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中考英语阅读技巧课 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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中考英语阅读技巧课. S. kimming. Run over the text quickly. Don’t read every word. S. canning. Run over the text to look for specific information. 1 、细节问题:通读全文可以从文章的原句中找到答案。. 从题型设计上看. 2 、理解性问题:对文中的个别难词、关键词、词组及句子作出解释。. 3 、推理性题目:不能直接找到答案,要做上下文深层理解。. 4 、概括性题目:对文章做出归纳、概括或评价。.

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Run over the text quickly. Don’t read every word.



Run over the text to look for specific information.








1. There would be a school party on Friday evening. The girls were talking about what they were going to wear… The party was held on Friday evening. Groups of students arrived. The music began. The girls stood in a line on one side, and the boys on another side.

Q: On Friday evening there would be _____

(A) a school party

(B) a school meeting

(C) a sports meeting

(D) a birthday party



2.I won a prize for one of my paintings when I was fourteen. That may be why I went to art school four years later… When left school, I got some money. I hope to become a full-time craftswoman.

Q: When finishing school studies, the writer was about_____

(A) 14

(B) 16

(C) 18

(D) 21



3.One day we invited some friends to dinner. When it was about six o’clock, my wife found that we had little bread. So she asked our five-year-old daughter, Kathy, to buy some.

Q: One day Kath’s parents invited some friends to_____

(A) have breakfast

(B) have lunch

(C) have supper

(D) have a party



4.A shark is a large, dangerous fish. What will you do if you meet a shark while you are swimming? One man who knows all about sharks has given some rules to help you swim safely in the sea.

Q: This passage is about_____

(A) what a shark is

(B) the best place to swim in

(C) how to swim safely

(D) how to ride on sharks





Again, in the modern world we use our brains (大脑) a lot. Even so, we still make use of only about 20% of brain. As time goes on, we shall have to use our brains more and more – and we shall need larger ones! This may bring about a change too: the head will grow larger.


1.People's heads will grow larger in the future. This is because their brains_____

(A) will grow faster than in modern life.

(B) will be used little.

(C) will play an important part

(D) will need more room than in the

modern world.



Now our eyes are used very often. We use them so much that they become weaker very often and we have to wear glasses. But over a very long time, it seems that man's eyesight will grow stronger.


2. Perhaps future man will

  • have bigger eyes
  • get weaker eyes
  • see better
  • have to wear better glasses



3. Future man may be different from us _____

  • in almost every way
  • in many ways
  • in few ways
  • in one or two ways



4. According to (依据) the above passage, which is the right picture of the man in the future ?







5. Which is the best title (标题) of the passage?


  • The man in the future.
  • The differences between future man and us.
  • What will man be like in the future?
  • D. He will still be a man.

In the exam we must remember:

Read the questions first!