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Aboriginal Student Leadership Forum

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Aboriginal Student Leadership Forum. Junior AECG. Junior Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG). Junior AECG. The vision of the NSW AECG is to provide advice on all matters relevant to Aboriginal Education & Training, ensuring this advice represents the Aboriginal Community.

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junior aecg
Junior AECG

The vision of the NSW AECG is to provide advice on all matters relevant to Aboriginal Education & Training, ensuring this advice represents the Aboriginal Community.

The NSW AECG promotes respect, empowerment & self determination & believes that collective consultation is important in achieving equality.

The NSW AECG urges cultural honesty & ensures that the unique & diverse identity of Aboriginal Students is recognised & valued.

junior aecg aims
Junior AECG Aims
  • Increase Aboriginal Community participation in Aboriginal Education.
  • Encourage Community involvement in decision making at School level.
  • Empower Aboriginal Students through real & active involvement in decision making at School level.
  • Provide ongoing support to Aboriginal Students.
  • Increase awareness of the AECG.
  • Continue to promote the importance of the AECG.
  • Establish more Junior AECG’s.
  • Promote DET & AECG partnership agreement.
  • Promote Aboriginal Education.
  • Promote improvement in Schools.
  • Promote pride in Aboriginality.
  • Promote School Spirit.
  • Develop leadership qualities.
junior aecg objectives
Junior AECG Objectives
  • Coordinate & facilitate the operations of the meetings, as regulated by the Rules of the Association.
  • Increase the involvement of the Aboriginal Communities to strengthen the AECG.
  • Inform Aboriginal Communities about Aboriginal Education.
  • Advocate that all Students & Educators understand the significant issues & events in the history of relationships between Aboriginal & non Aboriginal people, from the view point of Aboriginal people.
  • Enhance involvement of members in decision making through collective consultation.
  • Establish & maintain partnerships with relevant providers to ensure improved outcomes in the Education & Training of Aboriginal Students.
  • Engage in new research that examines issues impacting on Aboriginal Education & Training.
junior aecg1
Junior AECG

Structure of the AECG





hunter region
Hunter Region

Our Region currently consists of 9 Local AECG’s

  • Mankillikan
  • Minimbah
  • Muloobinbah
  • KorreilWonnai
  • Youyoong
  • Muswellbrook
  • ItjiMaru
  • Singleton
  • Maitland
junior aecg2
Junior AECG

Junior Committee consists of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
junior aecg meetings
Junior AECG meetings
  • Why do you hold meetings?

Ideas - what to do in the school

Issues - if there is any problems in the school

Events - things happening within the school (NAIDOC)

  • General meeting should be held at least once a term.
  • An Annual General Meeting (AGM) should be held in August.
junior aecg quorum
Junior AECG Quorum
  • A quorum for a meeting shall be no less than five (5) full voting members present in person.
  • If meeting was scheduled to start & there isn’t a quorum, the meeting should be adjourned to a later date & notice given as per constitution.
junior aecg5
Junior AECG

Making a decision at meetings

  • In line with traditional Aboriginal decision making processes, in the first instance a decision is made by the consensus (agreement) of members.
  • If a consensus (agreement) cannot be achieved, then a decision shall be determined by a show of hands of the full voting members.
  • The Chairperson must declare the result of the decision whether it is carried, carried unanimously, carried by a particular majority or lost & an entry must be posted in the minutes of that meeting stating the proportion of the votes in favour for or against when a show of hands or poll is verified.
  • All motions put to a meeting must be moved & seconded by a full voting member at that meeting.
junior aecg6
Junior AECG

Voting at meetings

  • Upon any question arising at a general meeting only full voting members shall be entitled to vote & each full voting member has one (1) vote only.
  • All votes must be given in person or by proxy but no member can hold more than one (1) proxy in addition to their own vote.
  • In the case of equal votes on a question at a meeting the President or Chairperson at the meeting, is entitled to have a casting vote.
junior aecg7
Junior AECG

Things to remember when holding a meeting.

  • Attendance list (keeps record of those that attend)
  • Agenda (keeps meeting on track)
  • Accurate Minutes (like a diary of your organisation)
  • Co-operation (work together)
  • Structure (keep moving forward)
  • Respect (each other)
  • Open & Honest (transparency)
  • Personal Stuff (stays outside the door)
  • Listen (others are entitled to their opinion)
  • Be Strong (make a difference)
  • Be Successful (show everyone what you can do)
junior aecg8
Junior AECG

Holding an Annual General meeting

  • Election of new executive committee
  • An AGM of the Juniors should be held in August of each calendar year.
  • Business of an AGM shall consist of, among other things;
  • Confirmation of the minutes from the previous AGM.
  • Receive the Presidents written annual report of activities undertaken during the previous year.
  • Election of Junior delegates to the Local