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A.I . Т URCHINOV The Public Service of Russia: condition and problems of its development PowerPoint Presentation
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A.I . Т URCHINOV The Public Service of Russia: condition and problems of its development

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A.I . Т URCHINOV The Public Service of Russia: condition and problems of its development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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VI АЭФ 2013. Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration Institute of Public Service and Personnel Management. A.I . Т URCHINOV The Public Service of Russia: condition and problems of its development.

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VIАЭФ 2013

Russian PresidentialAcademy of NationalEconomyandPublic AdministrationInstitute of PublicServiceandPersonnelManagement


ThePublicService of Russia: condition and problems of its development

formation of public service of the russian federation
Formation of public service of the Russian Federation

One of the most pressing issues of government, for almost all countries, is to find the most effective mechanisms for the implementation of the objectives and functions of the State. One of the mechanisms of government is Public Service.


Stages of the Formation of Public Service of Russia

1st stage






3rd stage



4th stage

2009–till present


brief description of the current condition of public service
Brief description of the current condition of public service
  • 1. Modern legal and regulatory framework for public service of Russia has been created.
  • 2. The system of professional training of public servants and municipal employees has been organized and is being further developed.
  • 3. Organizational backgrounds have been formed and mechanisms of interaction of state civil service and civil society institutions are being further developed.
  • 4. Mechanisms of scheduled development of public service have been formed.
  • 5. Mechanisms of fight against corruption in the public service have been created.
  • 6. Infrastructure for computerization of the system of public and municipal service has been created and is being further developed.
  • 7. Mechanisms for assessment of the work of public authorities have been formed and begun operating.
assessment of scs state civil service
Assessment of SCS (State Civil Service)
  • Please assess the degree of confidence of the public in the bodies of state power and administration.
    • 3,8% - fully trust
    • 45,1% - partially trust
    • 45,5% - do not trust
    • 5,6% - no answer
assessment of s cs
Assessment of SCS
  • What in your opinion hinders public servants to improve their credibility among the public today?

- 29,8% - poor professional training

-55,5% - corruption, bribery

-48,7% - official red tape

  • First.Simplified understanding how to solve problems of formation of a new system of government in the immature market relationships that are formed under conditions of unprecedented measures of privatization of the property. There are no analogues in the world.
  • Second.Lack of skilled public servants trained to serve society under conditions of the immature market mechanisms and, as a consequence, the problems of staffing state and municipal government based on the teamwork approach, where this approach is severely limited by the law and cannot be implemented - in the public and municipal service the situation is the same as in business or political parties.

Поэтому третьей причиной эмпиризма и примитивизма кадровой политики в государственной гражданской службе следует назвать не полную реализацию потенциала существующих правовых основ, включая и «Концепцию реформирования системы государственной службы Российской Федерации» (2001 г.). О чем тоже говорят результаты социологических исследований (см. слайд 2).

  • Third. Not full realization of potential of existing laws and regulations at both the federal and regional levels, including provisions of the "The Concept of Reforming the Public Service System of the Russian Federation".
Fourth.Discrepancy between the acute need for governability of the system of public service and the lack of the system of government of public service as prescribed by Public Service Acts.


consequence of the causes
Consequence of the causes
  • Protectionism, corruption, weakness of personnel bodies in combating human resource voluntarism, formal application of many statues of the law on the public and municipal service. Decrease of the level of professionalism and growth of amateurism.

Problems ofdevelopmentof the Russian


  • lack of theoretical study of the reform
  • lack of effective government of public service
  • poorinformation support, behind-the-scenes (lobby) examination, neglect of public opinion
  • decentralization of the tasks of the reform and development of public service
  • backlog of legal support
  • problems of staffing
  • reform as an arena of conflicting interests of different subjects
  • vagueness of authorities of state bodies
  • uncritical attitude to foreign experience
  • heavyreliance on political situation


“Reforms and development of the system of public service of the Russian Federation (2009-2013 )"

Approved by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation № 261 of March , 2009


creation of an integrated system of public service in the Russian Federationthrough completion of reforms and creation of highly skilled personnel of the public service, ensuring the efficiency of government, developmentof the civil society and innovative economy.

PresidentialDecree №601 of May 7, 2012 «On the main directions for the development of the systemof government».