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Miltiadis Sarantinidis

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Miltiadis Sarantinidis . Ilias Smyrnioudis. Operations Manager. Commercial Manager. Chios Mastiha constitutes a 100% natural product and it comes from the trunk and the branches of the mastiha tree ( Pistacia Lentiscus var. Chia ) .

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Miltiadis Sarantinidis

Ilias Smyrnioudis

Operations Manager

Commercial Manager

chios mastiha
Chios Mastiha constitutes a 100% natural product and it comes from the trunk and the branches of the mastiha tree (PistaciaLentiscus var. Chia).

It is the air-dried, resinous exudation of the mastiha tree which is exclusively cultivated in South Chios, a Greek island of the East Aegean Sea.

Only the variety Chia produces the finest, the purest and the unique for its therapeutical uses Mastiha.

Chios Mastiha
the mastiha tree
The Mastiha Tree

…is an evergreen shrub, 2-3 meters tall, which grows slowly

…it takes 15-20 years to reach its ultimate form

…has the potential to produce Mastiha 5 years after it is planted

…is a resilient plant, vulnerable only to frost and mistreatment


Company Profile

  • Founded in 1938
  • CMGA is a second degree association, consist of 20 first degree associations
  • Members: Chios Mastiha growers/farmers. More than 5.000 members
  • 9 member Board of Directors elected by the Mastiha growers
  • Premises of 10,000 sq.m.
  • Production (per year): approx. 110-150 tones
  • Exports: approx. 85 tones
  • Objectives: collection, processing, packaging and trade of Chios Mastiha, administration and management of the production, legal protection of Chios Mastiha, coordination and financing of scientific researches for Chios Mastiha, research and development of new products

CMGA highlights

  • 1938: foundation of the Association
  • 1950:mastiha oil was first produced in the Association’s special premises, by the Mastiha distillation using water steam
  • 1957: the first chewing gum confection unit began its operations with machines covering all production stages
  • 1985: Creation of the modern factory for the production of ELMA chewing gum
  • 1997: the European Union recognized Chios mastiha, Chios mastiha oil and Chios ELMA chewing gum as PDO products
  • 2002:Establishment of Mediterra SA, a subsidiary company that runs retail shops under the brand ‘mastihashop’
  • 2009: Construction of a modern factory for Mastiha processing

A P.D.O product

What is a PDO product?

  • In 1992 the European Union enacted a regulation for the protection of the destination of origin of the agricultural products
  • PDO is the name of a region or, in extraordinary

cases, of a country, used in the description of an

agricultural product or a food originating from this

specified region or country. The PDO product owes

all its properties to this specific region.

  • All PDO products bear the PDO mark

A P.D.O product

Since 1997, Chios Mastiha has been identified as PDO product (No 123/1997 Regulation of the E.U. –L0224/24-1-97)

  • Benefits for a PDO product:
  • it is protected against any direct or indirect commercial use of other products which do not comply with the PDO’s special specifications
  • It is protected against imitation, false indication of its origin and its nature
  • Benefits for the consumers:
  • Knowledge of the origin of the product they buy
  • Guarantee of product quality and production process
  • Benefit for the growers/farmers:

Easier promotion of their products

  • Thanks to the volume of its infrastructure (immovable property, production facilities), the Chios Mastiha Growers Association holds the first place among the economic entities of the island
  • The Chios Mastiha Growers Association owns two production plants (mastiha factory and chewing gum factory) which are certified by ISO 9001 and HACCP
  • In the context of organizing and supporting the agricultural production, the Association keeps many privately owned storing spaces, secondary facilities and land properties in southern Chios
  • The subsidiary company MEDITERRA has recently created a production unit of traditional products, especially in the field of confectionary

Based on its beneficial attributes the Chios Mastiha is exported worldwide and it is used in various fields.

The main markets are:

-Arabic countries: Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Syria e.t.c.

-European countries: Cyprus, France, England, Germany, Italy e.t.c.

-North Africa: Tunice, Moroco, Algeria, Egypt e.t.c.

-U.S.A, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Australia, e.t.c.


ELMA chewing gum

  • It is the only chewing gum that contains natural Chios mastiha

and Chios Mastiha Oil

  • It contains ONLY natural sweeteners
  • It does not contain antioxidants such as BHT/BHA
  • It does not contain sources of phenylalanine like aspartame .
  • It does not contain technical aromas

ΕΛΜΑ Fresh

Mastiha Chewing Gum with natural extracts of peppermint, spearmint and cinnamon.

  • It ONLY contains natural sweeteners
  • It does not contain antioxidants like BHT/BHA.
  • It does not contain sources of phenylalanine like aspartame
  • It does not contain technical aromas

Mastiha Composition

The exact composition of Chios Mastiha is not known yet 100%. An extraordinary variety of therapeutical & aromatic ingredients are found in it.

Natural polymer - poly-B-myrcene. It is contained in mastiha in almost 25%.

Acidic Fraction- in acidic fraction, which is the 39% of mastiha, are contained acidic triterpenes substances.

Neutral fraction- In neutral fraction, which is the 28% of mastiha, are contained neutral ingredients such as triterpenic aldehydes and alcohols.


Beneficial actions

Chios Mastiha was used in the traditional Greek medicine against disorders of the peptic system like dyspepsia, stomach ache, peptic ulcers, etc.

  • It has been mentioned as the first natural chewing gum of the ancient world.
  • It was used in cosmetology for the face and body cleaning.
  • It was an active ingredient in many pharmaceutical recipes.

Beneficial actions

  • In our days, the scientific community through accurate and scientifically acceptable methods based on laboratory research and clinical studies comes to prove that natural Chios mastiha has unique beneficial and therapeutic properties.
  • It is proved that Chios Mastiha:
  • has beneficial action against disorders of the peptic system
  • contributes to the oral hygiene
  • has important anti-microbial andanti-inflammatory action
  • Acts as a natural anti-oxidant agent
  • contributes to the healing of injuries and to the skin reformation

In gastrointestinal system

Clinical researches have proved that Chios Mastiha contributes to the prevention of ulcers because of its action against to the helicobacter pylori. The anti-microbial action of mastiha can eliminate the helicobacter pylori from the stomach of people who suffer from the infection that this bacteria causes.

Searches have shown that Chios Mastiha relieves from gastrointestinal disorders, dyspepsia and gastralgia (stomach ache).


In oral hygiene

  • Scientific studies have proved that chewing Chios Mastiha is very helpful for gum exercise, along with all its relevant beneficial effects in dental health.
  • It has been further confirmed that Chios Mastiha, unlike ordinary chewing gums, induces greater salivation due to its particular taste and its relative hardness, something that gives a greater feel of mouth freshness and cleanness.
  • It has been also proved to be relieving for people suffering from dry mouth, a disorder especially common among elderly persons.
  • Due to its microbial action decreases plaque formation and eliminates bacterial growth inside the oral cavity.

In atherosclerosis

  • Nowadays, there has been an intense scientific interest regarding the use of natural antioxidant agents as protective means against the atherosclerosis disease.
  • The presence of phenolic molecules, triterpenic compounds as well as phytosterols among Chios Mastiha’s components is particularly important because of their action against the oxidation of low density lipoprotein (LDL) and that is a significant evidence for its potential antioxidant effect.

As a skin regeneration agent

  • Relevant publications have revealed the beneficial presence of Mastiha in healing wound and post operative incisions, while at the same time does not have undesirable side effects on the skin (irritation, itching, dermatitis, etc), like other common healing products do.
  • This unique natural resin is already used very often as a component of bandages, adhesive plasters and other healing agents applied for the protection and healing of wounds or post-surgical incisions.

Health & care applications

- Dietary supplements

  • Cosmetics
  • Soaps
  • Shampoos, bath foams
  • Facial creams
  • Toothpastes
  • Mouth washes
  • Antiseptic /Wound healing pastes & solutions
  • Ointments for burns and skin treatments

All in one capsule!

  • 90 capsules per vase
  • 350mg Mastiha per capsule
  • Indications: Chios Mastiha contributes to eradication
  • of Helicobacter pylori (the causative agent in the
  • creation of ulcers), reliefs from heartburn and generally
  • in digestive problems.
  • N.O.M. notification number10687-13/02/2007