corporate social investment and csr benefits n.
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Corporate Social Investment and CSR Benefits – PowerPoint Presentation
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Corporate Social Investment and CSR Benefits –

Corporate Social Investment and CSR Benefits –

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Corporate Social Investment and CSR Benefits –

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  1. Corporate Social Investment and CSR Benefits – Corporate Social Consortium’s experience in enhancing private sector role in HIV and AIDS response in Nepal MirazRoshan

  2. WHY • Meaningful existence of people • Saving mother nature • Sharing THE energy

  3. What is going on • Least Involvement of affected community • Globalization – without involvement of local communities • Lack of partnership

  4. Initiation Creation of a partnership forum of • People affected by HIV • Business communities • Local communities • State

  5. project Enhancing private sector role in response to HIV and AIDS in Nepal Supported by gtz BACK UP Initiative and contributed by Nepalese businesses

  6. Actions with business sector • A proper partnership/networking forum • Started dialogue with business sector at the central and regional level to convince them that Corporate Social Responsibility is an investment. • Development of CSR strategy for interested business houses

  7. Actions with Government • Consultation and joint assistance to integrate well define PPP strategy in the upcoming Nepal’s national HIV and AIDS strategy (2011- 2016)

  8. Actions with CBOs • Provided capacity building training package for CBOs especially women leading CBOs. • Requested for a proposal on sustainability plan of the organization (CBOs) utilizing local resources.

  9. Findings • Business sector are contributing in fragmented ways in health and other social areas without any CSR strategy. • Due to massive market competition, business sector are searching for an issue. However it is the lack from the concern organization like NGOs, CBOs or the state to be unable to portray CSI or CSR benefits. • Increase in the involvement of the non health sector (other line ministries and business sector) should be envision at the policy level.

  10. Findings • CBOs are providing services exceeding their capacity both financially and technically. • Women leading CBOs are much in need of the capacity building. • Issue of sustainability should be immediately address.

  11. outcomes • able to create importance of CSR strategy among the business sector. • organized various HIV related activities with numerous business houses like television program, IEC materials development, awareness classes, provided experts for the capacity building trainings. • developing long term programs in partnership with interested business houses that will contribute directly in the sustainability of the CBOs and hence in national HIV response.

  12. thank you for your presence…