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  2. SATMA Awards foundation • SATMA Awards foundation Board Members: • President – Retired Judge President Vuka Tshabalala • First Deputy President – Mr. Welcome Bhodloza Nzimande – Traditional Music Icon and Businessman • Second Deputy President – Advocate Trikamjee – Highly Esteemed Advocate within the legal fraternity of South Africa • Chairperson – Mr. Aleck Skhosana – President of Athletics KZN • Deputy Chairperson – Dr. Thuthukile Goba – Medical Doctor and Businesswoman • Secretary – Ms Zodwa Mbatha – Director of SASSA – Northwest Province • Treasurer – Mr. Yousef Mossa – Sizwe Ntsaluba Auditor • Public Relations Officer - Ms Camilla Walker Hartmann – Renowned Radio Personality • Spokesperson – Mr. Zolani Mkiva – Poet and Cultural Icon • Honorary Chairperson – Prof Joseph Shabalala of the Grammy Award Winning Ladysmith Black Mambazo The SATMA AWARDS ADVISORY BOARD will consist of Cultural Icons and Legends, Trailblazers within their respective fields representing all ethnic, racial groups and regions of South Africa. 33

  3. Stakeholders • SATMA Awards Foundation • Eastern Cape Provincial Government • South African Broadcasting Corporation • National Heritage Council of South Africa • Buffalo City Metro • University of Zululand • University of Fort Hare • Nelson Mandela Bay Metro • National House and Provincial Traditional Leaders • Eastern Cape House of Traditional Leaders • National and Cultural Organisations, e.g. Boere Musik Geelde • International Cultural Orgs – West Las Vegas Cultural Org, Native American Museum • Daily Dispatch – Print Media – discussions ongoing

  4. Vision To be the Catalyst for the Development and Growth of Traditional Music and Heritage Bring together various African ethnic and racial groups through the celebration of our diverse musical heritage as we combat tribalism and all the other divisive measures. Unearthing and developing traditional musicians by providing them with a platform that will Recognise, Honour, Award and Showcase their God given talent. Mission

  5. Strategic Objectives • To promote and develop traditional music across racial and ethnic backgrounds. • To encourage multi-cultural exchange amongst all the diverse citizens of South Africa and the world. • To expose the richness of traditional music heritage nationally and globally. • To preserve Traditional Music and Heritage • To establish an international Traditional museum. (House of Fame, Library, Arts and Culture Hub. Cultural Heritage and Learning Centre. • To link with Cultural organisations and National institutions with similar objectives within our Nation and the world at large. • To unearth musical talents through the staging of Road Shows in all the provinces. 66

  6. Nomination and Voting Process Step 3 Public submits their favorite Traditional Musician to the SATMA AWARDS as from Midnight of the SATMA AWARDS Launch. The qualifying album should have been released from March to February of that year in question. Radio, TV and Print Media Announcements are made urging the Public to submit their favorite Traditional Musician through an SMS and by filling of Forms accessible through our website – Step 2 Step 1 SATMA AWARDS Committee selects three Finalists per category based on the verification results and the votes received from the Public. This applies for all categories except for Best Traditional DJ PBS Radio Station, where there are more than 3 nominations. To submit your favorite Traditional Musician you SMS “SATMA AWARDS, Name of Traditional Musician and Category” to 34066. SMS costs R2. The submission of Traditional Musician is a minimum of thirty days from the day of the SATMA AWARDS Launch. Verification of the received Nominations with the relevant structures like SABC PBS Radio Stations, Community Radio Stations, Icons and Legends of Traditional Music and Record Companies. Step4 SATMA AWARDS officially Announce the Nominees per category. The public is urged to vote for their favorite Nominee through TV, Radio and Print Media by SMS “SATMA AWARDS, Favorite Nominee and Category” to 34066. This process begins from Midnight on the day of the Announcing of the Nominees till a day before the Award Ceremony. 77

  7. Judging Process JUDGING CRITERIA The panel of judges will be constituted by Musical Icons and Experts representing all ethnic backgrounds and their judgment will be based on the following areas: Creativity Cross Ethnic Exposure Sustainability Behavior Professionalism Heritage Integrity Technical Excellence Social Scope Judges score counts for 60% of the total judging score and public votes count for 40% (sms). This criteria applies to all the nominees and winners. Counting process begins 10 days before closing date and is monitored by independent auditors. The final judging and auditing is done on the last day of public voting. After judging has been completed the result are handed over to Auditors. 88

  8. Prizes – SATMA Awards In addition to receiving an Award, the SATMA Awards’ commitment is to provide a respectable financial reward to each Nominee and Winner, this sets SATMA Awards apart from other Awards that only give trophies to their winners. This also raises the level for Artists who sing and perform traditional music that have been marginalized and overlooked by the mainstream culture. The financial rewards are as follows: Winners for Best Category receives R 25 000 Best Song of the Year receives R 100 000 Best Traditional Presenter R 100 000 In the category of Best Song of the Year and Best Traditional Presenter – 25% of the Prize Money goes towards the charity of the Recipient’s choice and 75% goes to the Recipient – WELLNESS PROGRAMME Artists or groups nominated and won a SATMA AWARDS for 3 years consecutively in the same category, receive R100 000 Prize Money in their third win, stop competing and become SATMA AWARDS Ambassadors for 3 years afterwards. 99

  9. SATMA AWARDS CATEGORIES • Best SePedi Album • Best Venda Album • Best IsiTsonga Album • Best IsiXhosa Album • Best Ndebele Album • Best San Album • Best SeTswana Album • Best SiSwati Album • Best Sesotho Album • Best Indian Album • Best Boeremusiek • Best Mbaqanga Album • Best iSicathamiya Album • Best Maskandi Album • Best Upcoming Artist • Best Praise Singer • Best • Best Female Artist • Best Male Artist • Best Compilation • Best Video • Best Traditional and Cultural News Journalist (Print) • Best Traditional and Cultural News Journalist (Electronic) • Best Traditional Music Radio Program • Best Traditional Presenter – Community Radio • Best Traditional Presenter – Mainstream • Best Indigenous Comedian • Best Ethno Soul • Best Vernacular Hip Hop Song • Best Indigenous Language Writer • Best Cultural Organization • Best Cultural Exhibitor • Best Provincial Department of Arts and Culture • Song of the Year • Lifetime Achievement • Lasting Legacy • Founders Awards • Traditional Dance Group 1010

  10. What Didn’t Work in the Last Six Years • Sufficient funding for the Awards resulting in not achieving sufficient growth over the period • Challenges in talent retention as a result of the above. • The awards were based in KwaZulu-Natal for the last six years – thus “earning” a label as Regional or Zulu awards – in some quarters • The awards have not enjoyed the publicity they deserve on DAC Programmes and Material 1111

  11. What Worked in the Last Six Years The main awards event was always held at KwaZulu-Natal thus getting very good support The awards were consistently held over the last six years and thus have proved their resilience The brand has grown and the awards have now become part of the national psyche The partnership with the SABC has been one of the pillars of this growth The SABC’s own AR and Share figures show that the SATMA Awards broadcast dominates the whole Television universe during the time slot The support from the Presidency and key national leadership including institutions 1212

  12. 1313

  13. Highlights over 6 years • Nation building • Presidential Endorsement • Support from the NHC • Affirmation of cultural identification • Multi cultural exchanges (various ethnic group categories) • Founders awards (Liberation and National hero’s) • To recognise the ANC Centenary Milestone • African Renaissance and Diaspora (Kwame Nkrumah honour in National museum in Accra, Ghana; Malcom X’s daughter Ms Shabazz; Harry Belafonte award; Martin Luther King delegation)

  14. Highlights cont… • Economic Development & Tourism • Brand appreciation (SABC, ticket sales) • Emphasis on local procurement for Goods and Services • Hospitality sector • Increased album sales - traditional music – for artists • Voted best event for the Celebrate Durban event for 6 years • Public Participation (cultural parade from 5000 to 15000 people, multiple cultural groups from all over the country, Awards Guests and attendees from all over the country) • International exposure via campaigns like Siyabalanda

  15. Highlights cont.. • Music & Artist Development • Better quality traditional music • Artists incentives & wellness programs (prize money) – discussions underway with the relevant stakeholders • Increased exposure and popularity leading to increased airplay resulting in higher album sales and bookings • Music and artist workshops – for empowerment • Celebrating music icons (Phuzushukela July)

  16. Highlights cont… • Youth Development • Increased youth attendance, interest and participation • Identification of positive youth role models to engage the youth on cultural values. (brand ambassadors) • 2010 launch at Fort Hare University was dominated by the youth. (biggest launch thus far, historical significance as its alumni including the likes of Tata Mandela, Tata O.R Tambo, Chief Buthelezi)

  17. Eastern Cape Province Home of the SATMA Awards 2012 TO 2016 • The Eastern Cape will be the home of the SATMA Awards for the next five years • The provincial association with the SATMA Awards will help put the province on the national map. • This provides an opportunity for the province to put its own stamp on the national footprint and on the awards. • The Eastern Cape Province will be further enhanced as a Cultural and Heritage Hub Province.

  18. SATMA AWARDS EVENTS 2012 1919

  19. SATMA AWARDS EVENTS 2012 2020