

local assessment model
Local Assessment Model




cycle of teaching
Cycle of Teaching

Planning of







what s new for 05 06

What’s New for 05-06

Test Coordinators

Dates for Administration #3

Performance Levels (coming soon)

need help with acs

Need Help with ACS…

Contact Information

contact information
Contact Information
  • Eric WenrickEd Center, B49457-3876
  • Shaeng Vue457-3829
  • You may also consult the list of analysts on the REA website to find the administrative analyst assigned to your school

Eric Wenrick x73876