electromagnetic uses n.
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Electromagnetic Uses

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Electromagnetic Uses. By Jon Rose & George Stanton . Loud speakers. Loudspeakers use an electromagnet to create waves which turns into sound. Tape Recorder.

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Electromagnetic Uses

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electromagnetic uses

Electromagnetic Uses

By Jon Rose & George Stanton 

loud speakers
Loud speakers

Loudspeakers use an electromagnet to create waves which turns into sound.

tape recorder
Tape Recorder

On the tape there is iron dust, when someone is recording then the magnet is going over that tape and moving the iron dust to make a signal, which records the sound.

magnet crane
Magnet Crane

A magnet crane is a crane that uses an electromagnet to lift cars in a junk yard. It strengthens the magnet to lift and weakens it to drop.

electromagnetic lock
electromagnetic lock

An electromagnet lock is a lock the makes a strong magnet field to keep the door closed.

a door bell
A Door Bell

An old-fashioned doorbell used an electromagnet that was rapidly turned on and off to pull a clanger against a bell.

maglev trains
Maglev Trains

A maglev train is a train that levitates over maglev track, which uses magnets. There are two main types of maglev trains in the world. The Japanese JR-Maglev train which can go up to 581 km/h. And the German Transrapid train which is designed to go up to 500 km/h. The first maglev train to operate on a schedule was in Birmingham but close 1995 as it was to expensive. The government may open a maglev line between London And Scotland.



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