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Short Breaks Funding 2014-15 Local Grants Panels Learning and Development Update. The Programme. Hampshire Youth Conference and Young People’s participation.

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the programme
Short Breaks Funding 2014-15

Local Grants Panels

Learning and Development Update

The Programme
  • Hampshire Youth Conference and Young People’s participation
short breaks grants 2014 15
8 Local grant panels across Hampshire – local knowledge and parent / carer involvement. Applications need to be separated by geographical area.

Higher cost specialist activities – panel to review prior to Local Panels

Local panel reps will look at your Monitoring returns alongside grant applications

Short Breaks Grants – 2014-15
closing date for applications applications must be received by 5pm on monday 28 th october 2013
Application process is now open online

for over £5,000 on the standard

Hampshire County Council grants form

Closing Date for applications:Applications must be received by 5pm on Monday 28thOctober 2013

grants application system
Use this button to access

the application form and

guidance notes

Grants application system
grants application system1
For multiple activities, please fill out one grant application and put the various clubs/sessions details on the Supplementary Question forms – these can be accessed when you are in the online application form, or from the short breaks funding pages

There are 2 supplementary forms – one for Activities and one for Finance – please complete both.

You can request funding to help subsidise families in financial hardship

Discuss your application with Bridging workers and other local providers to avoid duplication

Grants application system
top tips
Please make sure you tell us:

What is the activity?

Where are you doing it?

How has the need been identified?

When will it take place?

Who will attend?

Attach Supporting documents required with your application

Apply well before the deadline

Top tips…..
what happens next
Panels happening throughout November & December

Providers will be sent the panels’ recommendations before Christmas, after all panels have taken place

Councillors will make formal decisions on 22nd January 2014, subject to council’s overall budget being set

We will send you the written grant agreement immediately after the Council’s budget meeting, usually late February

What happens next?
group activity mock grant panel
You will have a budget of £30,000

4 or 5 applications to consider

ONLY have the info in front of you

Must make a decision in the time allowed

View it using the ‘character card’ you have

The clock is ticking...

Group activity(mock grant panel)
tips for panel members
Tips for Panel Members
  • The funding is limited and we need to ensure that Grants awarded represent value for money
  • Will the activity or scheme be well attended? Is there any feedback to suggest that attendance has been good in the past?
  • To ensure that the Short Breaks funding can stretch as far as possible, items such as food and drink, transport, and expenses are not considered. See guidance notes.
  • Do we know how many children will be able to attend the scheme or activity?
top tips1
Please make sure you tell us:

What is the activity?

Where are you doing it?

How has the need been identified?

When will it take place?

Who will attend?

Attach Supporting documents required with your application

Apply well before the deadline

Top tips…..
Children and youngpeople’s participation
  • What do children and young people communicate to you about your provision?
  • What has changed based on feedback you have received from them?
  • Is involving children and young people something that is embedded in your provision?
  • How do you ensure that services, funding bodies and partners know what children and young people are saying?
children and young people s participation
Children and youngpeople’s participation
  • Consultation document/guidance – early October ‘13
  • 12 week consultation period
  • Hampshire County Youth Conference
  • Analysis/findings report available early February ‘14
learning and development
Learning and Development
  • Survey – 85 responses. Thank you 
  • Half day workshops, mornings preferred
  • Topics: Disability awareness, Autism, Behaviour, Parents/Carers, Sensory, Learning Disabilities, Communication
  • Inspiring Inclusion Conference – yes!
inspiring inclusion conference 2014
Inspiring Inclusion Conference 2014?

It will be in March 2014. Date options:

Tuesday 4th Wednesday 5th

Tuesday 11th Wednesday 12th

Please let Kaz White know of any other events that clash with any of these dates.

Keynote speakers – any more suggestions?

wendy lawson autism workshops
Wendy LawsonAutism Workshops
  • Tuesday 8th October 2013
  • Daytime 10.30am – 2.00pm
  • Evening 7.00pm – 10.00pm
  • The Alton Maltings, Alton
  • Activity providers and Parents/Carers
  • Price: £15, £10, £7

Book now!

effective communication
Effective Communication

With parents/carers and disabled young people

  • Friday 27th September
  • 9.00am to 12noon
  • Romsey, Test Valley
  • Activity providers
  • Price: £10 per person

Limited places

Book now!

conversations with parents carers
Conversations with parents/carers

…and General Disability Awareness

  • Monday 21st October
  • 10.00am to 1.00pm
  • Waterlooville/Havant
  • Activity providers
  • Price: £10 per person

Limited places

Book now!

making activities deaf friendly
Making Activities Deaf Friendly
  • Sunday 9th February 2014
  • 10.00am – 4.00pm
  • Havant Leisure Centre
  • Activity providers
  • Price: £16.50/Short Break Activity provider (discounted from £26.50), volunteers FREE 
  • Only 20 places!
outdoors training is it required in 2014
Outdoors TrainingIs it required in 2014?
  • Canoeing, Climbing and Sailing
  • General Outdoors disability awareness (good for all)
  • 6th-9th or 13th-16th February 2014
  • Please respond to survey (5mins)
kids elearning
KIDs eLearning
  • New Learning Platform
  • Re-launched 10th June 2013
  • Migration problems
  • Updated modules fab 
  • Less user friendly 
  • Any feedback please let me know
local workshops
Local workshops
  • Thanks for offers of venues
  • Speak to your Bridging Worker

Keep sharing knowledge and great practice

sb capital community projects
SB Capital Community Projects
  • Hoists and changing tables: Taro, Ringwood, Basingstoke Sports Centre, Farnborough
  • Pool hoists: Hart, Bishops Waltham, Farnborough
  • Changing places: Havant, Romsey, Hamble
  • Sensory room: Eastleigh
  • Play areas: Alice Holt Forest, Royal Victoria Country Park
disability coaching network
Disability Coaching Network
  • Raise the profile of disabled and non-disabled coaches in sport
  • Recruit, develop and retain more coaches who can deliver inclusive sport
  • Highlight the gaps in disability coaching
  • Create even more choice for disabled participants
hampshire gateway

Hampshire Gateway

Deadline for Activity Forms is 20th September!


Questions and Answers

(The following slides includes questions asked at the Provider Forum on September 16th, 2013)

questions and answers

Questions and Answers

Q. How much funding is available to each local panel and how can we find out?

A. We put our available budget into a calculation sheet that takes into account the population of children in each area, and gives weighting to deprivation, rural factors, and disability (using SEN information). This is usually ready for panels to use in November.

Q. How will local panels affect activities where people come from all over Hampshire to attend?

A. We reserve a proportion of the budget for this type of activity and have a central panel for ‘All of Hampshire’.

questions and answers1

Questions and Answers

Q. Any chance the Short Breaks funding will be extended past the age of 18-19?

Activities can be funded for 0-19 year olds. There are no plans to extend this at present, but many providers continue to offer activities using other funding, which we know is appreciated by young people and families.

Q. How can I save a copy of my online application form?

A. Your applications can be ‘saved for later’ during completion. Please follow the instructions on the form to save a copy.

questions and answers2

Questions and Answers

Q. If we cover more than one area i.e. Havant and East Hampshire, how do we apply?

Please put in a separate application for each area you wish to provide activities in, so each local panel can consider it. If you need to you can discuss your particular service with the Short Breaks team.

Q. There is very little time to network/chat to/meet other providers at these forums.

A. Thanks for the comment – we know this is really important. We will include some more time for this at our next Forum. Please also use your local Providers Forum for this too.

questions and answers3

Questions and Answers

Q. Shouldn’t grant forms ask how many children with a statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) attend the clubs, in order for panels to take this into account?

A. We ask how many disabled children are expected to attend the activity in Question 9 of the form (also see Guidance notes).

Importantly, not all children with disabilities need or want a SEN Statement, but they might still attend clubs/activities and need additional support. The target group for our short breaks funding is Gateway Card holders, more information at . We ask current activity providers to tell us how many Gateway Card holders attended in their monitoring returns.

questions and answers4

Questions and Answers

Q. How far can panels go in recommending how money is spent?

A. The panel makes recommendations which are subject to a decision by the Lead Councillor for Children’s Services (see earlier slide). The Panel often recommends prioritising funding for one activity and not another – this recommendation must be followed. The Panel may also have other suggestions as part of the recommendation, for example a change to parental charge amounts, which should be taken seriously and explored further. For some large applications, the Short Breaks team would meet with the provider to discuss further how recommendations could be implemented, after the panel.

questions and answers5

Questions and Answers

Q. Can you apply for both over £5k and under £5k at the same time for different activities?

A. No, if you are putting in a large ‘over £5,000’ application then all proposed activities should be included on this application. The panel would expect this application to include all your plans for the year ahead. Please contact the Short Breaks team if you need to discuss your service.

thanks for coming
Thanks for coming

And remember…

  • Read the guidance notes 

Book today!