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Information Session 2014-2015 School Year

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Information Session 2014-2015 School Year - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information Session 2014-2015 School Year. Presentation Overview. Why Do Families School Virtually? School Basics & Enrollment The K 12 Curriculum Our K-8 and High School Programs Family & Community Resources Next Steps. Why Do Families Choose Online Public Schooling?.

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Presentation Transcript
presentation overview
Presentation Overview
  • Why Do Families School Virtually?
  • School Basics & Enrollment
  • The K12 Curriculum
  • Our K-8 and High School Programs
  • Family & Community Resources
  • Next Steps
why do families choose online public schooling
Why Do Families Choose Online Public Schooling?
  • More involvement with a child’s learning
  • Flexible scheduling & pacing options to fit family’s needs
  • Alternative choice from current school
    • Environment – Safety/bullying/peer pressure in current school
    • Desire for additional support from current school
    • Student feels they are “taught in the middle” in current school
    • Commute timing – hours spent preparing students for each day
  • Values/faith-based reasons
  • Medical/health reasons
  • More affordable than other options available to family
what is the wyoming virtual academy wyva
What is the Wyoming Virtual Academy (WYVA)?
  • A full-time, tuition-free online public school program of Niobrara County School District #1.
  • Available to students statewide in grades K-12 for the 2014-2015 school year.
  • An online school that utilizes dynamic teaching tools, Wyoming-licensed teachers, and powerful technology to deliver instruction to students at home.
  • This is not home schooling! In addition to being partnered with a Wyoming-licensed teacher, students are accountable to meet state testing and attendance requirements.
instructional overview
Instructional Overview
  • Grades K-8
  • Learning coaches work closely with Wyoming-licensed teachers in guiding students through the curriculum via the Online School (OLS).
    • Grades K-6 have one teacher who covers all subjects
    • Grades 7-8 have subject-specific teachers for all subjects (similar to high school)
  • High School
  • Students complete lessons, assignments, and assessments through the online Learning Management System (LMS) and interact with teachers through:
    • Live, online office hours
    • Optional live/recorded synchronous sessions
    • Asynchronous threaded discussions
academic calendar testing
Academic Calendar & Testing

2014-2015 Academic Calendar

  • If you’re starting late, WYVA will work with you to ensure that you complete the required assignments to show progress for the school year.

State Testing

  • In addition to K12 lesson, unit and semester assessments, students will participate in:
  • DIBELS—K-4 Reading Assessment
  • MAP Testing for 1-8 (fall and spring) and kindergarten in the spring
  • Proficiency Assessment of Wyoming Students (PAWS)
  • Proficiency for writing (SAWS)
  • ACT Suite for high school 9-11 (Explore, Plan and ACT)
enrollment overview
Enrollment Overview
  • All families interested in attending WYVA for the 2014-2015 school year must complete all steps of the enrollment process
  • If you are enrolling a Kindergartener, please note that your student must be 5 years of age by September 15, 2014.
enrollment overview important notes
Enrollment Overview: Important Notes
  • Please note that a Personal Admissions Liaison (PAL) will contact you within 10 business days of receiving your application
  • Why the delay in contacting me? During this time the WYVA enrollment team will contact your resident school district to notify them of your intent to enroll in Wyoming Virtual Academy
    • In most cases, WYVA has established an enrollment agreement with resident school districts
    • If your resident district is not currently allowing students to enroll under an agreement, please know that you are free to enroll your student directly into Niobrara County School District #1
enrollment overview what s included
Enrollment Overview: What’s Included?
  • The K12 online curriculum, planning, and progress tools through our Online School
  • Books, materials, manipulatives /hands-on learning tools and supplies.
  • Access to Wyoming-licensed teachers, administration, and special services.
  • Access to group outings, academic workshops and enrichment activities.
  • Upon request, a school-issued computer and printer will be issued to support the learning process.
    • Grades K-8: One (1) desktop per family
    • High School: One (1) desktop per student
  • And all of this is tuition-free!
the k 12 curriculum
The K12 Curriculum
  • Provided by the largest provider of online curriculum for online public schools and used by many of top-performing virtual schools in the nation.
  • More than 100,000 students are using the K12 academic program in 30+ statewide online public schools and other e-learning programs across the country and also in over 50 countries.
  • Enables mastery of core concepts and skills for all kinds of minds with a curriculum based on proven cognitive science.
  • Committed to providing a flexible learning environment that will help each child reach his/her true, individual potential.
  • Focused on providing ongoing opportunities for students to participate in a national online community.
  • Offers assistance through a customer care and technology support line.
  • Is accredited by AdvancED (Advancing Excellence in Education).
the k 12 curriculum cont
The K12 Curriculum, cont.
  • High school students can choose their own path to post-HS success, whether to a selective university, a vocational program or straight to career.
  • Integrated and planned out for you and your student to follow. There is no need for you to plan lessons, our tools do that for you and our assessments direct you to the next lessons once the prior lesson is mastered.
  • Provides everything you need and is shipped to your door (books, materials, manipulatives, even rocks!) along with a computer.

Online public school students in 30+ states (plus DC) use K12













































K-8 and High School




K-8 only





  • *The full range of grades may not be offered.
k 8 program parent teacher role
K-8 Program: Parent/Teacher Role
  • Parents
  • Ensure continuous progress with your students in the K12 curriculum.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled class connects.
  • Check e-mail daily.
  • Submit student work samples monthly.
  • Teachers
  • The curriculum & assessment specialist.
  • Checks student progress and attendance, while also scheduling frequent, synchronous, teacher-initiated sessions.
  • A resource for curriculum questions and supplemental activities.
  • Organizes outings - builds “learning community”.
k 8 program overview
K-8 Program: Overview
  • Mastery-based program.
  • Rich, research based content and “big ideas.”
  • We encourage families to spend more instructional time on important, difficult objectives.
  • We recognize that every child is different.
  • Finding the correct level and pace may vary by child.
  • To ensure mastery, every objective is assessed.
  • Integrated and planned out for you and your student to follow. There is no need for you to plan lessons, our tools do that for you and our assessments direct you to the next lessons once the prior lesson is mastered.
k 8 program courses
K-8 Program: Courses

Students will receive instruction in the following courses:

  • Art
  • Music
  • World Language(grades 3-6)
  • Language Arts/Phonics
  • Math
  • Science
  • History
high school program overview
High School Program: Overview
  • Asynchronous instructional model, with synchronous supports.
  • Wyoming-licensed expert teachers in every subject area.
  • Large catalog of courses that meet the needs, and interests, of students: Core, Comprehensive, Honors and AP®.
  • Integrated student planning and time management tools.
  • Courses are constructed in two semesters:
    • Units  Lessons  Activity Screens
  • Vibrant school community that includes:
    • Student government
    • Clubs
    • College/career planning
    • Outings with other students
high school program courses
High School Program: Courses
  • Over 150 courses available in:
  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • History
  • Health/Physical Education
  • Electives*

*While WYVA will make every attempt to offer multiple electives from the K12 course catalog, final available courses will be based on student interest.

consistent course design
Consistent Course Design

Instructional Text

Print One Page or Whole Lesson

Lesson Title

Rich Graphics and Interactives

Lesson Resources

Simple Navigation


Live online sessions, also known as “ClassConnect” sessions, are held via Elluminate.

Weekly Office Hours, supplemental instruction, re-teaching, test review and conferences.

pathfinder college career planning
Pathfinder: College & Career Planning

Interactive Planning Tools

  • Course Planner & Credit Checker
  • Test Prep Information & Test Dates
  • Financial Aid Information & Critical Dates
  • College Budget & Cost Calculators
  • Scholarships Search & Applications
  • Profile & Resume Building

Communication Tools

  • Email Counselors, Students, & Parents
  • Host & Track Student Events
  • Send Scholarship & Events Notifications

College Search Tools

  • Customized College Search
  • College List Collaboration
  • 4,300+ Searchable College Profiles
  • Side-by-Side College Comparisons & Videos
  • Acceptance History Scattergrams

Centralized Student Tracking

  • SuperAPP Application Processing
  • Complete Application Tracking
  • Electronic Transcript Requests
high school is this right for you
High School: Is this right for you?
  • Parents
  • Basic Internet and email skills; communicate with teachers and staff.
  • Ensure connectivity, effort and activity, as well as provide assistance and encouragement/motivation.
  • 30 minute daily time commitment to review course plans, verify work was completed, and check for comprehension.
  • Students
  • Solid tech skills including word processing, Internet, and email.
  • Persistent & self-directed, however, will ask for help when needed.
  • Well-organized, good time-management skills and hold themselves responsible for own success.
family community resources
Family & Community Resources
  • Secrets of Success Onboarding Program
  • Online Clubs
  • Community Gatherings
  • Academic & Social Outings
  • Online Parent Directory
  • Parent Workshops
ready to enroll
Ready To Enroll?

Enrolling in WYVA can be completed in a few easy steps!

To begin the process, go to

additional questions
Additional Questions?

Please visit our website for additional information:

WYVA Office


Would you like to speak to an Enrollment Consultant?

Call us: 866.467.6101