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Five Plot Ideas

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Five Plot Ideas. All in the Genre of Psychological Thriller. Room 8.

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five plot ideas

Five Plot Ideas

All in the Genre of Psychological Thriller

room 8
Room 8

The main character is shown at the beginning of the film but the audience only see her face. The character begins to hallucinate and she then faints. The audience can now see her full body and notice that she is wearing a convicts outfit. It flashes back to the character in a prison cell facing only a small key in the centre of a table. She reaches out for it and she shows a distressing reaction as if she has been reminded of something. The character goes ‘crazy’, banging on walls and doors of the cell. Reaching back out for the key several more times, she grasps it tighter each time until it causes her to pass out. After the blackout, she is shown inside a different room, wearing normal clothes instead of prison-wear. There is a knock at the door and as it opens, the main character notices that the key is tied around her neck along with a crucifix. When she looks up, she sees herself as an older woman standing in the doorway and all the older character does is reach out towards her. The main character rips the chain from her neck and hands it to her older self. As she does this, she stands and they both look into the mirror together. The main character ages whilst the other becomes younger and slimmer. As soon as this happens, the main character head buts the mirror and runs out of the different room, Room 8. As she continues running, she passes the sign for a mental institution and realises where she is. She faints again. Upon waking up it becomes apparent that she has been hypnotised in a therapy session, showing that the previous events were all in her head. She admits to murder and is taken back to Room 8 where they door is locked, only that she still has the spare key…


A 16 year old girl appears to wake up in a ‘normal’ house surrounding. She proceeds with her normal morning regime but continues to be bothered by flash backs and memorabilia which the audience are aware of it being about her late sister’s death. She tries to ignore it and watches TV when it blacks out as there is a power cut. She understandably appears scared and reaches for her laptop since it still works. After a few seconds, a photo of her sister’s face appears, so she instantly leaves the laptop and enters the kitchen where she gets a drink of water and takes pills for what she thinks is a headache causing her the hallucinate. She notices a young girl on a swing in her garden but the girl almost instantly disappears so she goes to investigate. Outside, she finds nothing, and no signs of a girl anywhere. She heads back inside and finds that her drink has changed to Ribena of a deep red colour. Again, she is frightened and runs upstairs where she bends down and washes her face in the sink, However, when she stands back up she sees her sister’s reflection in the mirror behind her own shoulder but when she turns around, the sister is gone. It becomes obvious that the character does not know what to do next so she gathers all photos that she can find and she locks them in a box which she hides in the attic, as far away from her own room as possible in the house. She goes to her bedroom to find all the memorabilia scattered on her bed then notices herself sleeping still. She faints. She is awoken and it becomes apparent that it was all a dream, and her sister is alive.

blind spot
Blind Spot

A male and female (around 24) are travelling in a car along a country road at late afternoon, the weather is dreary and miserable. They are not alone on the road as other cars over take and drive behind them completely normally but no one speaks. The male is driving and begins to speed up along the narrow road, the girl is screaming for him to slow down but the guy appears possessed. After reaching a junction for a main road without coming into contact with other cars, he comes to a complete stop. He simply stares forward and does not say a word but the girl is panicking so tries to get out of the car. When doing so, he grabs her wrist, sharply snapping it back. The girl pulls away and he drives off. The girl is shown walking along the main road with no cars around and the weather varies from rain to sun, etc. She spots a house near the woods and heads towards it, not realising that the guys care is in the driveway. When she knocks on the door she then notices the car and runs away, the house owner and the guy answer the door to see her fleeing, so the guy jumps into the car to pursue her. Reaching the main road, he winds down the window and calls her to get in the car, she refuses. She walks along the main road again whilst he drives slowly next to her, he stops the car and she eventually gets in and immediately notices his shirt is a different colour. She mentions it and he seems shaken up so starts the engine, without checking the blind spot before pulling off from the roadside. They feel a hit in the car and as they turn around they see the guy on the floor, in the original shirt. The girl hurries to the guy knocked down, as she does so, the driver speeds off. There is a blackout and the next scene shows the couple in hospital then cuts to the other guy in a mental asylum.

pin point
Pin Point

A recently orphaned child is taken to a manic care home where she meets a young orphaned boy. The pair form an instant friendship and begin exploring the house whilst others sleep, finding secret passage ways in the old building. Around them, they notice a couple of the other orphans becoming ill from an unknown virus. During one of their nightly explorations, the duo come across an un-seeable event. One of the child minders appears to be injecting food sources with a liquid not recognised by the pair. When morning dawns they confide in three older orphans who decide that it is best to confront the adult. Announcing that there is something to be said, the five children meet with all the caregivers of the orphanage. When telling their story, they are not believed, and over the next two days these five appear to become very ill, very quickly. The original duo plan to seek the truth and take a camcorder with them during the night, hoping to film the happenings. However, when hiding behind the kitchen door, the illness causes the young boy to cough loudly, which the carer notices. She whips her head around quickly, rushing over to grab the children, threaten then with a knife, and stuffs them into a locked cupboard. Waking in the morning, the pair are in hospital beds, they are drowsy but understand what is being explained to them. They are told that the injections into food are medicine for the orphans, but the children were not told they were being treated as they may complain. Side effects such as hallucinations explain the weird behaviours.

kiss the girls
Kiss The Girls

Set at an equine stable yard, Daniel is the only male rider. He is constantly treated differently both at school and home but not when riding. In a house full of men, (one dad, three brothers), Daniel is considered ‘abnormal’ because he chooses to horse ride and dance instead of play rugby and football. At school this is also of common knowledge, students tend to treat him as a girl. After a rough day at school, when he gets home his father tells him he cannot horse ride until his after GCSE exams, this upsets Daniel a great deal. The next day, Daniel is grumpy at school and turns aggressive, pupils taunt him because he is behaving “more like a man”. Because of this, he continues to behave violently as it is considered manly. Grabbing girls by their hair, attempting to pull up their skirts and unbutton their shirts, Daniel breaches only females’ personal space, making him popular with the majority of boys and gaining him new friends. Daniel decides to push for more, he sets a challenge between himself and three other boys to see who can get the most girls to kiss them. Daniel starts losing, this angers him and he begins to pinch the girls until they kiss him. This works so the other boys copy, Daniel then takes drastic measures and harms them even more in order to win against his peers, so the other boys top because they do not know whether Daniel would harm them even more. A few months have passed and Daniel is allowed to horse ride again. His dad watches him and notices how aggressive he now is towards the animal and to all other people. The film ends with Daniel in a psychiatric hospital who is shown refusing treatment through violence.