academic advisement and the course selection process mount de sales academy n.
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Academic Advisement and the course selection process Mount de Sales Academy PowerPoint Presentation
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Academic Advisement and the course selection process Mount de Sales Academy

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Academic Advisement and the course selection process Mount de Sales Academy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Academic Advisement and the course selection process Mount de Sales Academy
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  1. Academic Advisement and the course selection processMount de Sales Academy General Introduction

  2. Overview of the Today’s Presentation • Course Selection Process • Graduation Requirements • Personal Interests • Course Guide How to Select Courses for SY 2012-2013 On-line course registration via PowerSchool Course information on Moodle

  3. The Course Selection Process

  4. 2

  5. This master course list will be posted on Moodle next to “My Moodle”

  6. What else is new? On-line Registration and Course Selection

  7. Log-in via Your PowerSchool Log-In

  8. Look for ! Click Pencils Follow on-line instructions….

  9. Required Courses Listed by Department

  10. Discuss your math options with your current math teacher or Coach Wynn.

  11. Sample Screen with all Required Courses Selected

  12. Elective Courses Listed by Department

  13. Additional courses are listed on separate pages. Click ‘next.’

  14. You must select at least two alternate courses for electives OR you will NOT be allowed to complete the registration process.

  15. When you have made all of your course selections, scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘submit.’ If you have made any errors, you will be re-directed to the error. You must select at least six (6) units by combining year long or semester courses. Free Periods: only select the equivalent of six (6) unit courses plus two alternates. You will automatically be assigned free periods.

  16. Sample Error Message

  17. Request for Waiver/ Honors or AP Course

  18. A Completed Set of Course Requests!

  19. Specific course advisement and Q & A(Mandatory class meetings during Flex Period) Deadline for Completing Registration On-line

  20. Mercer Courses/Leadership Seminar/Student Assistant Program

  21. AP Course Selection • Which student is likely to get into UGA? • A. 4.0 GPA, 1 AP Course • B. 3.9 GPA, 2 AP Courses • C. 3.85 GPA, 3 AP Courses • D. 3.8 GPA, 4 AP Courses • E. 3.5 GPA, 5 AP Courses HOPE and many GA schools will add .5 point for AP courses in the GPA calculation.

  22. AP Course Selection byGrade Level Availability • AP Art History • AP World History • AP English Literature • AP Biology • AP Physics • AP Spanish • AP Government • AP Economics • AP Computer Science • AP Psychology • AP European History • AP Calculus AB or BC • AP Statistics • AP Physics • AP English Language • AP Chemistry • Meet the prerequisites and register with no hiccups. • If not, you must file a petition in the Upper School Office. • If you do not file a petition and do not meet the prerequisites, you will be dropped from the course.

  23. Course Selection philosophybuilding your resume • Selecting AP courses • Review the prerequisites. • If you meet the prerequisite, you will be enrolled in the course. • If you do not meet the prerequisite, you must ALSO complete a course waiver form. • If you do not meet the prerequisite and you do not complete the course waiver, you will be placed in an alternate course.

  24. Completing the course selection process • On-line registration begins this Wednesday, March 2nd, after 3:00 p.m. You may log-in to PowerSchool to begin the process after 3:00 p.m. You can select course requests at home or at school during free periods or breaks. • Registration materials will also be available on Moodle on Wednesday. • Current ninth graders must select courses for the 2011 – 2012 academic year BEFORE Friday, March, 25th. • A copy of your course requests will be mailed to your parents before the end of the school year. • If you don’t complete the registration process on-line, we will complete a schedule for you at our discretion. You will be guaranteed only required courses for graduation---no elective course offerings.