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Transpacific Industries Group Ltd Qld CSG Industry HSE Forum January 15 th 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Transpacific Industries Group Ltd Qld CSG Industry HSE Forum January 15 th 2008

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Transpacific Industries Group Ltd Qld CSG Industry HSE Forum January 15 th 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Transpacific Industries Group Ltd Qld CSG Industry HSE Forum January 15 th 2008. Australian Public company, headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland Australia & New Zealand’s largest waste management organisation operating across all major waste sectors

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Transpacific Industries Group Ltd Qld CSG Industry HSE Forum January 15 th 2008

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    1. Transpacific Industries Group Ltd Qld CSG Industry HSE Forum January 15th 2008

    2. Australian Public company, headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland Australia & New Zealand’s largest waste management organisation operating across all major waste sectors 250 business operations throughout Australia & New Zealand 45 major processing facilities Over 7,000 employees Over 3,600 vehicles Over 300,000 clients 07/08 Revenue $2.1 Billion Group Overview

    3. Waste is a resource Therefore we aim to incorporate recovery, recycling and reuse throughout all our operations Strong ‘safety first’ culture (Zero Harm) We approach all tasks with diligence, professionalism and quality placing safety and environmental matters in first place. National Integrated Management System in place and externally audited. Ability to be innovative and respond quickly We are in business to satisfy market and customer needs Our Philosophy Includes

    4. Transpacific Divisions

    5. Transpacific Locations

    6. Industrial Solutions Industrial Services • Australia's largest Industrial Services provider • Specialist high pressure water & abrasive blasting • Hydro-demolition of structures, factories • Vacuum tanker loading • Sewer & drain cleaning, CCTV inspection for repairs/re-line • Emergency spill & recovery services

    7. Industrial Solutions Protective Coatings • Application of protective coatings and surface preparations • Re-coating of tunnels and sewer lines • Hazardous Materials Handling • Specialist services for asbestos removal • Removal & disposal of all forms of asbestos • Lead contaminated dusts

    8. Industrial Solutions • ISO-Container Services • Road tanker & ISO-Container cleaning facilities • Repair and renovation services for ISO –Containers • Largest & most advanced ISO - container cleaning facility in Queensland

    9. Industrial Solutions • Parts Washers • Supply & servicing of parts cleaning solutions. Solvent & aqueous based parts washing equipment, spill kits, solvent recycling • Custom built machines to suit wide range of industries and requirements • Hot tanks for large scale caustic bath degreasing • More than 90% market share of parts washing segment

    10. Liquid Waste • Liquid Waste Management & Recycling • Australasia’s largest liquid waste management company • Collection, transport, processing, recycling, & disposal of liquid hazardous waste • Collection, transport, processing, and recycling of grease trap & septic effluent wastes

    11. Liquid Waste • Hazardous Waste Management • Collection, transport, recycling, treatment, & disposal of solid & liquid hazardous wastes • Solvent recycling & recovery • Drum collection, processing, & recovery • Chemical fixation & solidification technology • Bulk and drummed acids • Leachate from slag and waste tips

    12. Liquid Waste • Product Destruction • Plants in Dandenong, Sydney, Narangba, Townsville, Newcastle, Wingfield, and Welshpool • Significant capability in Dandenong and Sydney plants, including recyclables recovery • Approved by Customs for bonded storage and destruction • Markets covered include food products, paint tins, aerosols & sprays, clothing and shoes, cigarettes, alcohol

    13. Commercial Vehicles • Western Star, MAN • Exclusive importation and distribution of Western Star trucks and parts throughout Australia, New Zealand, & Asia • Exclusive import and distribution rights for MAN trucks, bus chassis, and parts in Australia and New Zealand • Dealer network of over 65 sales, service, and parts locations throughout Australasia

    14. Commercial Vehicles • Western Star, MAN • Approx. 14% market share (combined) for all brands • Established leadership for 26 metre B-Double transport solutions with Western Star • Major supplier of MAN tank transporter trucks to Australian Military

    15. Solid Waste - Collections • Collection Vehicle fleet in excess of 1900 • Specialised Collection capability:- • General waste (MSW) • Organics • Recyclables & co-mingled wastes • Construction & demolition wastes • Largest service provider in Aust/NZ • TPI services over 80 municipalities

    16. Solid Waste - Recycling • Recover, Recycle, Re-Use practices incorporated into all of our operations • Design & operation of Material Recycling Facilities (MRF’s) • Integrated operations from collection, sorting and segregation, processing, and marketing • Major supplier to domestic & export recycled commodities markets

    17. Solid Waste - Transfer Stations • Design & operation of Transfer Stations • Municipal and Industrial applications • Segregation by waste streams • Efficiencies in logistics and materials handling • Reduced footprint

    18. Solid Waste – Recycling Construction Waste • Major recycler for the Construction & Demolition industries • Segregation and resale of building materials for beneficial reuse • Own and operate concrete recycling facilities • Recycled fill materials sold back into market

    19. Solid Waste - Landfills • Own and operate 35 landfills • Consulting services to industry and Government on landfill design, construction, and management • Redvale (NZ) landfill incorporates all facets of excellence from the design and construction, which won a prestigious engineering award, to the collection and sale of landfill gas

    20. Solid Waste - Landfills • Landfill Gas Power Generation • Development of Landfill Gas opportunities for green power generation • Capability covers feasibility assessment, gas field analysis and testing, collection system design & construction, and generation • Currently involved in landfill gas power projects in Australia and New Zealand • Modular plants of up to 1MW of power per unit

    21. Energy • Used Hydrocarbon Management • Largest waste mineral oil collector, recycler, & re-refiner in Australia • Collection, transport, processing, recycling, & re-refining of waste mineral oil and contaminated fuels • Treatment facilities in each capital city of Australia and New Zealand, and some regional centres including Townsville and Kalgoorlie • Production of alternate fuels

    22. Energy • Used Hydrocarbon Management • New refining technology introduced at Rutherford Refinery • Hydrogenation plant to manufacture premium grade Group I lubricant based oils. • Fractionation refinery at Wetherill Park provides feedstock for Rutherford Refinery. • Only used oil hydrogenation plant in Australia

    23. Energy • Used Cooking Oils, Fats and Tallow's • Collection, transport, treatment, storage and re-cycling of used cooking oils, fats, and tallow's • Production of stock feed adjuvants • Waste to Energy feed suitable for Biodiesel production

    24. Energy • Bituminous Products • Manufacture and distribution of blown bitumen products, membranes, and coatings • Largest independent supplier of blown road and pavement bitumens • Operations through 5 plants in four states • Other products include waterproofing membranes, bituminous paints and coatings, sealants and solvents • Specialty paint manufacture

    25. Organics/Remediation • Biosolids Management & Recycling • Specialised sludge management equipment, biological scum harvesters • Pond dredging, mechanical sludge dewatering, air-drying • Specialised transportation of biosolids • Beneficial biosolids re-use including land-farming and remediation works

    26. Organics/Remediation • Biosolids Management & Recycling • Sampling & classification of biosolids • Site & Soil suitability assessments • Management plans & environmental consulting services • Specialised land application of biosolids and organic by-products

    27. Organics/Remediation • Composting & Waste to Energy • Organic composting of green wastes, food scraps, wood wastes, inorganics • Production of biogas for the production of green electricity • Anaerobic digestion technology • Manufacture of premium soil conditioners, fertilizers, composts, & mulches

    28. Organics/Remediation • Site Remediation • Removal & treatment of contaminated soils • Treatment of soils from industrial sites, gas works, landfills, agricultural sites, oil refineries • Specialist team to investigate, quote/tender, and project manage to completion. • Increasingly strong links with Environmental Consultants • Technologies for treatment may include chemical fixation & solidification, thermal desorption, vapour extraction, bioremediation

    29. Manufacturing • Manufacture of waste bins and compactors to support our own solid waste operations as well of those of the waste industry • Manufacture of specialized vacuum tank equipment and vehicle bodies for use by our Industrial Solutions division • Manufacture of parts cleaning machines used across a variety of industries for the automated cleaning of soiled parts and equipment • Manufacture of dredges, and specialised equipment for the handling and processing of biosolids and sludges

    30. LNG Capability • TPI largest supplier of waste and industrial services to the LNG industry • Contracts with Woodside , Woodside Pluto and Sydney Gas • Services provide include the collection and disposal of Solid, Liquid ,and Hazardous Wastes and the provision of industrial cleaning services. • EIS and initial planning, budgeted costs, design and waste reduction (issue at the Gorgan project where waste will be removed off the island) • Construction waste- Resourcing as the project expands • Ongoing operational services

    31. Coal Seam Gas Industry • Rapid expansion in Queensland • Environmental Risks Involved • Salt management major concern • CSG water primary bi-product • Often saline and alkaline • Mostly unsuitable for direct use • Evaporation ponds not a long term answer • Injection of brine difficult • Brine expensive to landfill

    32. Transpacific and Recycling • Recover Recycle Reuse • The future for TPI in liquid waste: • Focus on recycling waste water into reusable product for industry, irrigation and to supplement natural water sources • Focus on recovery of reusable components from waste streams • Expansion into water recycling was an obvious step

    33. Water Recycling • Technologies • TPI associations give access to: • Recycling technologies • Reverse Osmosis • Membrane based filtration systems • Ion exchange • Evaporation • Membrane Bio Reactors • Chemical treatment • Mineral extraction technologies • Sal-proc Technology

    34. Transpacific- a commercial advantage • Zero Impact on environment: • “The total solution” • TPI can consult, own, operate: • Recycle water for reuse • Manage salinity issues, e.g. • Removal/recovery of salts from water • Reuse of selected salts • Landfill disposal for other salts • Minimisation of evaporation pond usage • Segregate salts allowing disposal in non lined landfill

    35. Contents The complete solution for the CSG industry