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ASAP Plan 2017 PowerPoint Presentation
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ASAP Plan 2017

ASAP Plan 2017

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ASAP Plan 2017

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  1. ASAP Plan 2017 Northridge Little League Baseball Dayton, OH

  2. Qualified Safety Plan Requirements • League Safety officer: Jimmy Goins is on file with Little League Headquarters. • Northridge Little League Baseball WILL DISTRIBUTE A PAPER COPY OF SAFEETY Manual to all Managers/Coaches: league volunteers and the district administrator. Also is located on NLLB website. • Emergency Phone Number 911 • Local Police Harrison TWP 937-225-4357 • Local fire Harrison twp. 937-275-8612 • League president Claudine hall 937-477-9173 • League player agent Amanda wolfe 937-266-1035 • League maintenance Jeff Pittman 937-867-6242 • League treasurer jenne Goins 937-321-4486 • League safety officer jimmy goins 937-694-1572 • League umpire in chief Ron hall 937-620-0753 • League info officer Donald mays 937-545-0586 This list will be posted in the concession area.

  3. Qualified Safety Plan Requirements • The Northridge Little League will use the official Volunteer Application form to screen all of the volunteers along with a complete background check. • Fundamentals Training: April 3, 2017 • At least one manager/coach from each team must attend the training. Training will be held at the ball field. • First Aid Training: March 25, 2017 Northridge Little League will require at least one manager/coach from each team to attend. It is good for 3 years. Umpires/board members have received this training already. Each team will be issued a first aide kit. Brittany the school trainer will be conducting the meeting at Northridge High School in the cafeteria. • Coaches will be required to walk/inspect the fields prior to practices and games. Umpires will also be required to walk the fields for hazards before each game.

  4. Qualified Safety Plan Requirements • Northridge Little League has completed and updated our 2017 Facility Survey on-line. • Concession Stand Safety Menu has been posted & approved by the Safety Officer and the League President. Our Concession Safety Procedures are posted in several locations within the concession stand. • Enclosed is a copy of the Northridge Little League Concession Stand Safety Procedures. • The League Safety Officer inspects all the equipment in the pre-season. • Managers/coaches will inspect their equipment prior to each game. • Umpires are required to inspect equipment prior to each game

  5. Qualified Safety Plan Requirements • Implement Prompt Accident Reporting • The league is using the approved incident tracking form from the LL website and will provide completed accident form to the Safety Officer within 24-48 hours of the incident. Please see attended copy. • Each team will be issued an updated first aid kit on the first day of practice. It is a requirement to have it at every practice and game. • Northridge Little League requires ALL teams to enforce ALL Little League Rules including: • Use proper equipment for catchers • No on-deck batters • Coaches will not warm up the pitcher • Bases will disengage on all the fields

  6. Qualified Safety Plan Requirements • Northridge Little League Registration Data • League Player registration Data or Player Roaster Data and manager/coach data is submitted via the Little League Data Center at • This brochure is a mandatory requirement for the ASAP Plan and will be reviewed by our District Administrator.

  7. Facility and Field Inspection Checklist • Facility Name Northridge LL Date_______________________ • Area Inspected_________________________________ • Field Inspection • Holes, damage, rough or uneven spots • Slippery long/tall grass • Glass, rocks and other debris & foreign objects on field or in dugouts before and after game • Sharp Fencing near playing area • Area’s around bleachers free from debris • General garbage clean-up • Who’s in charge of emptying garbage cans______________ • Concession Stand Inspection/Restrooms • Check conditions of restrooms and restroom supplies • Are the counters all been cleaned • Floor is swept • Coolers have been stocked • All trash has been emptied