Making cco s work leveraging patient centered primary care homes
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Making CCO’ s work: Leveraging Patient-Centered PRIMARY CARE HOMES. Our Mission is to Provide Excellent, Comprehensive Healthcare to the Residents and Visitors of Wallowa County. Dr. Elizabeth Powers Winding Waters Clinic Enterprise, Oregon. What do we do differently as a PCPCH?.

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Making cco s work leveraging patient centered primary care homes

Making CCO’s work:Leveraging Patient-Centered PRIMARY CARE HOMES

Our Mission is to Provide Excellent, Comprehensive Healthcare to the Residents and Visitors of Wallowa County.

Dr. Elizabeth Powers

Winding Waters Clinic

Enterprise, Oregon

What do we do differently as a pcpch
What do we do differently as a PCPCH?

  • Proactive (vs. Reactive) Team-Based Care

    • Chart Scrubs

    • Daily Huddle

    • Chronic Care Model – ACTIVE management of ongoing conditions.

    • Outreach for Preventive Care

  • Patient Education

    • Shared Decision Making (utilizing decision aids)

    • Community Outreach:

      • Marketing and Patient Education regarding PCPCH/Access

      • Diabetes and Asthma Education

      • Living Well with Chronic Conditions (Stanford Curriculum)

  • Patient Engagement via Patient Advisory Council

  • Staff Engagement via QI Committee and Project Champions

Pcpch how to get there
PCPCH – How to get there:

  • Lay the foundation

    • Engaged Leadership

    • Quality Improvement Strategy

  • Build Relationships

    • Empanelment

    • Continuous, Team-Based Healing Relationships

  • Change Care Delivery

    • Patient-Centered Interactions

    • Organized, Evidence-Based Care

  • Reduce Barriers to Care

    • Enhanced Access

    • Care Coordination

Pcpch care coordination
PCPCH – Care Coordination:

  • Goals:

    • Keep our patients as healthy as possible.

    • Get them involved in making decisions regarding their own health.

    • Help them utilize the services offered throughout the community.

  • How we make this happen:

    • Build Trust

    • Care Touches over Time

    • Community Linkages

Creating non traditional alliances and community linkages
Creating non-traditional alliances and community linkages:

  • Wallowa County Network of Care:

    • Our Vision: 100% ACCESS, 0% DISPARITY

    • Our Mission: Better Health and Better Living…

      …Through Community Collaboration and Education

    • Our Values: Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity

  • Initial goals:

    • Develop an integrated network that includes ALL community providers.

    • Provide access for ALL clients to ALL services when they walk through the door of any WCNC location.

Pcpch enhanced access
PCPCH – Enhanced Access

  • Access Improvements in 2010:

    • Open access scheduling

    • Walk-in urgent care

    • Expanded hours

    • Care teams

    • 24 hour telephone access to MD

    • On-line access to care team (patient portal)

Making cco s work leveraging patient centered primary care homes

Winding Waters Clinic Annual Outpatient Visits

Shift to increased number of Outpatient Visits 12 months after EHR adoption (median of 901).

ER Visits for Wallowa County

Improved WWC access

Ongoing trend of decreasing ER visits.

Winding Waters Clinic Annual Inpatient Visits

Er readmissions data
ER/Readmissions Data

  • Don’t have any “before” data.

  • 410 visits to ER/hospital in 6 months

  • 23 pts (5.6%) with more than 2 ER visits/hosp. admissions

    • 6 with psychiatric comorbidity

    • 5 with substance abuse comorbidity

    • 3 deceased (end of life)

    • 11 >65, 7 >80

  • # Repeat ER visits since tracking – 7

    • (Same patient, same issue)

  • # Hospital readmissions since tracking – 3

    • (Same patient, same issue, within 6 months)

Barriers to pcpch transformation
Barriers to PCPCH transformation

  • Knowledge

  • Time

  • Culture Change

  • Financial Resources

  • Staff Shortages

What do we need from a cco to continue as a highly functioning pcpch
What do we need from a CCO to continue as a highly functioning PCPCH?

  • Reliable Payment Structure

    • PMPM Payments (stratified based on PCPCH functionality)

    • Additional payments for quality outcomes.

  • Data Standardization

    • Standard Monthly Scorecard with Universal Benchmarks

    • Community-Specific Scorecard Based on local QI Projects

What do we need from a cco continued
What do we need from a CCO continued… functioning PCPCH?

  • Technical Assistance

    • Quality Improvement Training

    • Team Training starting with Communication Skills: motivational interviewing, Team STEPPS, etc.

  • Educational Assistance

    • Financial support for community education.

    • Outside resources to train local people (ex. Living Well Classes).

    • Ongoing training for behavioral health specialists and community health workers.

  • Survey Assistance

    • Cover cost of CAHPS survey.

    • Work with communities to measure patient and care team engagement.

We are proud to be a patient centered primary care home
We are proud to be a PATIENT CENTERED Primary Care Home! functioning PCPCH?

  • In our little corner of Oregon, we are taking it one patient at a time and we are positively impacting those patients’ lives.

  • We can’t yet prove that our impact is community-wide, but we are improving patient engagement and education.

  • The only way we can stem the tide of health care spending AND improve the health of our communities is to be champions for all patients, one patient at a time.

  • HOWEVER, we can’t keep doing this work without a system that supports us. If we build the system around what each patient needs, we will move in the right direction.

  • We need a liaison present as part of our care team and network to gain an understanding of our community, our practice, and most importantly, our patients.

A transformative innovation for cco s
A Transformative Innovation for CCO’s: functioning PCPCH?

  • Practice Enhancement Coordinator:

    • Like a member of a CCT from the insurance company!

    • Know and understand each community.

    • Know the individual practices within each community.

      • Help practices move along the continuum of PCPCH.

      • Ensure that CCO policies support PCPCH success.

    • Help build trust among providers in each community.

    • Focus CCO attention and resources on key areas to truly improve community health.

Winding waters clinic
Winding Waters Clinic functioning PCPCH?

Wallowa Valley Network of Care

Elizabeth Powers, MD – Managing Partner

KeliChristman – Practice Administrator

  • Chantay Jet – Secretary


Alder Slope Family Medicine

Alpine Chiropractic

Board of County Commissioners

Building Healthy Families

Community Connections

Department of Public Health

Olive Branch Family Health Inc.

Olive Branch Pharmacy

Safeway Pharmacy

Wallowa Memorial Hospital

Wallowa Mountain Acupuncture

Wallowa Mountain Medical

Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness

Winding Waters Clinic

Windspirit Medicine