Remedies for Women Who Do Too Much - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

friday november 16 2012 2 00 3 00 pm est presented by jessica g hartung msm ceo integrated work n.
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Remedies for Women Who Do Too Much PowerPoint Presentation
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Remedies for Women Who Do Too Much

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Remedies for Women Who Do Too Much
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Remedies for Women Who Do Too Much

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  1. Remedies for Women Who Do Too Much Friday, November 16, 20122:00 – 3:00 pm EST Presented by:Jessica G. Hartung, MSM CEOIntegrated Work 1

  2. Tell us…. 2 How do you know how much is “too much”?

  3. About Your Presenter Jessica G. Hartung • Founder and CEO of Integrated Work • Bringing world-class professional developmentto mission-driven leaders • Seasoned coach, facilitator, consultant • Leader of peer groups of nonprofit CEOs and executives for past 13 years • Based in Boulder, Colorado • Sometimes, does too much 3

  4. Discussion Outline An Overview for Today • Signs of “Too Much” • Impact of “Too Much” • Remedies for Immediate Results • Renewal Activities That Recharge Your Effectiveness • How to Measure and Celebrate Your Success • Discussion and Q&A 4 4

  5. Constant feeling of pressure Cynicism and irritability Anger and frustration well up at odd moments Feeling unappreciated Frequent worrying Exhausted and scattered Reduced coping skills Frequently forgetful Focus on the urgent (not the important) No time for self-care Loss of vitality Detached from work outcomes Persistent health issues Need for escape or release Less patience Others notice a problem Burnout Signs Of “Too Much” 5

  6. AQuiz Are you regularly… • Feeling exhausted and depleted? • Weighed down by demands? • Working harder, but accomplishing less? • Surprised by strong, erratic emotions? • Experiencing persistent health issues? • Having difficulty concentrating? • Noticing a short temper, or lack of patience? • Resenting others who set boundaries? 6

  7. Case Study “Laura” • 15 years experience, recently promoted, broader scope, more staff • Always goes the extra mile, relied on heavily by managers • Her staff are not performing to her standards—so to keep up, she is doing her work and theirs • Recently had her first negative performance review—was asked to improve temperament, learn to mentor and develop others • Lost weeks of vacation because she didn’t take it • She looks exhausted, sounds cynical, is unusually prone to tears, and expresses anger at all that has happened to her, as well as mistrust of her managers 7

  8. How do we address it? • Many Choices: Today, Three Remedies • Reconnect with our foundation • Look at our time distribution • Current state and desired future • Identify customized self-care strategies • Leverage the challenges for change

  9. What’s Most Important • For you, what is most fulfilling about your work? • Why is that important? • What recently gave you a spark or a positive charge at work? • Get clear. Spending time on what you enjoy doing energizes and uplifts. Do more of it! • It is the first tool for addressing burnout—both as prevention and intervention. 9

  10. Examine Time Distribution Desired Time Distribution for Greater Positive Impact Current Time Distribution 10

  11. Use the Data • Use your insights about time distribution to create time for what you love. • Have at least one project that sings to your soul. • What you love is a source of natural energy and enthusiasm. • Minimize those aspects of the work that drain you. • Take control of your time to support your deep goals and intentions. 11

  12. Work and Life in Balance A good thing, but is it one more thing? Go beyond our current framework. Six Strategies when you have too much to do: • Integration • Narrowing • Sequencing • Moderating • Outsourcing • Inner knowing 12

  13. Create Your Own Menu • Consider your favorite ways to renew, re-set or take care of yourself during your week (personally as well as professionally). • Write down your favorites. • Have it nearby at work. • When your personal resource levels are low, choose an item from your menu and do it. • Select some items from your menu to do every day or week to keep feeling great. 13

  14. Ideas For Renewing Your Spirit • The “feel good” file • Give a gift to someone • Attend to aesthetics • Reflect on accomplishments • Tell the truth to yourself • Experience gratitude • Audit your rituals • Bite-sized inspiration • Sit in silence • Touch nature • Connect with a friend • Smile at everyone, including yourself What Lifts Your Spirit? 14

  15. Renewing Ourselves • Professional and personal • Societal rhythms have changed • Preserving real priorities • Personal resource levels impact effectiveness • Gain clarity of perspective • Capacity for meaning • Health and wellness; physical, spiritual, and emotional 15

  16. Implementing Change • Insights lead to action, action leads to change • Daily practices built into work and life • Develop specific boundaries and standards to support the beginning of change • Listen to yourself • Track and celebrate your success 16

  17. Why & How to Celebrate Why? • Small triumphs make a big difference • Renews focus on the goal • Keeps energy up • Programs for more success -- meaning & method How? • Use Menu • Share with supportive people -- colleague, friend • Self -talk “Way to Go!” “Nice Work” • Make a list for your review -- personal or professional 17

  18. Remedies for “Laura” • Identify where she gets energized, negotiate her role to keep more of that • Examine time distribution • Gratitude – Daily • Better options for training staff • Practice Moderating and Narrowingto create boundaries • Taking time off • Choosing to have quiet time, alone or with close friends • Regaining control, releasing resentment 18

  19. Summary • Women have many motivations for doing too much. • You can be more deliberate about the pace -- slow it down so you can be more thoughtful. • Monitor your burnout signs and those of your staff. • Identify aspects of work that give you the most juice. Get more of them. • Direct your time distribution to support your aims. • Experiment with renewal strategies and activities that fit your life. • Celebrate your progress, no matter how small. 19

  20. And the winner is…. Drawing: $100 SpaFinder Wellness Gift Card 20

  21. Jessica G. Hartung, MSM Integrated Work Strategies 303-516-9001 Questions?Comments? 21