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Evi Photopoulos

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Evi Photopoulos
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  1. Evi Photopoulos She has shown widely in Art Fairs, Biennales and has personal shows, in Greek & other European Museums & Galleries. Evi was awarded with the best of show at the Chianciano Biennale, has been selected for the finals at the Celeste Prize & amonng 700.000 artists has been selected to show her artworks in New York. Her works are executed with exceptional technique & a great care of intense, vibrant colours! Video : Evening Symphony – http://vimeo.com/37800512 Man's journey on Earth, through his Life is built on, Dream colours, the journey, of the every day, strong Man who is aware of his flaws and weaknesses, who confronts his fears, who has goals and visions and who finally breaks his chains, striving to realize his Dreams. "Dreamclours" are a wish and at the same time Prayer for the uniqueness of Life. They define the colourful mosaic of Ideals and aim for the ideal shape of the "Beautiful and Sublime", they follow the binary flights of Freedom and finally try to reveal the unique and magnificent quintessence of Immortality through the fragile Human Faith for tomorrow. Evi Photopoulos – contact@2evi.gr