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E-Magazine September 2017

E-Magazine September 2017

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E-Magazine September 2017

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  1. 18th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL ISSUE ?????????????? ??????????? ??????? VOLUME XIX ISSUE 01 SEptEMbEr 2017 prICE rs. 50 1 September 2017

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  3. 3 September 2017


  5. SAP partners with KEC HPE together with PwC to boost Future Cities VOLUME XIX ISSUE 01 SEptEMbEr 2017 prICE rs. 50 SUbSCrIptION COpY NOt FOr SALE 16th STAR NITE AWARDS 2017 3rd Nov. 2017, New Delhi Airtel “GST Advantage” to help small businesses to file GST returns A specifically designed to enable small businesses and start-ups to file their GST irtel Business has launched Airtel GST Advantage – a solution r e t u r n s accurately, securely and seamlessly. Launched in partnership with ClearTax, Airtel GST Advantage is being offered free to all existing Airtel Business customers. Ashok Ganapathy, Director & CEO, Airtel Business, said, “The new GST regime is a landmark reform for the Indian economy and with Airtel GST Advantage, we would like to enable small businesses with free filing of returns, and free and secure data access. Airtel is also the data hosting and connectivity partner for the GSTN.” Forcepoint announces acquisition of RedOwl F milestone in Forcepoint’s strategy arms customers with cybersecurity systems designed for the reality of today’s threats. “The world has fundamentally changed and the way we think about security must orcepoint has announced the acquisition of RedOwl. This latest change, as well. If the cybersecurity industry fails to put people at the center, it is certain to fall short in helping customers protect their most vital assets,” said Matthew P. Moynahan, Chief Executive Officer of Forcepoint. “Forcepoint is absolutely committed to empowering customers with human-centric security systems, and RedOwl fits squarely into this promise.” 5 September 2017

  6. HELLO INDIA India sooner to become factory of the world ….. thanks to the Brand “Make in India” With 1.9 billion devices expected to get connected in India alone by 2023, the Indian IoT market is forecasted to secure 20 per cent of the global IoT business ecosystem to reach nearly $15 billion in the next three years. In fact, by 2020, India’s Internet of Things (IoT) market will be positioned to secure 20 per cent of the global IoT business, to reach almost $15 billion. Internet continues to play a crucial role in helping people connect and thrive. According to the World Bank, for every 10-per cent increase in broadband access, a developing country can see up to 2-per cent rise in GDP. Researches show that for every 10 people who get access to Internet, about one person gets lifted out of poverty and about one new job gets created. The Government is incentivizing new investment in related sectors, which will be unveiled in the New Telecom Policy in 2018. IoT will be generating 10–15 million jobs in India with the adoption of IoT in the next few years and expressed government’s activeness on the issue of 5G. With this, enterprises in nearly every industry want to use the cloud to modernize and create new business opportunities. It is an absolute fact that computers connected to Internet are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Data breaches are on the rise and money in banks is at risk. There is strong requirement for certified cybersecurity experts and professionals by corporates and organizations to protect themselves from hackers and cyber crooks. Cybercriminals are now using highly advanced automation tools to deploy malware with much greater speed and scale. CISOs in India can no longer rely on a manual approach in cyber defence as cyber-attacks have become automated, riding on escalating infrastructure trends in cloud adoption and encryption. The Indian telecom sector is going through a price discovery process. The consumption pattern indicates a demand for Internet usage, as long as it is affordable and reliable. We have close-to 700 million people who are not connected. The Digital India initiative presents a unique opportunity to get India online and spur local economic development. The Smart Cities story is still evolving and at a very nascent stage as it unfolds across the 100-plus cities, which will further trigger the comparatively 1,000-plus urban clusters, will unlock a huge economic potential and likely help generate incremental GDP growth. A million-dollar question comes to my mind as to how India will become factory of the world. As of today, China’s monopoly in the global market, Japan has pitched in for making India the factory of the world. Japan is committed to “Make in India”. If Japan’s high-level technique merges with India’s best human resources, the dream of Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi will come true as he wants to see a “mini Japan” in Gujarat. Secondly, Shri Narendra Modi showcased to the world that India was on the brink of major economic breakthrough on the basis of its demographic dividend and growing technological and entrepreneurial culture. Thank you for the feedback you have provided for the Channel Leadership Survey. And I want to express my appreciation to our readers and corporate houses for their unstinted support for all the changes we are implementing and for having stood by us in bringing out this 18th Anniversary Special Issue and making IT a success. I hope all of you will continue to reach out to us in the future also with your valuable feedback. 6 September 2017

  7. 7 September 2017

  8. PC Market MPS InkJet Multi function printer Electronic Security Enterprise resource planning RoutersGraphic cards Control Systems Enterprise Mobility Recovery software CONTENTS Uninterruptible power supply Enterprise Digital Rights Management Inktank printer Anti-virus Business Intelligence LaserJet Printer Multi function printer Enterprise Digital Rights Management Multi function printer MPS Business Intelligence Back-up Smartphones Ethernet Switches Enterprise Surveillance Thin Client Survey– 2017 Digital camera PBX Systems Channel Leadership Dot-matrix printer Servers Servers Workstation Solid State drives Website: Enterprise Surveillance PC Market Projectors Enterprise Digital Rights Management Multi function printer MPS Business Intelligence Anti-virus Servers Business Intelligence Graphic cards Publisher: Deepak Kumar Sahu Editor: S Mohini Ratna Executive Editor: Dr. Vijay Anand Copy Editor: C. M. Dutta Deputy Editor: Samrita Baruah Sub - Editor: Aparna Mullick Art Director: Rakesh Kumar Network Administrator: Ashok Kumar Singh Manager-IT: Subhash Mohanta Manager-SEO: Bidyadhar Behera InkJet RoutersGraphic cards Control Systems Anti-virus Business Intelligence LaserJet Printer Control Systems Back-up PBX Systems UTM Dot-matrix printer Servers Recovery software InkJet Storage RoutersGraphic cards Control Systems Application Delivery network Enterprise Surveillance Multi function printer Anti-virus Business Intelligence LaserJet Printer Control Systems Workstation Back-up PBX Systems Thin Client Control Systems Application Delivery network UTM Enterprise Digital Rights Management Dot-matrix printer Dot-matrix printer Servers Recovery software Storage BUSINESS: Commercial Manager: Amit Kumar Jha Sr. Marketing Manager: Ashok Ranjan Dash Circulation Executive: Manish Kumar Marketing Manager: Dipendra Kumar MPS InkJet Multi function printer Dot-matrix printer Servers Application Delivery network Enterprise Surveillance Multi function printer RoutersGraphic cards Control Systems Storage Workstation Anti-virus Business Intelligence Workstation Thin Client Control Systems UTM Application Delivery network PBX Systems Enterprise Digital Rights Management Dot-matrix printer Application Delivery network Multi function printer MPS CORPORATE OFFICE: VAR House, A-84A/3 Rose Apartment, Paryavaran complex, Ignou Road, new Delhi - 110030 Tel: 011-41656383, 46061809 Email: InkJet Storage RoutersGraphic cards PBX Systems MPS InkJet Multi function printer Dot-matrix printer Servers RoutersGraphic cards Control Systems Anti-virus Business Intelligence Control Systems Back-up Storage 50pg Hard disk drive Anti-virus Business Intelligence MPS Workstation InkJet Multi function printer Bangalore: Bureau office Marketing Manager: S. Kamala kar Correspondent: L. g. Swami D-103 g.F., Ashish JK Apartments Thubarahalli Extended Road Bangaluru- 560066 Tel: 080-49530399 | Mobile:09886280836 E-mail: UTM RoutersGraphic cards Control Systems WOMEN POWER IN ICT PBX Systems Application Delivery network Multi function printer MPS 86| Google businesses with the power of Internet 90| A newly designed partner program to define the future growth of Dell EMC VAR SECURITY Anti-virus Business Intelligence Servers Back-up InkJet Storage PBX Systems RoutersGraphic cards PBX Systems empowering small Hard disk drive LaserJet Printer Multi function printer Servers Anti-virus Business Intelligence Control Systems Back-up Servers 72| Empowering Empowering Businesses Women, Graphic cards Hard disk drive Mumbai: Bureau office Regional Manager (West): Anil Kumar Sr. Correspondent: Mamta S. Anurag Residency, 203 - “B” Wing, Plot no-5, Sector-9, Kamothe, navi Mumbai-410 209 Tel: 022-65561292, Mobile: 08108017479 E-mail:, Application Delivery network CMO SPECIAL 26| CMO Special Chennai: Bureau office Branch Manager: Parthiban K A2, R.C.Residency, Cholambedu Road, Thiruvenkada nagar, Ambathur, Chennai - 600 053 Mobile: 098400 55626 E-mail: CHANNEL LEADERSHIP SURVEY 88| Government – A major power booster of Surveillance Industry 50| CHANNEL LEADERSHIP SURVEY Hyderabad: Bureau office Branch Manager: Sunil Kumar Sahu 32-161/3, 202 neha Paradise, nr.Maissamma Temple, Venketeswara colony Ramakrishna Puram, Hyderabad - 500056 Telangana, Tel: 040-32989844/ Cell no. 08100298033 E-mail: VAR MOBILITY TOP 10 DISTRIBUTORS IN INDIA 94| InFocus: A long-term player in India 78| Moving towards convergence of voice- data, Cloud and Mobility 95| COAI underlines the pain points of Telecom industry Kolkata: Bureau office Marketing officer: Sunil Kumar Correspondent: Kiran Kumar 67 Sarada Park, garia, Kolkata - 700084 Mobile: 08100298033, E-mail: Mobile: 09903088480, E-mail: FACE TO FACE VALUE ADDED DISTRIBUTORS IN INDIA 24| For Aspect, customers are the strong driving force behind any innovation Printed and Published by Deepak Kumar Sahu on behalf of M/s. Kalinga Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. and Printed at Pushpak Press Pvt. Ltd. Shed no. 203 - 204, DSIDC Complex, okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I, new Delhi-110020 and Published at A-84A/3 Rose Apartment, Paryavaran complex, Ignou Road, new Delhi - 110030, Editor - S Mohini Ratna. For Subscription queries contact: Subscription: Rs. 500(12 issues)Rs. 1000 (24 issues) 92| Value Added Distributors in India 68| ESDS anticipates a wider scope for cloud adoption in India REGULARS Round About 10 70| “GST would enhance dependency on technology and eventually bring more transparency” Hot Bytes 12, 14 All payments favouring: KALIngA DIgITAL MEDIA PVT LTD © All rights are reserved. no part of this magazine may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the publisher. (1999-2016) On the Ramp 16, 18 Voice N Data 20 84| Konica Minolta transitioning into a cloud services company Channel Buzz 22 Movers & Shakers 98 * All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts and forums in Delhi only. 8 September 2017

  9. 9 September 2017

  10. ROUND ABOUT Has the Last Word Been Spoken About Privacy? T he recent Indian Supreme Court’s decision on the right to privacy, by any standard, is an epoch-making one. It is not the question of who won or who lost – that may be a trivial point in the entire narration. I should say India won, and our long-cherished democratic institutions won. Some believe that the most important digital grid that India is building a unique identification number scheme, popularly known as Aadhaar, may take a hit since the court’s decision has set some limitations. Yet, the case to decide about the constitutional validity of Aadhaar is pending before the Supreme Court. The cardinal principle of our fundamental right is that it should be subjected to public morality and social harmony. Debates on privacy laws are not unique in India. All democratic societies have voiced their need for protection of privacy and have expressed concern about the intrusion of the state authorities into individual freedom. For example, Canada passed a legislation known as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documentation Act (PIPEDA) in January 2001. In a nutshell, PIPEDA specifies the rules to govern collection, use, or disclosure of personal information. The Act also defines what constitutes personal information. It means an identifiable individual, but does not include the name, title, or business address or telephone number of an employee of an organization. The PIPEDA requires organizations to obtain consent before they collect, use, and disclose any personal information, and to collect them in a reasonable, appropriate and lawful way. All civilized and democratic societies have their privacy laws in place. My reading about the construction of the right is that none of the countries have granted unfettered rights to individuals. They should be subordinated to public interest and morality. It is a happy augury that India has also embraced that principle and come out with an expressed view that the right to privacy is a fundamental right. That signals our respect for human freedom and democratic institutions. Let me go in detail on what is happening in the United States these days. There is a clamour for making privacy of the individual tighter. Due to outdated laws, technology users are less assured of privacy protection, which is eroding trust in technology platforms such as cloud computing. However, U.S. law enforcement is pleading for accessing data anywhere in the world in the course of its investigations. However, the current law does not adequately define how data can be accessed overseas. The U.S. accessing data can create conflicts with the laws of other nations. In the Indian context, there have been different shades of public opinion expressed during the recent hearing in the Supreme Court. It will be a lengthy exercise to mention all the debates and opinions expressed. Let me limit myself to a few: Senior advocate Gopal Subramanium, while initiating the proceedings on the first day of the hearing on the issue of right to privacy before the nine-judge bench headed by Chief Justice J.S. Khehar, said, “Now can liberty be at all experienced without privacy? Can liberty be exercised without privacy at last with regard to all the Fundamental Rights of the Constitution?” Subramanium referred to the Preamble drawing attention of the court to the words “Democratic” and “Republic” and said that both words had suppressed the meaning of liberty of an individual as reported by Live Law. However, the Central Government submitted to the Bench that the right to privacy is a wholly qualified right and not an absolute right since it covers various aspects of the right to life and liberty. Now, let us look at the historic judgment and what it portends. Experts say the judgement has two crucial components. The first is doctrinal. Article 14, which guarantees equality before the law, ensures that state laws cannot be arbitrary in nature or application. They must be reasonable. Article 21 protects life and personal liberty. Without the reasonableness guaranteed by Article 14 to test that procedure, any encroachment into privacy will be arbitrary. Its second component – the philosophical – goes much further. As one learned judge in the bench pointed out, Aristotle distinguished the public sphere of political life – the polis – from the personal sphere. John Stuart Mill made the same distinction in more absolute terms and limited state power to the public sphere. This distinction cannot exist without the right to privacy. When the state has the right to intrude where it will in a citizen’s life, there can be no effective personal sphere. The judgment also sketches out the evolution of the concepts of human dignity and the right to life, both guaranteed by the Constitution. When a citizen cannot draw a boundary between the state and his personal life, dignity is manifestly impossible. This judgment, comprehensive and far-reaching, is bound to raise questions as well. The litigation against the Aadhaar programme is still pending in a separate case, but this judgment is bound to bolster it, hampering the benefits the programme can deliver. There are far-ranging implications for digital business models, as well – and, more broadly, for the knowledge economy. The bench’s observations on this front, such as a proposed outline for informational privacy, do not quite take the rapidly-evolving nature of the digital economy into account. In conclusion, let me be candid in my observations. Undoubtedly, the unanimous decision of the honorable Supreme Court is a trend- ssetter in many respects. It has told every citizen that they can protect their privacy, subject to limitations laid down in the Constitution, such as reasonableness, public order and morality. What is reasonableness in a globalized world where the commercial transactions and businesses are incrementally expanding beyond national boundaries? The Internet has made communication easier and faster. At the same time, it has expanded the jurisdiction of crime and other offences. While privacy protection is gaining ground, there is an increased demand from the law- enforcing authorities to open the scope of investigations beyond national boundaries. These issues will play out in the coming time. Whatever the outcomes, the judgment must be hailed for establishing an enlightened baseline for the debates to come. n 10 September 2017

  11. 11 September 2017

  12. HOT BYTES RAH Infotech to distribute Ipswitch products I Infotech. RAH Infotech will distribute Ipswitch file transfer and network management software throughout India. With this partnership, customers now have greater access to Ipswitch’s IT management solutions, including the recently released Plus versions of Ipswitch MOVEit secure file transfer and Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold network monitoring with new cloud capabilities, new layers of security and additional user-driven enhancements. “We are excited about our partnership BSNL and Master India launch GSP services I India has entered into collaboration with BSNL to provide a set of veritable solutions for GST compliance. These solutions are exclusively crafted for BSNL users – both landline and mobile, available on a pan-India level. The solutions ready-to-use with ease in registrations. BSNL users can register themselves using their respective account numbers. Post they can straightaway file returns without the hassle of waiting in a queue. The solutions can be divided into three categories - Basic Plan (free of cost, comes with 2,000 invoices); Plus Plan (Rs.1, 999, comes with 6,000 invoices alongside other benefits) and Pro Plan (for enterprises). Micro Focus merges with HPE Software business M finalization of its merger with Hewlett Enterprise’s software business to create the seventh-largest pure- play enterprise software company in the world. This merger brings together two leaders in the software industry to form a new, combined company. “Today significant milestone for Micro Focus, and I am honoured to be leading this team,” said Chris Hsu, CEO - Micro Focus. “We are bringing together a powerful combination of technology and talent uniquely to drive centred innovation enterprise scale – enabling organizations to maximize the RoI of existing software investments." SAP partners with KEC K partnered with SAP India for its organization-wide digital transformation process. “The time to usher in the age of digital transformation and drive the ‘next’ era of growth for KEC is here,” said Vimal Kejriwal, MD & CEO, KEC International Ltd. “At KEC, in the last few years, we have done a lot to enhance our process excellence. Now with SAP as our partner of choice, we are enhancing it further, to serve our clients and stakeholders better.” EC International (KEC) has pswitch partnered with RAH has n order to promote GST, “In the current digital is success,” Subramanian Masters environment, transformation for assured said Ananthapadmanabhan, Vice-President, Enterprise Business, SAP Subcontinent. “KEC will continue their story in the digital age as the pioneer of India’s infrastructure sector. Our objective is to help our customers run a truly live business and ‘Grow with SAP’.” vital Ipswitch of range of solutions that address delivery of 24/7 performance security across virtual and environments. solutions help monitor and manage networks, servers and applications helping meet regulatory compliance,” said Ashok Kumar, MD & CEO, RAH Infotech. which boasts Indian 2017 success and cloud, network Their are while which, Atos enters into a new reseller agreement with Dell EMC A relationship with Dell EMC through a new reseller agreement in which Dell EMC will resell Atos’ high- end 8 to 16 sockets x86 Bullion servers. This new agreement is in line with the ambition of both parties to accompany customers in their digital transformation to support the massive "data-ization" of their businesses. Eric Grall, Executive VP, Head of Global Operations, Atos, explains, “Atos shows its commitment to engage with Microsoft acquiring Cycle Computing will help Azure customers M the acquisition of Cycle Computing, which will help make it easier for Azure customers to use High- Performance Computing (HPC) and other Big Computing capabilities in the cloud and help customers accelerate their movement to the cloud. Cycle Computing makes optimizing Hybrid tos strengthened has its with the best technological partners worldwide offer its customers state- of-the-art technology. The to HPC workloads easier, and the process of bursting or migrating HPC clusters to the cloud more productive. It offers tools that help companies and manage large-scale compute jobs hybrid environments. Most importantly, by acquiring Cycle Microsoft can now leverage its expertise in extending and migrating Linux and Windows-based HPC jobs to the cloud. icrosoft a n n o u n c e d has orchestrate Bullion reseller agreement is a new step forward in the relationship between Dell EMC and Atos. The objective of this partnership is to deliver high-value, innovative and market- leading solutions to support our customers on their Digital Transformation journey.” across Computing, icro Focus has announced the Packard (HPE) Airtel and Symantec tie up to leverage Indian business with security solutions B Symantec Corp. entered into a strategic partnership to serve the growing cybersecurity requirements of businesses in India, providing protection and prevention of online threats in an increasingly digitally- connected world. Under the terms of the agreement, Airtel will be the exclusive Cyber Security Services partner for Symantec in India, and will distribute Symantec’s enterprise BIAL to create an airport of the future with help of Accenture B Airport Limited (BIAL) has signed an agreement with Accenture to set up a co-innovation centre that will help BIAL create an airport of the future at the Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (BLR Airport). The centre will incubate and develop digital solutions using future-ready technologies to provide more engaging passenger experience. BIAL has embarked on an ambitious journey to create a digitized and intuitive destination airport a n g a l o r e Inter national for travellers. Accenture will help define a digital roadmap for BIAL and develop tailor- made solutions using a combination of digital technologies, Internet of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, in addition to social and mobile platforms. The focus of the digital transformation is to improve the traveller’s journey, create new revenue opportunities and realize efficiencies through an agile approach for BIAL and its business partners. harti (“Airtel”) Airtel and have marks a including Things, robotics, virtual and security software. The partnership aims to leverage Airtel’s strength in India’s Business to Business (B2B) segment, helping them address the challenges of the Cloud Generation with Symantec’s innovative Integrated Cyber Defence Platform. positioned customer- at operational 12 September 2017

  13. 9 August 2017

  14. HOT BYTES IBM helps Metro Shoes to launch Digital Commerce Platform I Ltd, India’s multi-brand footwear chain, will be launching a new Digital Commerce platform powered by Watson Customer Engagement hosted on IBM Cloud. This would include IBM Watson Order Management and Commerce for seamless digital engagement. Working with IBM Business Partner CEBS Worldwide, IBM solutions will not only help drive superior customer experiences and new levels of convenience but bring efficiencies to the supply chain. With a countrywide Netmagic deploys NetApp SolidFire at its datacenters N the company has deployed NetApp’s SolidFire all-flash scale-out storage system at five of its datacenters in India, to support its Cloud offerings with automated and scalable guaranteed application NetApp’s SolidFire is a next-generation architecture that provides enterprise IT businesses an access to agile, scalable, on-demand infrastructure that delivers predictable, cost-effective performance in the cloud. Anil Valluri, President, NetApp India & SAARC said, “For Netmagic is both a partner and customer and we are deeply committed to this partnership." Wipro and Linux Foundation to accelerate Open-Source Technology W Foundation as a Silver Member. The Foundation is a non-profit organization enabling mass innovation through open- source technologies. Wipro has identified open-source technologies as one of the strategic client themes to drive transformation across the enterprise. Open source is empowering enterprises to foray into new areas such as cognitive computing, blockchain, automation, analytics. Wipro’s dedicated Open Source and Center of Excellence, coupled with advisory and consulting capabilities provide end-to end open-source solutions and services to enterprises. HPE together with PwC to boost Future Cities H has announced a new project with PwC to jointly create a Center of Excellence (CoE) in Kolkata. Together, HPE and PwC are capitalizing on the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape to create opportunities for administrators to optimize their assets and provide citizen-centric services. “HPE and PwC are working together to offer enhanced services, greater security and improved civic engagement municipalities around the world, intended to deliver ewlett Enterprise (HPE) Packard BM has announced that Metro Shoes etmagic announced that has best-in- class experience to common citizens,” said Som Satsangi, VP & GM, Enterprise Group and MD India, HPE. “By combining HPE technology solutions and services with PwC business strategy, process, people and capabilities, we are able to help organizations accelerate business and societal transformations, and derive greater value faster from their IoT initiatives." footprint of 350 physical showrooms, an expanding brand portfolio changing preferences, Metro Shoes Ltd was facing challenges in managing orders coming from multiple platforms. In addition to its inventory management challenges, Metro Shoes Ltd needed to improve online presence for some of their popular internal brands which were getting low visibility impacting overall sales. and customer city online change performance. storage to storage Commvault now a part of Cisco Solutions Plus Program C Solutions Program. Commvault Data Platform Solutions will be available in Cisco’s Global Price List from October 2017. This will enable organizations to make an accelerated transition to a hybrid cloud strategy using Commvault software on Cisco hardware. The availability of Commvault Data DigitalOcean and Karnataka Government to support start-ups D a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with KBITS (Karnataka Biotechnology & Information Technology Services), Department of IT, BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka, to provide cloud infrastructure and support to start-ups enrolled with the Karnataka Start-up Cell. The MoU was signed at the government’s “Elevate 100” programme. ommvault joined has Platformon Cisco’s Global Price List makes it easy for Cisco and its network of resellers to sell and deliver Commvault’s market leading data management solution. Customers across the globe can acquire and deploy Commvault’s solution to meet their individual unique needs. The Commvault Data Platform is available to deliver proven enterprise- class data protection and management. NetApp, Cisco’s i g i t a l O c e a n has Under the agreement, DigitalOcean $1,000 worth cloud credits for start-ups that are being funded under the government’s In addition, DigitalOcean will organize knowledge sharing sessions “learnups” help start-ups learn about recent technologies and best practices from subject- matter experts to help them scale and run a successful business. signed will give initiative. called will which ipro has joined The Red Hat expands Cloud Service Provider Program in APAC R that cloud and managed services providers in India, Indonesia, Japan, and Singapore have joined its Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider p r o g r a m , helping them to better meet customer’s needs for cloud-based technologies. Since its launch in 2015, hundreds of cloud and service providers have achieved designation to deliver Red Hat solutions across the global marketplace. Globally, 9 out of the 14 cloud service providers included Linux Linux Adobe inks partnership with SSC NASSCOM A into a partnership with IT-ITeS Sector Council NASSCOM (SSC NASSCOM) to catalyze the skills landscape in India. According to the company, Adobe and SSC N A S S C O M have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly develop and implement a sustainable as well as scalable skill- based program for schools and higher education ed a n n o u n c e d Hat has in Gartner's 2017 Magic Quadrant For Infrastructure-As-A- Service, Worldwide are Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Providers. In APAC, some of the newest Red Hat Cloud dobe has Systems entered institutions in India. Dr Sandhya Chintala, Executive Director, IT- ITeS Sector Skills Council NASSCOM N A S S C O M , said, is imperative India's youth to achieve its highest potential and to optimize India's demog raphic dividend. We are happy to associate with long-term industry leader Adobe and share their expertise in software-based training and programs.” Skills & VP - “Skilling national a for hyper and cloud Certified Cloud and Service Providers include: Diadem Technologies (India); Indonesian Cloud (Indonesia), Research Institute DCS Co., Ltd (Japan); Prodevans Technologies (India), and STT Connect (Singapore). Practice Pvt. Ltd global Mitsubishi 14 September 2017

  15. 15 September 2017

  16. ON THE RAMP Newgen launches OmniOMS CCM suite 8.0 N OmniOMS CCM Suite 8.0 which to meet the standard compliance such as PCIDSS along with enhanced interactive output generation capabilities and enables HTML5 supported communication to generate dynamic content, among other features. “The HTML5 capability of this release will help organizations to make their communications engaging and for their developing an digital communications’ strategy” Diwakar Nigam, MD & CEO, Newgen Software on OmniOMS CCM Suite 8.0 release. Oracle announces new enhancements to its IoT Cloud O significant enhancements to the Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud. The offering now features built- in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning that powers Digital Twin and Digital Thread capabilities. As such, customers and partners can quickly gain operation-wide and leverage insights from connected assets. These insights increase deployment times, reduce costs, business outcomes, and accelerate new opportunities. Combining Oracle IoT Cloud and enterprise Oracle introduced new industry solutions digital field service, smart connected factories, and digital fleet management. Hitachi introduces a Unified Compute Platform H announced Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) RS series, a fully integrated, software-defined center (SDDC) rack- scale platform, powered by VMware Cloud Foundation. Hitachi UCP RS enables customers to embrace hybrid cloud for faster time- to-market and pay-as-you- go economics. It also gives customers the freedom to optimize their investments by leveraging private and public cloud as BT launches Business Platform-as-a-Service B “Business Platform-as-a- Service”, the first of its kind widely available in the market. The platform, called BT Personalised Compute Management System (PCMS) has been designed to help companies speed up time-to-market for new digital services, disrupt their traditional business models and create new ways to grow. PCMS is built on the same proven and award VIVOTEK introduces CC8371- HV Security Camera V product portfolio with the new 180° IR panoramic network camera, CC8371- HV. The 3-mega pixel CC8371-HV offers an all- in-one solution, featuring 180° horizontal panoramic views with an adjustable 25° tilt angle and new 15 metre IR illuminators, providing complete video security at night makes it suitable for a wide array of both indoor and outdoor environments. Furthermore, the ligature design makes the camera also suitable for high security environments. itachi Systems Data has an agile extension to their business. UCP RS provides flexibility to customers to either deploy integrated SDDC stack or build their own using Hitachi’s vSAN ready node and VMware software. John Gilmartin, VP and GM, Systems, VMware, said, “The new Hitachi UCP RS solution is no exception. The solution productivity, delivers faster time to business value and accelerates the customer’s ability to realize the true power of their data.” IVOTEK upgraded has its ewgen Software has announced data is enabled security A professional day and night camera, the CC8371- HV is equipped with built- in 180° IR illuminators effective up to 15 metres and adopts WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology, capturing both the dark and bright areas of an image and combining the differences to create a highly realistic representation of the original scene. Integrated improves and Pro IT anti- more relevant customers, intuitive Fitbit introduces new tools to analyse Fitbit Data F guidance and coaching paid offering designed to analyze Fitbit data and activity level to deliver a custom curriculum of workouts, programs, content other tools tailored to your specific goals. The first tools to launch with this offering include a new Fitbit Coach app, which rebrands the current Fitstar Personal Trainer app and combines its popular dynamic video T has announced details of a new winning cloud management platform used by BT to allow its customers to self- serve, purchase and access cloud services online. BT customers will be able to use the same platform to consume or bring their own digital services to market. PCMS offers more than 45 fully digitalized business support processes, such as product management, customer user authentication, service management and billing and collections. commented itbit has introduced a new premium workouts with new Audio Coaching sessions; expert. Fitbit is also introducing Guided Health Programmes that provides step-by-step guidance, insights, educational tools and rewards to influence positive behaviour change and health Fitbit’s offering will grow to include advanced tools with a library of programmes and workouts developed with Fitbit’s Panel. personalized and outcomes. management, racle a n n o u n c e d has Strontium introduces NITRO Plus OTG “Type-C USB 3.1” S recently launched NITRO Plus On-The-Go (OTG) Type-C USB 3.1 Gen1 flash drive which helps to store and transfer data between new-generation USB Type-C compatible devices (smartphones, tablets and PCs). The new offering comes in the capacities of 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB with the amazing performance of up to 150 MB/s Read Speed and 100MB/s Write Speed. It is equipped with both USB Type-C (USB-C) and traditional USB-A connector, with backwards compatibility to your USB 3.0 and 2.0 connection Advisory Acer expands Predator Gaming Arsenal with Powerful PCs A to its premium Predator gaming line, which include the Predator Orion 9000 series gaming desktops with Windows 10, its most powerful to date and the Predator X35 monitor leveraging N V I D I A G - S Y N C and Acer HDR Ultra technologies for ultra-smooth performance and stunning visuals. Acer is also offering t r o n t i u m Technology has cer has announced new additions a new Predator headset and mouse to enhance gaming enjoyment and control. Acer Predator Orion 9000 Series is designed to intimidate enemies and inspire game play, the commanding aesthetics of the Predator Orion 9000 feature a black- a n d - s i l v e r spacecraft-like exterior customizable RGB along the sides of the front bezel. visibility predictive equipped devices. Commenting on this, Vivian Singh, President & CEO, Technology Pvt. Ltd, said, “USB-C is the future and will feature on almost every phone.” Almost all the latest smartphones like Samsung S8, Samsung S8 plus, OnePlus 5, Xiaomi Mi 6, Google Pixel and Pixel XL, LG G6, Samsung Galaxy A7, A5 and A3 have Type-C port and are taking over conventional port. can Strontium improve series market applications, with for lighting 16 September 2017

  17. 17 September 2017

  18. ON THE RAMP Barracuda unveils AI Solution B availability of Barracuda Sentinel, a comprehensive AI solution for real-time spear phishing and cyber fraud defense. Barracuda Sentinel is delivered as a cloud service and utilizes artificial intelligence protect people, businesses and brands from spear phishing, impersonation attempts, business email compromise (BEC) and cyber fraud. Barracuda combines three powerful layers of intelligence domain fraud and anti-fraud training,. It directly connects to communication platforms, such as Office 365, which allows immediate access to current and historical data. Epson launches L1455 Inktank printer E A3 size multifunctional InkTank printer – L1455 priced at Rs.70,899 in India. L1455 has been specially designed for use and for convenience productivity. It prints larger and clearer documents, spreadsheets, and charts to bring out maximum detail and clarity at A3+ size. The printer also supports copying and faxing. The L1455 offers PC- less operations via a 4.3” colour touchscreen LCD, media card slots and includes USB ports for flash drives. The printer also comes equipped with a full suite of connectivity features that includes Ethernet, Wi- Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and USB 2.0. It enables the user to print directly from the phone through the printer’s wireless connectivity. Ricoh launches a series of B&W MFPs R multifunctional series – Ricoh MP2555SP/ MP3055SP/ MP3555SP/ MP4055SP/ MP5055SP/ MP6055SP. Equipped with powerful features that are easy to use, these models support quick, accurate and reliable sharing of high-quality documents, simplifies complex office workflows, thus improving user efficiency. Yuki Uchida, VP & CMO, Ricoh India Ltd, said, “With a vision to bring brilliant automation tools to our customers, we have launched this new series of Juniper Networks launches Contrail Security to protect applications J Juniper Contrail Security, a new security and micro segmentation solution which has been specifically designed to enable enterprises and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud providers to protect applications running in multiple cloud environments. It enables an innovative response to the heightened risk brought about by today’s cloud workloads and applications. Practitioners will have visibility and control with simplified operations driven by consistent, intent-driven icoh launched India has uniper has Networks introduced security seamlessly interoperate with existing security controls and virtual environments. With Contrail Security, Juniper Networks is transforming the way enterprises and SaaS cloud providers protect, manage and monitor their cloud-native in heterogeneous environments. Contrail Security enterprises diminish risk to applications running in any cloud environment by enabling application traffic discovery with dynamic enforcement to stop the spread of inside threats through: policies that a arracuda Networks has announced the printer applications to Juniper helps printers that is a complete solution. These innovative devices leverage Ricoh’s advanced Work Innovation Technology to not only simplify complex office tasks customize the overall user experience." style automated but also Sentinel policy artificial technology, visibility, Polycom launches Polycom Pano to share content seamlessly at work P Pano, the easiest way to share content at work, regardless of location or device. Polycom Pano allows up to four people in the same meeting room to simultaneously share, contrast, and compare content side by side, from any device, without the hassle of juggling cables, pucks or dongles. Instead, users can share ideas and visuals of all types – such as videos, live interface, VMware launches new version of VMware Fusion 10 V versions of VMware Fusion solutions and the 10th anniversary of delivering enterprise-quality Windows virtualization on Mac. VMware Fusion 10 Pro, designed for technical professionals that want to build, test and demonstrate Mac, Windows and Linux applications on a Mac, will include advanced capabilities that continue to evolve the solution to support olycom launched Polycom has images, documents, and presentations the added benefit of interactive annotation and white boarding features, not seen in other wireless content-sharing solutions. Polycom Pano simply connects to any display and enables wireless content- sharing from PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, and even live video. It is the latest solution in Polycom’s portfolio of intelligent collaboration solutions. Microsoft – with Mware announced has new technical professionals and developers. “VMware proven track over the last 10 years of delivering in VMware Fusion for the ultimate on Mac experience,” said Dave Grant, VP - Product Marketing, Computing, “Fusion has evolved to become increasingly capable for IT professionals." has a record innovations Windows pson introduced its first has End-User VMware. corporate engineered Xerox Trivor 2400 to be an innovation in inkjet production X launch of Xerox Trivor 2400 High Fusion Inkjet Press that produces high- quality results direct to Fujitsu introduces Mainframe Managed Services Portfolio F designed to ensure that organizations can keep their mainframes running long into the future. Fujitsu Mainframe Managed Services deliver significant choice and flexibility via a modular portfolio of services, methodologies, expertise and solutions to support mainframes, including Fujitsu BS2000 and VME, plus IBM z Systems. With this, the company has also established an Enterprise Platform Services (EPS) Academy, helping to ensure and erox India has announced expand their inkjet media range to produce cost- effective, personalized jobs such as direct mail, catalogues, magazines and colour ujitsu has launched new diagrams the services higher-value future career opportunities for mainframe and data center technologies. This aims to maintain and develop essential skills, passing on expertise to a new generation of experts who will be able to keep mainframe systems up and running long into the future. The lineup of Mainframe Managed Services is available directly from Fujitsu. Pricing varies according to provided. expertise and offset coated paper on the Trivor 2400, removing the need for intermediate coating processes, primers or added hardware. The Trivor High Fusion Inkjet Press allows print providers to books. High Fusion Ink is specially formulated to optimize printing and drying on offset coated media, including matte, silk and glass stock from 60 to 250 gsm, up to 250 feet per minute. 2400 services 18 September 2017

  19. 19 September 2017

  20. VOICE-N-DATA COAI to form 5G India Forum T for use and deployment of 5G technology, COAI has announced the formation of the “5G India Forum”. The Forum aims to bring together the voices of Telecommunications, Mobility & Connectivity ecosystem in order to become the force in the development of next- communications. Rajan S. Director General, COAI, stated, “The 5G India Forum will serve as a strategic national initiative which will address key concerns of all stakeholders, seek inputs from private, public, small and large companies, to meet the challenge of making 5G a reality in India, at globally timelines synergising with the world.” ERICSSON introduces new 5G offering E radio product, AIR 3246, for Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output (Massive MIMO). AIR 3246 is a complement to Ericsson’s global 5G radio offering and sports both 4G/ LTE and 5G NR (New Radio) technologies and is Ericsson’s first 5G NR radio for frequency division duplex (FDD). According company, this will enable operators – especially in metropolitan areas – to bring 5G to subscribers using today’s mid-band spectrum and boost capacity in their LTE networks. Ericsson’s 5G Platform three previously launched time division (TDD) radios capable of supporting 5G and Massive MIMO, as well as core, transport, digital support and security elements. TP-LINK makes Deco M5 available T availability of Deco M5 Whole-Home Wi- Fi Systems. It is a mesh networking solution that provides seamless wireless internet coverage and comprehensive security via TP-Link HomeCare. With built-in antivirus and malware protection powered by Trend Micro, Deco M5 provides a truly secure whole-home Wi-Fi system. Currently available as a three-unit multi-pack, Deco M5 Whole-Home Wi-Fi systems may be purchased from leading entertainment and lifestyle Netgear brings two dual-band Wi-Fi Routers for home N and R6120, two fast Dual Band AC1000 and AC1200 Wi-Fi routers for home that deliver Wi-Fi speeds up to 700 mbps and 900 mbps, respectively. “To take advantage of higher broadband bandwidth being offered by telecom service providers and to support newer generation AC devices, home users must upgrade their Wi- Fi routers to dual band technology without burning a hole in their pocket,” said Marthesh Nagendra, Country Manager, India and P-Link announced has the o India’s strengthen position ETGEAR introduced R6080 has SAARC, NETGEAR. “The brand-new routers from NETGEAR pack a 3-in-1 bonanza for home users, retailer, HSN and other retailers online and in stores. Deco M5 offer an impressive line- up of built-in security features. It provides exploit and malware protection, powered by Trend Micro, along with an SPI firewall, device access control and secure remote control of the network via the TP- Link Deco mobile app. different Indian systems the leading generation Mathews, combining price and value in one attractive solution,” added. performance, Indus Towers enhances efficiencies with Oracle Taleo Cloud Services I deployment of Oracle Taleo Cloud Services to streamline its recruiting processes for faster recruitment and better collaboration in the cloud. The Oracle Taleo Cloud Service enables Indus Towers to identify and recruit top talent to fill specific telecom industry needs and delivers insights to continuously improve talent acquisition efficiency and effectiveness. “We are extremely he Telenor India and Huawei conduct trials of Lean-BCCH technology T Telecommunications India have announced successful trials and tests of revolutionary Lean BCCH solutions in India. A technology standard designed to address spectrum scarcity and broaden the future of NB- IoT ecosystem, Lean BCCH can enable Telenor India to offer affordable mobile broadband (MBB) services to customers without any ndus has Towers announced proud to partner with Indus Towers in their journey towards excellence. confident that with Oracle Taleo, Indus Towers will not only be able to increase the overall efficiency of the employees but also ensure that they are connected on a real-time basis. Oracle aims at fuelling Indus Towers’ business objectives in an efficient and effective manner,” said Singla, Sales HCM, Oracle India. technological We are elenor and India Huawei additional investment. The observation reveals that spectrum efficiency improved up to 30% after LEAN BCCH trial and the GSM KPIs are comparable even after re-farming of 1.4MHz spectrum out of 5MHz. The solution is supported by advanced technologies and features which helped to control interference and ensured the best utilization of frequency channels GSM. competitive ricsson introduced a new has Shailesh Director, Ixia Launches IxLoad-Wireless Test Solution for Cellular IoT I high-performance Long- Term Evolution (LTE) test solution for cellular IoT- enhanced Machine-Type Communication (eMTC) and N a r r o w b a n d IoT (NB-IoT) technologies. These technologies are new Third-Generation Partnership Project (3GPP)-defined and will help manage the density expected with IoT and lay the foundation for 5G. Cellular IoT provides wireless communications for devices and applications that need low-power and wide-range communication in AXILSPOT launches series of Managed and Unmanaged Switches A comprehensive series of managed and unmanaged switches comprising of 11 cutting- edge switch s o l u t i o n s, offering 5 to 48 ports for varied requirements of enterprises. The industry-leading switches are scalable, secure and feature rich, designed for high-performance and enterprise-class network xia has announced IxLoad-Wireless, connectivity, have transmission. A low volume of such devices would have a minimal impact on today’s LTE networks. However, and data a infrequent connectivity. The launched series includes – in small Business- Unmanaged Switches the products are ASP-UG4, ASP-UG8, and ASP-UG24. In Edge XILSPOT rolled out new has to the launch ASP-UG16 includes according to Ericsson’s Internet of Things Forecast, 70 per cent of wide-area IoT devices will use cellular technology in 2022, and the number of cellular IoT devices will surpass mobile phones in 2018. duplex Switches, launched are AS-MG8, ASP-MG8, AS-MG24, AS-MG24-L3 and AS-MT48-L3. the products ASP-MG16, 20 September 2017

  21. 21 September 2017

  22. CHANNEL BUZZ Canon India flags off its roadshow SPARKLE C operations in India, and has commenced a 50-city roadshow, themed “SPARKLE”. This showcase is conceptualized for and dedicated to the resellers supporting the Consumer System Products outreach in the country. Dassault Systèmes launches “3DEXPERIENCE on WHEELS” Roadshow for SMEs D of its upcountry roadshow – 3DEXPERIENCE on WHEELS to connect to manufacturing hubs in South and West India. anon India is celebrating 20 successful years of on ground would ensure answering all queries to amplify the company’s relentless commitment towards its target audience. This one-of-its kind series of roadshows will also help consolidate Canon’s footprint across regions in the country as a digital imaging leader, offering one stop printing solutions. assault announced the launch Systèmes has and companies. The demonstrations capture two overall themes – “From Design to Manufacturing” capturing aspects of product design on CATIA, industrial manufacturing The 3DEXPERIENCE on WHEELS, a mobile lounge with 3DEXPERIENCE demonstrations will tour the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra connecting the manufacturing hubs. The campaign was flagged off in Chennai by Samson Khaou, Dassault Systèmes, and Prasanta Kr Das, Vice-President, Value Solutions, Dassault India. Over a span of 90 days, the 3DEXPERIENCE on WHEELS will cover 10+ districts in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra, which are the key hubs of automotive, aerospace, defence product simulation on SIMULIA and manufacturing processes on DELMIA alongside Systèmes Industry Experiences. “Inspiring Horizons” captures demonstrations on new technologies like Cloud and Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing). Fourth Dimension Solutions (FDS) has partnered with Dassault Systèmes to provide System Integration services for the latter’s portfolio of applications and industry solution based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform in the Indian Subcontinent market. platform Dassault Solution New Complementing “SPARKLE”, this initiative is focussed towards making every moment a sparkling celebration for its partners and customers. Consumer System Products division, under its Inkjet and Laser portfolios, offers a range of printing products and solutions, designed to address the requirements of varied segments including Home, SOHO, SME’s, Enterprise and Government. Along with live demonstrations, skilled team of engineers present its theme C. Sukumaran, Assistant Director, CSP Division, Canon India Pvt. Ltd, said, “Building on our 20 successful years of experience in India. We, at Canon, take immense pride in being an end-to-end solutions provider, our relationship with our customers begins way before the product is purchased and continues for lifetime. This journey would not have become a strong milestone, without the support of our dedicated distribution network." MD, India, Systèmes, experiences Fortinet organizes partner meet in Kolkata F partners in Kolkata to showcase the company’s Security Fabric with its intentionally designed integration beginning with a unified operating system, highly optimized hardware and software processing, unmatched zero-day discovery, and a detection approach that combines behavioural detection, machine learning, and hardware virtualization. While isolated point products leave gaps in security and limit network visibility, Fabric-based security architecture is designed to communicate between all deployed securities devices in real time, allowing them to dynamically share and correlate threat data and automatically respond to threats occurring anywhere across the distributed network. It ensures comprehensive security protection and automation, without slowing down users who need access to their data, or development teams producing new software features. how partners and customers look ortinet has organized a two-day conference for This makes the Security Fabric the ideal security solution to facilitate customers’ digital transformation. The Fortinet Security Fabric goes beyond what’s possible with a traditional signature-based approach to threat protection, or with siloed security technologies that vendors have begun to superficially stitch together using an overlay platform approach. Speaking at the conference, Navin Mehra, Regional Director, West, East and Central India, Fortinet, said, “The Fortinet Security Fabric and the Fabric- Ready Partner program are really resonating with our partners and we have been receiving very positive feedback from both our partners and their customers on a daily basis. They feel that this new integrated technology approach allows partners to really give their customers a better experience. The Security Fabric has truly begun to drive long-needed innovation in network security, and is redefining at network security.” Channel partners, extending the functionality and intelligence of the Fortinet Security Fabric vision with an open and cooperative ecosystem of partner solutions can more easily: · Bundle, sell, and deploy solution sets without the burden of significant costs and resources usually required for validating technology integration delivering multi-product, multi- vendor solutions to customers. · Provide customers with solutions that have faster time-to- deployment coupled with reduced operational expenses and technical support costs. At the conference, partners learned to help customers undergo changes, such as cloud adoption, increased data collection, and IoT adoption and assess how these developments will impact their cybersecurity strategy, and deploy a security architecture to ensure consistent, end-to-end protection. when 22 September 2017

  23. 23 September 2017

  24. 24 September 2017

  25. Windows 10 Pro means business. “PACKS PLENTY OF OOMPH” - LAPTOP Forged from carbon fiber the ThinkPad X1 Carbon is incredibly thin and immensely powerful. ® Call us at 1800 3000 9990 or e-mail us at © Lenovo 2017. All rights reserved. Lenovo, the Lenovo logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Lenovo. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries or both. 19 June 2017

  26. ????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????? ?????? ???????? ???? ????? ??? ???? ??????? ???? ????????? ???? ?????? ???????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????? 26 September 2017

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  28. CMO SPECIAL NVIDIA continues to push the curve for developing world-class products Vishal Dhupar Managing Director – South Asia, NVIDIA When NVIDIA invented the GPU in 1999, it caused a paradigm shift in the computer industry. To help developers learn what was possible in an emerging new world of gaming, NVIDIA taught them how to build products to maximize the technology and make games more compelling for users. The GPU had been on the market for only a few years when research scientists began exploring a non-visual use for its powerful programming elements - executing complex computational tasks. To support these efforts, NVIDIA released in 2006 CUDA, a parallel computing platform and programming model that enables dramatic increases in computing performance and significantly expands the industries that can benefit from using this technology. “In our offices around the world, NVIDIA’s multilevel support for developers is integral to our day-to-day business. We provide them with diverse resources, including courses in parallel programming; enhancement tools for debugging, performance and testing; access to highly skilled engineers and specialists who provide custom services and co-design industry-specific applications; and financial support in the case of university researchers in various scientific disciplines. Additionally, we have established robust mechanisms for communicating with, and facilitating interaction among, developers through targeted discussion forums and conferences. We have learned from two decades in the business the importance of listening closely to what developers want and need. Our world-class designers continually work ahead of the curve to develop products that will contribute to customers’ success and push new standards of creativity, usability and sustainability,” cites Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director – South Asia, NVIDIA. The video game market revenues touched $99.6 billion in 2016, and NVIDIA GPUs are vital in helping to underpin its success. Its support for game developers includes code samples and utilities, best practices, support for its 3D Vision technology, tools to create physics effects, rendering enhancement for PCs, and an authoring framework that allows artists to create high-level, dynamic systems without any programming. NVIDIA also work directly with game companies to help them optimize the power of their GPUs. The NVIDIA Partner Network brings together all those who collaborate to inspire and delight customers with world-class visual computing solutions. Together with its partners NVIDIA works through the end customers to tackle the most challenging problems — from cancer research to quantum physics — and allows millions of gamers to immerse themselves in hyper-realistic virtual worlds. SAS analytics solution tries to deliver tremendous value to customers Kunal Aman Head of Marketing - SAS Institute India In today’s age of the ‘always on’ customer, CMOs need to be comfortable in operating in a data-driven, customer- centric, multichannel world. If CMOs want to be successful in their role, they have to evolve from being custodians of the brand to being true business partners in driving growth. One of the key reasons of success as a marketing function at SAS is its absolute alignment to business goals and revenue metrics. “As marketers today, we have access to unprecedented amounts of data and at SAS, we have been relentless in our efforts to foster a data-driven culture that relies on analysis to develop, execute & measure our initiatives. By leveraging the capabilities of various SAS analytical tools, we have effectively transformed ourselves to be in a strong position to strike a balance between art and science, and are able to provide insightful direction and attribute marketing investments to business success. Also within marketing, we give each other the permission to fail. We have to take risks if we are going to stand out in the market – there is no way around it. So my job today, is to create the right environment for people to experiment as opposed to an environment that knows exactly what it’s doing because it’s been tried before,” says Kunal Aman, Head of Marketing - SAS Institute India. SAS reinvests more than 25% of its annual revenue in R&D for fostering innovation and staying ahead of the curve. That’s the reason SAS has been able to come up with innovations such as SAS Viya, an open, cloud-ready analytics platform, which was cited in The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Insight Platform Suites, Q4 2016, in which SAS was named as the only leader. Even in the space of the much talked about Machine Learning Solutions, SAS earned the highest scores in a recent analyst report across all three categories - current offering, strategy and market presence. “In this connected world, I don’t believe organizations can survive, much less transform without the right partnerships and solution providers. Who and how many you end up selecting to partner in your journey may depend upon your specific business priorities but each partner will probably bring in something unique which is critical to the success of the transformation journey. A trusted partner will possess a strong understanding of your industry, breadth and depth of products/ services, a keen ability to marry a digital solution to your business problem & a track record of innovation. Working together with the right partner can help enterprises execute on a digital transformation strategy faster and at lower cost while giving them a competitive advantage,” sums up Kunal. 28 September 2017

  29. 29 September 2017

  30. CMO SPECIAL LG strives to become the most preferred brand for Indian customers Amit Gujral Chief Marketing Officer - LG Electronics India 2017 is a milestone for LG Electronics in India. It marks the celebration of its 20th anniversary in the country. LG has always stuck the right chords with the Indian consumers and taken unique steps to make their aspirations a reality. “Today our consumers don’t recall us just as a brand, but as a trusted partner that has been an integral part of making their lives better. We emerged as the ‘most-attractive’ brand as per the TRA Research, which is based on brand trust and brand attractiveness. As a brand, LG has not just sold products, but the dream of a better and more convenient lifestyle to the Indian consumers. Our consumer-centric offerings cater to the consumers’ needs and preferences well and heart touching CSR initiatives for societal betterment has been the success mantra for LG. Some of LG’s noble achievements in the recent past have set the brand a leap ahead of the others,” says Amit Gujral, Chief Marketing Officer - LG Electronics India. LG created a Guinness World Records feat for its #KarSalaam initiative which was launched at the start of the year. The initiative involved the whole nation to come forward and send in their good wishes for the Indian Armed Forces for their undying spirit of bravery and service to the nation. It also included a donation of 1 crore INR to the CRPF Welfare Fund. With this campaign, LG broke the Guinness World Records by getting more than 150,000 unique handwritten messages from the Indian citizens. Another noteworthy initiative from LG this year was rolling out of the noble ‘’Hunger Free India’’ campaign. This campaign aims to create awareness amongst individuals, businesses and organizations towards fighting the issues of hunger and food wastage in India. The campaign aims to change the basic thought of how food generally is disposed off without a second thought. LG consumers will now pledge to preserve food and ensure that it reaches the hunger-stricken. Besides these initiatives, LG is a pioneer in bringing new technologies and constantly supporting all the efforts that are revolutionary in their approach. It is working on aligning its systems with the latest developments, to bring an improved system of buying for its consumers. Lenovo makes use of data and analysis to enhance customer experience Bhaskar Choudhuri Director- Marketing, Lenovo India Data empowers marketers and gives organizations power during pointy business discussions. “In my view, the most successful marketers are those who know the value of analytics. This goes far beyond measuring return on investment, share of voice, reach, engagement, market share or market growth – although all of these remain important. Our success mantra has been to increase our customer knowledge over the last one year, in the SMB segment. Many organisations pursue greater customer- centricity. Certainly, at Lenovo we see this as a high priority,” says Bhaskar Choudhuri, Director- Marketing, Lenovo India. Due to its focus on building customer information and reaching out to customers with a dedicated telemarketing engine, Lenovo gained a 5.5% YTY share in the SMB Segment in CY 2016-17 in India (as per IDC Shipment report). An example of Lenovo moving to customer centricity is its own voice of the customer (VOC) project in India (and in Japan), in which it analyses customer comments in social media channels and forums, and share the insights with its customer engagement and product development teams. “Every month this means we have around 700,000 customers giving insight on how to make our products and services better,” asserts Bhaskar. In a Forester paper commissioned by Lenovo and SAP in January 2016, on average 70% of data within companies goes unused. Organization must continuously watch and listen to their customers and prospects. That means both data and analysis drive the definition of the customer engagement experience. “It applies to your products and services, the way you engage with your customers, and in the way those who talk to customers interact with them (from the CEO through to the customer care technician). Listening for opportunities to discover how customers experience the same from your competitors, or new entrants coming to market, are valuable in reviewing your own approach,” he sums up. 30 September 2017

  31. 31 September 2017

  32. CMO SPECIAL A strong marketing mix determines the maximum return on investments for Dell Srihari Palangala, Director, Marketing, India - Dell EMC The success mantra of Dell EMC in 2016-17 has been hinged around 4 key pillars - • A strong and experienced team with a positive and open attitude - The people at Dell EMC are its greatest strength in terms of delivering value to customers and partners in this environment • Ability to look beyond traditional business horizons and drive marketing innovation – this includes the company’s powerful messages, innovative marketing vehicles and a high-performing marketing mix • Marketing by numbers – anchoring its marketing programs to drive on strong business outcomes and keeping every element of a campaign (segmentation, targeting, outcomes) fully measureable and accountable • Distilling its vast product portfolio into messages - these messages can be easily consumed and absorbed by its target segments combined with making its messages easy and customer-centric “Our campaigns start with looking at any situation with the customer-first lens. Listening and understanding the customer helps us tailor, target and personalize our message. It is also important to drive the sense of agility in everything because digital and its impact on businesses in India today is immense and every business is rapidly transforming today. This diligence on every campaign around “what we say”, “whom we say it to” and “how we say it” – determines our messaging, targeting and marketing vehicle mix. Our choice of the marketing vehicle mix is geared towards driving superior efficiency which enables maximum returns for our investment in terms of both dollars and resource time,” says Srihari Palangala, Director, Marketing, India - Dell EMC. Dell Technologies has a vast portfolio of products and services across the three pillars of IT, workforce and security transformation for organizations. While the portfolio is vast, it is important that it be complemented adequately with partners for a holistic outcome for its customers. These partners deepen geographic and vertical reach, integrated services, customer fulfilment, and technology capabilities offered to customers. Dell EMC also has a powerful partner program that has been widely accepted and welcomed by partners across India. This combination has helped its reach across the country – as new pockets of growth emerge among tier-2, tier-3 markets beyond cities. Kingston considers understanding his audience as its key trait Vishal Parekh Marketing Director, Kingston Technology & HyperX – India Kingston has transformed from being a small garage store in 1987 to become a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. The 30 Year journey has been rather exciting as it expanded its portfolio, initially with Flash based products like USBs, and eventually positioned itself successfully as a lifestyle technology brand. Being the forerunners in the industry and having invested in upcoming technologies, Kingston has built audience interest for its product categories. It has designed promotion and educative campaigns for various segments of the market, which helps them make sense of the new age technology and understand the prowess that Kingston and HyperX bring to the board rooms and market. “Our success mantra could largely be attributed to delivering a best-in-class quality proposition to the customers at a value price,” cites Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, Kingston Technology & HyperX – India. “This includes not compromising on After sales services. We have been successful in transforming our challenges into healthy relations tailoring sales and marketing strategies and a healthy communication model defined by the audience. The success has been possible majorly with the team efforts and internal collaborative strategies which led us to be creative and innovate more ways to bring value to our consumers and partners. We are elated and extremely proud to be part of one of the rare success brand stories in the world.” For Kingston, understanding the Indian Market and requirements is its key trait. “We were the pioneers of the DDR4 technology at a time when the industry was adamant on the older DDR3, again invested in the SSD business when others found it infeasible. Being with Kingston for over 10 years, one thing is clear that the brand works the smart way and this itself gives it an edge,” says Vishal. Listening to audiences and most importantly to the Channel partners, Media, Corporates, Alliances, and end users to create a stronger product and brand name has been very instrumental in taking the brand to where it is today. Vishal personally has been able to break the traits of the growth in four distinct areas – expertise, leadership, business and personality that has helped Kingston achieve new heights. In other words, Kingston has been a partner for quite a lot of enterprises and brands to help them make valuable decisions and improve the business productivity. It has helped businesses become digitally mature to improve organizational agility and customer experience. With Kingston’s knowledge and expertise, businesses can manage a smooth transition and become future proof. 32 September 2017

  33. 33 September 2017

  34. CMO SPECIAL Acer strives to deliver customer experience by simplifying technology to them Chandrahas Panigrahi CMO and Consumer Business Head - Acer India A great marketer knows that his job doesn’t end at just acquiring customers. CMOs need to do give an engaging brand experience right from purchase to after sales and even though some of these departments do not fall under CMOs direct purview it is critical that brand experience is consistent and delightful. Great CMOs are a sales man, a brand evangelist, a communication expert and of course a great leader. As the CMO and Head of the Consumer Business at Acer, Chandrahas Panigrahi has been successful in positioning the Acer brand as the fastest growing PC brand. Recently it has opened an exclusive store in Tripura that shows its commitment to deliver brand experience to consumers across the country with full assortment of products. “At Acer our philosophy of breaking barriers between people and technology drives us to offer a brand experience where we ensure great technology reaches to a wide variety of consumers backed by award winning customer support system. 2016-17 saw Acer being crowned with various awards both in India and globally, notably the Golden Peacock Award, Brand Excellence award and Retail award. This has come on the back of some record breaking launches like the Swift 7, Predator gaming laptops to name a few,” states Chandrahas Panigrahi, CMO and Consumer Business Head - Acer India. Talking about digitization, Chandrahas says that the country will definitely evolve with the advent of new innovations in both hardware and software space. “The IT landscape has been constantly evolving and changing; many new trends are expected to emerge and some of them will definitely go a long way in improving the lives of users around the country. Digital transformation is a true change agent and with right partners companies can really scale up their business. New technologies and data analytics opens up perspectives and opportunities which businesses can exploit. Having said that with more critical data moving online security should be a paramount infrastructure which if companies ignore will be at their peril. Every day we see new threats coming through internet and both government and companies should have the foresight to ensure data is protected at any cost from malicious agents,” says Chandrahas. Everything you need to know to stop ransomware. Symantec provides security technologies built for the cloud-based environment Ganesan Arumugam Director - Partner & Commercial Sales, India, Symantec We are living in the cloud generation powered by a fundamental shift in the way enterprises, employees and customers use technology - a time when critical data, applications and infrastructure are shifting from “behind the firewall” to “running on the cloud. Cloud security therefore, has emerged as one of the key priority as it continues to challenge CIOs. The proven CryptoGuard capabilities in Sophos Intercept X block ransomware as soon as it starts trying to encrypt your files, returning data to its original state: In fact, according to Symantec’s ISTR vol. 22, CIOs have lost track of how many cloud apps are used inside their organizations. When asked, most assume their organizations use up to 40 cloud apps when in reality the number nears 1,000,” points out Ganesan Arumugam, Director • Protects endpoints from ransomware attacks - Partner & Commercial Sales, India, Symantec. • Automatically rolls back encrypted file changes with no loss of data As Indian enterprises embrace cloud applications and infrastructure, they require security technologies built for this new cloud-based environment to gain the upper hand on adversaries. • Stops both local and remote file encryption Symantec is enabling this transition to the cloud generation through stronger protection, greater visibility and better control of critical assets, users and data. For more details visit Tel: +91 79 66216838 Email: “Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense Platform unifies cloud and on-premises security to protect users, information, messaging and the web, powered by unparalleled threat intelligence. The Integrated Cyber Defense Platform includes the industry’s most comprehensive cloud security solutions to govern access, protect information, defend against advanced threats and protect workloads as they move to the cloud,” says Ganesan. 34 September 2017

  35. Everything you need to know to stop ransomware. Stop Ransomware Now Sophos InterceptX is proven to stop ransomware in its track by blocking unauthorized encryption of files. Know Your Enemy Ransomware is a $1 billion dollar business that often evades traditional anti-malware. Stop Ransomware with Sophos Intercept X The proven CryptoGuard capabilities in Sophos Intercept X block ransomware as soon as it starts trying to encrypt your files, returning data to its original state: • Protects endpoints from ransomware attacks • Automatically rolls back encrypted file changes with no loss of data • Stops both local and remote file encryption For more details visit Tel: +91 79 66216838 Email: 35 September 2017

  36. CMO SPECIAL Moving its customers safely to the digital space is the main focus for Fujitsu Santhosh NS Head of Marketing & Communications - Fujitsu Fujitsu had its share of achievements during the year 2-16-17 and success has been mainly due to following reasons - • Fujitsu aligned closely with sales team, as it believes that most of the marketing strategy will not be successful if this is not supported by sales team. Moreover they are people who often visit customers and their input is very much necessary to make any marketing engaging a success. • Last year, Fujitsu India saw almost 3.5 lakhs impressions on its Social media channels. • Though Fujitsu does not spend large on marketing, but this in a way is very advantage as it needs to keep innovating and generate maximum interests with minimum investment. It has its partners in most of the go to Market strategy and aligns with Intel, Microsoft, SAP and others in most of its marketing activities. • Fujitsu is constantly building customer reference stories which are public, available on website and Social media channels. Besides, its sales, pre-sales and after service are working hard to have satisfied customer. “We are today living in a hyper-connected world. It is very much necessary to find out what is our strength and focus more on it. We have been more focusing on promoting our services like business Application Services and Managed Infrastructure services along with our solutions. We did have our share of gaining leadership in specific area - like we are growing our HPC installation across countries YoY. Currently we are more than 175+ HPC Customers across country; SAP India has awarded Fujitsu India as Partner of the Year for our Non-Metro Business and have mentioned that the main reason for us to win this award was that our understanding of customer's behaviour in non-metros,” reiterates Santhosh NS, Head of Marketing & Communications – Fujitsu. In a recent survey commissioned by Fujitsu, it is found that more than 50% of CIOs believe their organisations will not exist in their current form in five years’ time. Security has never been more important. Organisations and their data are at risk from cyber threats that change daily. The average cost of data breach stands at $3.5M and in a third of cases lead to 8 hours of down time or more (Insurance Journal 2014). It takes 9 months to identify 60% of security threats. Cloudera helps customers gain valuable insights from the large volumes of data Mark Micallef Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan – Cloudera There has been a huge shift seen in organizations’ business strategies of late. Before, it was clear that businesses focused on enhancing the overall customer experience and most organizations moved to engage big data and analytics to derive deeper insights. But today with the sophistication of cyber threats and increasingly complex data privacy laws and regulations, business leaders must be tackling these challenges head-on to stay ahead in today’s competitive economy. “We believe that we are now in the sixth wave of automation – the automation of decisions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will take center stage in the year ahead and enable businesses to automate processes and drive information-driven decision making in a more scalable way,” says Mark Micallef, Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan – Cloudera. “Cloudera aims to deliver an end-to-end scalable big data solution built on an Open Source platform targeting several industries to enhance customer insights, detect cyber threats and anomalies, maintain compliance with the latest industry regulations and to accelerate business technology roadmaps.” Cloudera’s mission from the very beginning was to help companies quickly and easily gain value from their rising volumes of data and to do things that weren’t possible before. To accomplish this, Cloudera has focused on building a strong partnership network in the region so that its solutions can reach a wider customer base and benefit more people. Recently, it announced a partnership with Tech Data in ASEAN to offer an end-to-end, ready-to-use solution to drive turnkey Smart City and IoT projects across ASEAN. Other solution providers like Qlik, Talend, StreamSets, Securonix and Informatica are built on top of the Cloudera platform, making it easier and faster for customers to solve their business problems. “We also believe in continually deepening relationships with customers that have entrusted us to help derive value out of their data. In India, we have enabled organizations like Airtel, NxtGen and YES Bank to develop customized campaigns for consumers and manage data, collect and manage growing volumes of data in one centralized, secure and fully governed platform,” says Mark. As an Open Source company, education, upskilling, and knowledge sharing have always been part of the Cloudera ethos. Since 2016, Cloudera has launched BASE (Big Data Skills Enablement), an industry-led ecosystem that is designed to groom a future workforce of data professionals. 36 September 2017

  37. 37 September 2017

  38. CMO SPECIAL The ‘channel first’ strategy has helped Sophos to grow faster than its contemporaries Sunil Sharma Managing Director – sales for India & SAARC, Sophos Sophos has grown both its network and its endpoint business faster than the market growth during fiscal year FY17, ended March 31st 2017. It has done this by remaining steadfast to its “channel first” commitment to build products and programs that drives business for its partners. Sophos now has a channel ecosystem of more than 30,000 partners worldwide. In addition, Sophos has continued to innovate to provide customers with next-generation endpoint and firewall protection that is required to protect against today’s sophisticated threats. “The channel has a critical role to play in helping Indian businesses through digital transformation. To add real value, partners will need to act as a trusted advisor, understanding the unique challenges and threats of each organization. It is imperative for them to drive innovation that delivers customer needs, learn from feedback and always strive for excellence. In addition, with today’s global economy it is important that as trusted advisors, they understand the regulations that govern data protection for citizens in any country that their client might operate – such as GDPR which governs data protection for citizens in the European Union,” says Sunil Sharma, Managing Director – sales for India & SAARC, Sophos. IT security in India has evolved as the most sought after discussion in the industry and until recently there have been several triggers to it. Last year Sophos Labs analysed the attacks that happened all over the world and predicted some of the threat trends - · Financial infrastructure at greater risk of attack - The use of targeted phishing and "whaling" continues to grow. These attacks use detailed information about company executives to trick employees into paying fraudsters or compromising accounts. Experts expect attacks on critical financial infrastructure to continue in 2017. · Destructive DDoS IOT attacks - Cybercriminals will find it easy to extend their reach because there are so many IoT devices containing outdated code based on poorly-maintained operating systems and applications with well-known vulnerabilities · Shift from exploitation to targeted social attacks - Cybercriminals are getting better at exploiting the ultimate vulnerability - humans. Ever more sophisticated and convincing targeted attacks seek to coax users into compromising themselves. Marketing continues to strengthen Vertiv’s new brand positioning Dipti Singh Head – Marketing & Communications - Emerson Network Power Today’s hyper-competitive business landscape is rapidly organising itself around the customer. More so because the internet and evolving distribution models have changed the way consumers discover, engage and relate to brands. What once depended less on data and more on psychology and creativity now relies on both. This is most exciting times for CMOs as they are experiencing a shift in the technology and are being as creative as they can. “Marketers are innovating with their strategies to approach new customers, engage with existing and potential customers and finally creating a brand perception to retain them. Our resolve to offer best in class customer service will only help us in creating better relationship with our customers,” states Dipti Singh, Head – Marketing & Communications - Emerson Network Power. She further continues, “At Vertiv, this year is the most promising year for us to get identified as the new independent entity from the Emerson umbrella. And now as challenges and demands grow, marketing continues to find better ways to help strengthen its brand positioning, recall, mindshare and image. Our portfolio spans power, thermal and infrastructure management products, software, services and this year Vertiv team could roll out events across these solutions. Being an integral part of the company, marketing served as the centrifugal force to drive more than 100 events in a span of 9 months from its launch on Dec 2nd 2016.” Marketing managers are typically responsible for the brand image today. Being inherited with strong views, they view the business holistically, working closely with other departments and ensuring that marketing activities are connected to wider company goals and objectives. The onus lies on them to ensure that every customer is attended with utmost priority providing the best solutions be it in-person interaction at events, digital platforms, press releases, advertising, ATL promotions, e-mail marketing, schemes, offers and many more. “We are witnessing an era of disruption, with technology progressing and evolving at a faster rate, organizations are taking initiatives to be on top of the game. With government announcing initiatives like providing 24x7 electricity by 2019 or moving towards a cashless economy has widened horizons for companies like Vertiv to be a part of rapidly emerging technologies. Even the need to increase storage capacity, big data generation, and the strategy of companies to expand by establishing local datacentres are propelling the demand for datacentres across the country,” concludes Dipti. 38 September 2017

  39. Designing tailor-made solutions for its customers has been the Mantra at CtrlS B S Rao VP – Marketing, CtrlS Datacenters Customers seek solutions for their challenges. Product and Services companies are expected to focus on building innovative solutions to address their pain points. CtrlS Datacenters achieved enviable growth fundamentally driven through innovative services and solutions and global expansion to address the needs of markets spread across the continents. “While customer acquisition is a key focus for every business entity, ensuring timely delivery of services (within the defined quality parameters) has been a key to our customer success, post- sales services support, pro-active and timely resolution of issues have led to a healthy NPS score reflecting high customer satisfaction reflecting their loyalty to us,” asserts B S Rao, VP – Marketing, CtrlS Datacenters. “The Mantra at CtrlS has been to design innovative solutions, customizing solutions to the help our customers overcome their business challenges – thus allowing them align technology and business in line with their organizational goals. Lastly, we ensure customer delight through automation and process driven post-sales support and strict adherence to committed SLAs. This has helped us achieve industry lowest customer Churn, 40% YoY revenue growth and an enviable EBITDA.” As a CMO, Rao’s role has been that of a ‘Change Agent’, focused on ‘Marketing Transformation’, working closely with the CEO/Board, crafting customized strategies focused on enabling growth, achieving company objectives (enhanced brand performance, brand awareness) in alignment with stakeholders – both internal (CEO, Board, LOBs etc) and external (Customers, Alliance Partners, Regulatory Agencies, Analysts etc) with a 360 degree engagement and 3C approach (Consult, Collaborate, Calibrate). Metrics based approach, leveraging marketing analytics for forecasting, optimizing, making informed decisions has helped the company maximize its success. CtrlS had to initially cope with multi-cultural, localization of messages, positioning, differentiation across Indian Ocean, South East Asia, APJ, Middle East, Americas and Europe by leveraging digital platforms, offline marketing tactics to make inroads into the minds of prospective customers through localized (customized) tactics and strategies. But with time everything started falling in place and the company is today positioned as Asia’s largest Tier-4 Datacenter company and the world’s 1st Tier-4 Cloud Player (Cloud4C) with Global Footprint across 17 countries (40 countries by 2019). Western Digital is driving the digitalization wave in the entertainment industry Kinny Nayyar Marketing Head - India & South Asia, Western Digital Corporation Western Digital believes that the customer is the king and brands that understand their customers’ needs will succeed. “For us, the India market is important and our investments in the country continue to be strong. We have a very strong R&D center based out of Bangalore. Our association with the media industry has given us a big impetus this year specifically in the Indian market. Last year we collaborated with Clean slate productions and Fox Star Studio for the movie, “Phillauri” and continued the association this year with Fox Star Studio for the Siddharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez starrer, A Gentleman – Sundar, Susheel, Risky. This has helped manifold the brand in increasing its penetration into a new segment of media and entertainment. Digitalization is away forward for this industry and the entertainment business has generally been a front-runner in adopting new technologies. Western Digital’s association with Fox Star studio is a long standing one and has led an innovation march in the entertainment business. Understanding these technologies and predicting the trends and sectors is critical for any business to grow and expand,” explains Kinny Nayyar, Marketing Head - India & South Asia, Western Digital Corporation. One primary focus for Western Digital now is on strengthening its team and creating a pillar to pillar strength in India to ensure that it has a very strong core built, thereby creating a robust value system for the customers. Kinny asserts that the role of CMO is changing day by day because of the evolving technology. They play a major role in acquiring customers today and contemporary marketing is getting redefined by the use of technology. From acquiring customers to giving them an unforgettable experience, technology has become a game changer and an enabler for ensuring better business practices. For CMOs today, listening to customers has become one of the key ingredients shaping their success in connecting brands with customers. “Marketers used to initially rely on the traditional marketing tools, however, customers today go through different stages of the buying process, enabling a stronger understanding of the customer which is more important than ever before. Today, brands are looking at innovative ways to engage with the customers so that they feel comfortable making the purchase whenever they are ready. As the customer market is becoming more complex, brands are struggling to simplify and survive. It is best to create a quality, personalized experience for each customer,” sums up Kinny. 39 September 2017

  40. CMO SPECIAL Trend Micro tries to be in sync with technology changes to address new threats Nilesh Jain Country Manager- (India and SAARC) - Trend Micro “Recently, there has been a surge in banking transactions across various digital platforms resulting in a lot of confidential data flow, an easy access for hackers looking at monetary gain or creating large scale disruption. As the country is moving towards digitisation and a cashless economy, the threat landscape is also rapidly evolving, especially across the financial and BFSI segment. Organisations and customers’ vulnerability to data and security breach in the new economy is expected to rise. From a business standpoint, there is a huge potential in the current market for global security experts like Trend Micro to address the challenges of enterprises,” opines Nilesh Jain, Country Manager- (India and SAARC) - Trend Micro. There is a whole new market for IOT (Internet of Things), which has created a new ecosystem and a new threat landscape. Trend Micro’s investments today are on the users’ side and on the deployment of cloud technology. Also, network functions are being virtualized. And so it feels that Trend Micro has to be in sync with the technology changes, as hackers can exploit the new threats and these include the main areas of research. From endpoint to gateway to data centre and the cloud, Trend Micro offers software and services that target the specific needs of enterprises. It offers solutions to meet the demands of small and big enterprises from various sectors. Cloud and networking are one of the key focus areas of Trend Micro. Recently, it invested in Next Gen Endpoint security, Breach Detection System, Endpoint Detection and Response, Security Information & Event Management and Identity & Access management. Its flagship product, Deep Security provides solutions secure software defined security network environment. The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, which powers its market-leading solutions, contributes to high customer satisfaction, which in turn generates opportunities for Trend Micro complementary solutions. Trend Micro delivers market-leading security solutions that address three important and expanding business opportunities - User Protection; Hybrid Cloud Security; Network Defense. “We have structured our channel strategy to deliver better solutions to enterprises; overall in India and APAC. We help the channels service their customers better, because in the end it helps us yield better results in business. Retaining customer in this volatile market is difficult, but we aim to achieve it by attending to our customer’s requirement proactively,” says Nilesh. NetApp concocts a success story around Flash Storage Parag Amalnerkar Marketing Leader, India & South Pacific – NetApp NetApp believes that “Intensity” is better than “Extensity” – which means instead of spreading resources over multiple messages, choose the best story and invest all resources in it. For NetApp, the best story is Flash (due to the most complete and differentiated portfolio in the industry) and it has duly invested in it. “We are the fastest growing flash vendor globally; growing faster than the market with over $1B of annualized revenue. In India too, we have frequently attained #1 position in terms of market share. Of course, it’s marketing that acts as the headlights of an organization and guides to what’s the next best bet towards success. For instance, all data suggested that All Flash will be in excess of 50% of the external storage market by CY2020.Therefore, since we had the obvious advantages of Flash in terms of power, cooling, density and reducing prices, it made sense for NetApp to bat on the front foot and move the battle away from legacy leaders; to fight with this new approach. The results speak for themselves. We are increasingly the predominant and preferred All Flash brand of choice in enterprises and our QoQ and YoY growth is amongst the highest in the market,” says Parag Amalnerkar, Marketing Leader, India & South Pacific – NetApp. On digital transformation, Parag cites that each enterprise must undergo digital transformation to remain competitive. To do so, they should first and foremost define milestones with clear KPI’s supported by adequate market expertise to help outline and measure these goals. Secondly, the enterprises need to focus on the best of both technology and talent – a convergence of in-house and partnership skills that will aid this journey. And last but not the least, this transformation has to be CEO led but driven by the CIO. 40 September 2017

  41. Digisol wants to see itself emerging as a ‘Made in India’ brand Mandar Joshi Head Channel Business - DIGISOL Systems One of the main focuses last year was to position DIGISOL as a major “Made in India” brand, giving importance to locally manufactured products. Today DIGISOL has emerged as a string 'Made In India' brand in the Indian Networking market which is today flooded with other foreign brands, especially Chinese that are slowly killing profitability in this space. “We want to establish ourselves as an Indian brand. We have technology and infrastructure to do that and that makes DIGISOL different from other brands. We wanted to make it a pull brand from a push brand and therefore, we wanted to make sure that our channel knows DIGISOL very well and they are confident to sell the products. We have seen good growth in wireless market after the massive marketing and promotion activities,” comments Mandar Joshi, Head Channel Business - DIGISOL Systems. As per IDC, 2016 report, Digisol is among the top four brands in wireless products for unit shipment. Last fiscal year was good for DIGISOL as it emerged as a strong player in home and SOHO segment and got good mind and market share for broadband routing. It also did good business in wireless segment and is now amongst the top brands in Wireless. With advent of Digitisation, mobility and social media consumer awareness is increasing and is also reflecting in consumer buying behaviour. Digisol realizes that in today’s time, the brand presence on digital media is a must. The presence on online channel increases the visibility of the products and some customers who see the product online call the offline stores for products. In other words, online visibility brings business to the traditional channel as well. Nowadays it is essential to be online to maintain the presence online that is a must for maintaining the brand image as well. “We have big focus and budget to promote DIGISOL brand on digital media. While advertising in print media remains a part of our promotion, we will be very active on social media front on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc,” sums up Mandar. Commvault believes business leaders need to shelve their traditional roles Jezmynn Koh Director of Communications - Commvault APAC As CEOs continue to strengthen and normalize their leadership teams, temporal roles will either fall out of fashion or be calibrated to drive the key digital, data analytics and customer programmes in 2017. It will be no surprise that traditional and functional roles such as the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer will evolve, and new customer and business-centric functions will emerge. Jezmynn Koh, Director of Communications - Commvault APAC gives away some top tips for business leaders to deliver business value to their organizations using data - · A License to Innovate: Data Driven Decisions throughout Organizations Organizations must tap into their greatest assets – their employees – to win in a customer- led and digital-centric market. A data-driven mindset and collaboration through the entire organization is the key to success. Insights from one department can be used to shape another, as case in point. Customer patterns, employee lifecycle, turnover rate can be used to co-relate with employee benefits and incentives from the finance team. For instance, when using data gleaned from sales performance, sales compensation needs to be tied to attainable metrics of success every quarter, to ensure a consistent level of business delivery, employee satisfaction and engagement. Upskilling and Development: Preparing Leaders for the Future When organizations continue to invest in employees, development of new skills that allows them to cope with the transformation of roles and job scopes is also crucial. Workshops, skill development programmes, and grassroots initiatives are all important in boosting morale, also allowing businesses to reduce turnover and build a strong company culture. Go Your Own Way: Build Your Own Talent Acquisition Capabilities Another key to success is finding your own talent. Most organizations rely on agencies and recruitment managers to find talent, but using data internally could yield better results. Building your own talent acquisition capability is a viable solution, using data-centric tools to start building a proactive sourcing engine which can identify and cultivate talent ahead of an opening, instead of always running behind. This is particularly crucial in a period of hyper growth, where it is extremely important to have a strict process in place to ensure there is consistent cultural measurement. In such times, there is always a temptation to hire rapidly, but it is important to screen candidates for culture fit, have them embedded in the company culture so as to become meaningful contributors to it. 41 September 2017

  42. CMO SPECIAL McAfee constantly tries to simplify cyber security for a wider audience acceptance Rupa Roy Head of MArketing, APAC - McAfee McAfee’s focus as one of the largest pure play cybersecurity players has been to be torch bearers for the industry. “We have been leading the way to promote awareness through all our marketing efforts and sensitize consumers as well as enterprises about evolving security threats. Awareness prompts readiness and owning this onus has been a major imperative for McAfee. We also engage with our stakeholders and customers on a regular basis because cybersecurity has now moved from a back-office reality of IT into the boardroom. Since Cybersecurity is a complex domain, we are also constantly working on how we can simplify the message for it to resonate with a wider audience since it’s something that concerns everybody. This has been our success mantra leading to many major achievements in 2016-17,” explains Rupa Roy, Head of Marketing, APAC - McAfee. Owing to India being the hotbed for growth, it’s one of the fastest growing markets for McAfee in APAC. The company has been growing in double digits over the last several years and it expects to continue that trajectory across public and private sector. As a testament of this growth, McAfee in India has partnered with approximately 49% of ET 500 and aim to cover 60% of ET500 companies, with an overall target to increase the customer base by 20%. Additionally, building on established ongoing relationships with leading OEM manufacturers like LG & Samsung, McAfee now also associated with one of the leading consumer electronics company Micromax. With these marquee partnerships, it has successfully expanded its security footprint in India. McAfee believes that any organization’s digital transformation needs a connected architecture to share intelligence and orchestrate security operations in real time. Rupa explains, “When a house is being built, a number of factors are considered. All these factors are considered as standalone and as a whole i.e. how they would impact other considerations. Example, a bigger drawing room could mean a smaller kitchen. Digital transformation can be considered on similar lines where security is inherent and not an afterthought. Isolated products create coverage gaps, impair visibility, sap budgets, and leave incident responders dealing with targeted attacks, scrambling and reacting.” To enable such industry leading collaboration, McAfee’s Open DXL leverages the McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL) that enables unprecedented collaboration in an open, real-time system. eScan endeavours to provide better customer experience through its customizable security solutions Rajat Sahu Head of Marketing - eScan A happy customer is always easy to engage and retain, hence eScan’s major focus is always to provide a seamless service that helps increase customer satisfaction. “Our single mantra for success is customer satisfaction with over the moon product experience. In our constant endeavour to achieve the same, we strive to improve these two aspects of the business continuously. One achievement I can speak of is when we were able to provide a highly customizable security solution or one of our valued customers in quick time, which in turn help them execute the projects seamlessly,” says Rajat Sahu, Head of Marketing – eScan. Apart from that eScan also made its strong presence among the IT channel with higher satisfaction level that helped it to grow its channel network to more than 8300 active partners across India. “As mentioned, one of eScan’s key mantra for growth is customer satisfaction and great product experience. Our constant effort towards building a channel friendly culture as well as stay ahead with global standard product quality helped us gaining market share across the business and consumer segments. We also constantly stay engaged with our customers& partners through various forums and platforms to reach out and resolve any problem at its budding stage. That has helped us garner the leadership position, at par with many international players,” reiterates Rajat. According to Rajat, digital transformation is here to stay and though it might be complicated but it is inevitable for any enterprise to survive the change and grow. “Digital Transformation not only empowers the enterprise to increase its speed, efficiency, agility but also adds to profitability and faster growth. Digital transformation is the backbone of every business it becomes crucial and critical to safe guard the business and confidential DATA secure but also makes the business services accessible 24 x7 for the customers,” points out Rajat. Hence, a robust and strong IT policy will help organisations harness the powers of digital while making it agile to the times of change and faster growth. 42 September 2017

  43. Lenovo understands the value of analytics in its business success Sriram Gopalaswamy Head of Commercial Marketing - Lenovo Data empowers marketers and gives them the power during pointy business discussions. In the views of Sriram Gopalaswamy, Head of Commercial Marketing – Lenovo, the most successful marketers are those who know the value of analytics. “This goes far beyond measuring return on investment, share of voice, reach, engagement, market share or market growth – although all of these remain important. Our success mantra has been to increase our customer knowledge over the last one year, in the SMB segment. Many organisations pursue greater customer-centricity. Certainly, at Lenovo we see this as a high priority,” points out Sriram Gopalaswamy, Head of Commercial Marketing – Lenovo. Due to its focus on building customer information and reaching out to customers with a dedicated telemarketing engine, Lenovo gained 5.5% YTY share in the SMB Segment in CY 2016-17 in India (as per IDC Shipment report). “An example of us moving to customer centricity is our own voice of the customer (VOC) project in India (and in Japan), in which we analyse customer comments in social media channels and forums, and share the insights with our customer engagement and product development teams. Every month this means we have around 700,000 customers giving insight on how to make our products and services better,” he says. In a Forrester paper commissioned by Lenovo and SAP in January 2016, on average 70% of data within companies goes unused. Organization must continuously watch and listen to their customers and prospects. That means both data and analysis drive the definition of the customer engagement experience. “It applies to your products and services, the way you engage with your customers, and in the way those who talk to customers interact with them (from the CEO through to the customer care technician). Listening for opportunities to discover how customers experience the same from your competitors, or new entrants coming to market, is valuable in reviewing your own approach,” says Sriram. For Sify, Relationship Marketing is a prime focus for its brand positioning Arvind Saxena Group Marketing Head - Sify Technologies Ltd. Sify invests in making a difference to the lives of all those that the brand touches – be it Customers, Shareholders, Employees, Partners. “We call it Relationship Marketing. We maximize the time we invest across various touch points and gather insights constantly to address the needs of the ecosystem. Our 360 degree customer outreach strategy gives us deep insights on enterprise buying behaviours, customer journey mapping, in addition to the broader technology shifts and whitespaces therein. Media being the biggest catalyst of change and change-makers, has helped us share our POVs and strategic positioning in the market, with industry peers across Print and Digital,” explains Arvind Saxena, Group Marketing Head - Sify Technologies Ltd. Sify Technologies has built a knowledge-sharing community of Thought Leaders over the past 1 year that supports each other with rich insights on technology best practices across industries. “The fact that we are on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the fourth consecutive year reinforces our standing as a leading service provider. Enabling customers on their transformation journeys has helped us maintain high satisfaction scores among our 8500+ customers,” says Arvind. In the past year, Sify introduced additional layer of services with the intent of helping enterprises scale rapidly. In the network space, its offerings such as SMACnet and Managed WiFi service have ascended from enterprises requiring workforce collaboration in an era of hyper-connectivity. Similarly, its WAN Transformation solution enables a unified cloud based network management replacing the hassles of managing disparate networks and vendors. Sify has been a leading player in Applications such as SAP, helping enterprises with their ERP transformation. To re-define their business from both a strategic as well as a technology standpoint, Sify partners with its customers for ideas. In verticals like BFSI, it has been able to lay the groundwork for firms to enable seamless digital transactions, payment gateways and fintech start-ups along with new forms of technology based insurance models. 2016-17 has been a year of Customer Delight coupled with industry recognition for its work in the space of Product Innovation and Business Impact from leading industry analysts and publications. Being crowned the “Business Superbrand of the Year” and CIO Review’s “Most Promising Data Center Solutions Provider’, Microsoft’s “Cloud Partner of the Year” among a slew of other awards is a testimony to the increasing confidence of its customers and partner community. “The trophies were for us, but our gratitude is for our customers,” asserts Arvind. 43 September 2017

  44. CMO SPECIAL Digital and marketing analytics is an important component at Netmagic Prasenjit Roy Senior VP & CMO – Netmagic (An NTT Communications Company) With the growing number of tools available to aid marketers in understanding consumer behaviour at a faster rate and a deeper granularity, the digital space is constantly evolving. Due to this evolution, marketers across multiple industries are still not in the same wavelength when it comes to understanding the potency of digital technology and the changes it can engender. “Netmagic places significant emphasis on the importance of digital and marketing analytics that will help us to shape, execute and support the growth agenda while delivering on our customer promise. Our digital marketing strategy drives a successful lead-generation tactic that is targeted to meet several criteria. Our actionable leads are primarily generated through – search engine marketing (SEM), Social media advertising, email marketing, direct email, events or trade shows, and so on. Few of the key ones are – • Reaching a specific audience of our target customers; • Generating and tracking a large numbers of marketing qualified leads for the company; • Creating funnel of sales qualified leads • Measuring the costs and ROI. Moreover, companies are increasingly deepening their customer relationship by leveraging what they know about a given customer to personalize offerings. We engage them vide customer round tables, surveys, and promotion through media and analyst reports. We organize our customized customer forums or events to learn more about their requirement and accordingly feedback to our Sales and the Product Development team,” explains Prasenjit Roy, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer – Netmagic (An NTT Communications Company). Netmagic today is at the tipping point of leveraging the mobility and disruptive technologies to enable clients to implement truly Digital IT. It has its unique identity, position play and specialization in Hybrid IT – the management of complex IT environments including multi-cloud scenarios by a single solution provider. Moreover it is the only end-to-end infrastructure Solution Provider who can act as a one-stop shop for needs pertaining to Multi- Clouds, Dedicated Hosting and Managed Services. Its continued investment in efforts and innovation of its services line has not only been appreciated by its customers, but also by several CIO and analyst communities. Ricoh sees itself as an emerging player in the cloud application area Yuki Uchida VP & CMO - Ricoh India Ltd. To acquire customers, the first thing is to know the requirement of the market and the consumer. You then need to create value for the consumer through innovative offerings that fosters a virtuous cycle of improvement. “In the past year we focused at capitalizing on new cloud and collaboration capabilities to power digital transformation projects,” says Yuki Uchida, VP & CMO - Ricoh India Ltd. “Our strategy was to respond to changing market conditions and customer needs through secure access to apps, data from any device or in the cloud and streamline complex workflows with the help of advanced document management platform.” During 2016, Ricoh had put development focus on bringing new user experience in its cloud application, RicohDocs 3.0, an office automation platform that enables users to manage all unstructured content & automate all business processes with absolute ease. “At the same time, we listened to various customer needs and brought many business process workflows such as Expense Reporting, Travel Authorization, etc. incorporated into the application. Ricoh will keep focusing on delivering the easy-to-use and effective solutions for customer needs,” says Yuki. He further continues, “Ricoh is well known name when it comes to imaging solution and IT services. But we still need a long way to go to position ourselves as a leader in cloud application area. With our new business proposition, ‘Empowering Digital Workplace’, we will improve workplace by using innovative technologies & services hence enabling individuals to work smarter. We will continue focus on the user experience and effective and efficient workflow, which save both time and money for the customers. Once we develop the workflow, we will release it as packaged solution for the customers who require the similar needs to widen our application coverage and customer base.” On the topic of digitization, Yuki opines that in this era, enterprises need to transform their existing business processes and models. They are looking for the right partners and service providers who can help them easily adapt to the change and harness the power of innovative technologies like IoT, cloud, mobility, big data, unified communications, etc. The success of the partnership and the customers is rooted in factors like increased productivity and business efficiency, enhanced customer experience and engagement, managing security threats and drive revenue and growth across geographies. 44 September 2017

  45. VBS transitioning from a sales approach to a vertical propositions approach Monalisa Sahoo Senior VP – Marketing, Vodafone Business Services Vodafone Business Services (VBS) takes an insight-driven approach to marketing that puts a lot of emphasis on understanding its customers, their business priorities and challenges, and partnering with them in their journey towards achieving key milestones. “One of our most successful and award winning marketing initiatives last year was the ‘Ready Business’ campaign designed specifically for the Small and Medium Enterprises. Based on the insight that SMEs are keen to leverage technology to digitalize and scale up their business but need a trusted partner to help them navigate through this journey, we designed this marketing initiative which starts with a Ready Business Survey to assess how digitally ready they are, and then through a consultative approach Vodafone helps them identify the right solutions to meet their business ambitions. So far, we have conducted more than 2 Lac surveys (through both digital and face to face method), which is one of the largest done for SMEs in India. This has further led to mapping the right business solution for the customers, resulting in a significant impact on sales. The Ready Business campaign has won multiple awards including the Effies India and Aegis Graham Bell Marketing Innovation award,” says Monalisa Sahoo, Senior VP – Marketing, Vodafone Business Services. One of the key growth drivers for Vodafone’s enterprise business is the SME segment that has delivered about 30% growth year-on-year. VBS has moved from a sales approach based on offerings, to a vertical propositions approach i.e. creating solution packages tailor-made for specific industry verticals like hospitality, manufacturing, construction, ITeS and more. The focus therefore is on customer needs with customised solution bundles. This, combined with the Ready Business survey specially designed for SME, has positioned VBS as an industry leader for this segment. “In fact, we have won Frost & Sullivan ICT award for SMB segment for 2 years in a row,” she states. VBS is aggressively adopting a digital approach for customer engagement to deliver an omni-channel experience to its customers. Some of these initiatives are - • Self-care customer portals for multiple services: For higher control and transparency to customers • Digital adoption to enhance internal processes: For delivering reliable service • Deployment of analytics: Optimizing customer experience with front-end offerings and enhancing back-end processes D-Link fosters a cordial relationship with both its customers and partners Anoop Jarial VP – Product Marketing, D-Link (India) While acquiring customer is an important aspect of business, engaging with them on a regular basis is crucial. Understanding customer needs, connecting with them, and aligning business processes to deliver desired output that meet their needs is the key to fostering a long term vendor-customer relationship. With the accelerating pace of change, the role of marketing in an organization has also broadened and is more aligned towards business growth. While marketers continue to reach out to their market place through traditional medium, it is imperative to also adapt to newer trends which encompasses use of digital platforms which has almost become ‘voice of the customers’ these days. “In today dynamic market place, strategic & focused marketing plays an important role as it provides for competitive edge and leads to long term success of the organization. In the process it is essential to analyze market conditions, customer buying pattern, take a note of external environments that influence markets like economic, cultural, political, and then accordingly device a strategy that will help meet both short-term & long-term company goal. At D-Link, we have a multipronged strategy to reach out to both distribution network as well as end-consumer. Throughout the year we connect and engage with channels/re-sellers/LFRs/eCommerce partner and empower them to address growing demand for D-Link networking devices. Similarly we reach out to end consumers through various informative and innovation campaigns to update them on our latest products/solution offerings. Our marketing approach includes a mix of tradition media like print, and new age digital platform like social media that aims to foster a long lasting customer relationship,” says Anoop Jarial, VP – Product Marketing, D-Link (India). D-Link realizes the importance of a sound & effective customer engagement strategy. With its marketing campaigns in the past, and also as it moves forward, D-Link seeks to extend its innovative networking solution to the masses as well as business enterprises and help differentiate the brand positioning basis the product & service offerings. “At D-Link it is our unique positing & brand reliability that has helped D-Link retain market share across different product segments. We continue to be undisputed leaders in Wireless & Switching. D-Link is certain to carry forward the success in future. The present government focuses on driving the country's economy and digital infrastructure has broadened the horizon for brands like ours, and we look forward to being a part of nation building process in this digital era,” says Anoop. 45 September 2017

  46. CMO SPECIAL Epson looks to adapting its business model as per customer needs Tushad Talati Director - Brand & Communication, Epson India Epson is a customer-centric organization and believes in adapting its business model to suit the growing consumer demand. Constant technological advancements coupled with increased adoption of IT amongst consumers is ensuring that expectations are ever changing. Key to these expectations are lower costs and higher efficiency. The consumer is no longer willing to accept what is thrown at them by manufacturers. “At Epson, our belief is to always innovate and offer revolutionary products that appeal to the changing needs of people,” reminds Tushad Talati, Director - Brand & Communication, Epson India. “Our biggest achievement was to secure the No.1 position in the Inkjet printer market (by Volume in addition to Value) in Q1 as the market leader in terms of Unit share for the first time ever. Epson captured 42.9% of the Inkjet market by Volume. Epson’s Value market share (where we have been No. 1 for a few years now) increased to 51.8%. We now have an amazing 2 million InkTank printer users in the country, a landmark we recently crossed. More and more number of people are realizing the value Epson InkTank printers provide over cheap cartridge printers,” he says. As per IDC’s latest Hard Copy Peripherals (HCP) Quarterly market report for 2017 Q2, Epson’s Inkjet market share is 34.4% as per volume &47.4% as per value. In the projector category, Epson is the No.1 brand as per the latest data published by FutureSource Consulting, registering a consistent growth with 29.7% market share in terms of unit shipments. In POS printers and DMP, Epson’s share is in excess of 50% and we are the clear No. 1 brand. In achieving all these, a CMO plays a crucial role, in the way he performs the marketing function. “CMOs have a larger role as the “representation of the customer” across companies as they respond to significant changes in the marketplace. There are huge and tectonic shifts taking place in marketing at the moment. The consumer and his/her expectations are evolving with mind boggling rapidity. The consumption of media has changed and keeps changing constantly. The CMOs role is evolving constantly and with the growing focus on Digital, it’s imperative for CMOs to keep themselves abreast of latest trends in the Digital space and the ever evolving consumer. Companies must focus on broadening the role of marketing in general and the CMOs in particular. They should be entrusted with playing a more active role in shaping the company’s public profile, helping to manage complexity, and building new capabilities within the marketing department,” Tushad concludes. Rashi Peripherals has conceptualized many innovative programs to enable its partners Rajesh Goenka Vice President, Sales & Marketing - Rashi Peripherals The role of CMOs has marked a significant transition from a Marketer to a Business enabler over the years. Today, a CMO’s major responsibilities include business consistency, creation of new revenue streams and the company’s internal and external positioning. There are many factors that influence the success of a CMO but in my opinion Conviction, Leadership and Trust are the three major parameters that determine a successful CMO. “In the span of over 13 years, I have identified numerous business prospects for Rashi Peripherals and its stakeholders. In my capacity as a Vice President, Sales & Marketing, I focused on identifying new growth opportunities that commensurate with the objectives of the organization. It is said that Innovation is a key to success. I have driven many innovative marketing campaigns, which were highly applauded in the industry,” says Rajesh Goenka, Vice President, Sales & Marketing - Rashi Peripherals. He further continues, “Robust and loyal channel base is very critical criteria for an organization’s success. I conceptualized innovative channel programs like ARP (Authorized Rashi Channel program) and RSI (Rashi System Integrator program) to build a strong and committed channel ecosystem. These programs were highly appreciated among partners and enabled Rashi Peripherals to have one of the most loyal channel base in India. In fact, a survey conducted by GFK in 2013, assert our commitment towards partners. In the survey, Rashi emerged as a strong relationship oriented organization with high scores on channel friendliness and partner involvement.” Rajesh also conceptualized special programs for partners’ families such as NSC certificates for their children’s education, gifts to their spouse, and foreign tours. “My foreign trip programs way back in 2001 were one of the first in the industry, where we took almost 100 partners to Star Cruise and 60 partners in Tokyo, which was unheard during those days,” he says. Rajesh takes a lot of pride to say that irrespective of market conditions Rashi Peripherals has marked a consistent growth of 25% percent CAGR over the last 15 years. Apart from being instrumental in this fascinating growth journey, Rajesh has extensively worked towards representing Rashi Peripherals as a holistic IT solution provider company with a more diverse and balanced product portfolio. “Today, we have a healthy mix of Component business (23%), PC business (25%) and Mobile business (about 25%). I can vouch that no other distributor in the world can have such a balanced portfolio. I consider this as my one of the biggest achievements as a CMO,” he sums up. 46 September 2017

  47. For Juniper existing customers are as important as potential customers Anshul Tripathi Director Partner Marketing- APAC & Head Marketing- India and South Asia, Juniper Networks For Anshul Tripathi – Director Partner Marketing- APAC & Head Marketing- India and South Asia, Juniper Networks, marketing should be looked at a strategic department and an important function. “Marketing is very important to be aligned to the business, whether it is the kind of vertical that the business is focusing upon or the products and solutions that we want to take to the market. So that’s how I want the people in my organization to see marketing as a strategic department. My first objective for the year is alignment to my business. As a B2B marketing organisation and a marketing person in the company, we work around integrated campaigns around key offerings which is cloud, network transformation and security. So by integrated campaign what I mean is that we have a sustained engagement with the customer, right from offering him digital content - which is how a customer is consuming information these days to working together with the partner eco- system. We have a good partner visibility as we don’t go to the market directly. Anything we do in India is through partners. So it also becomes important for us to work along with the partner while we drive the customers and hence we work on joint campaigns. From the acquisition, retention and engagement point of view, I personally feel that retention is a key aspect for an organization,” explains Anshul. So retention for Juniper as a marketing organization is the key to retaining the existing clients. For that it becomes important for the company to demonstrate the value of its products to its existing customers which will take them to the next level and they in turn deliver value to their customers. Juniper does it by building a customer community which helps it and also its customers and partners to support the complete product cycle, whether that be through marketing & sales support, customer relationship and lastly product support. 2017 has otherwise been a very good year for Juniper. In this calendar year – from January to December, Juniper has seen a stellar performance. In India Juniper today is a well established organization and its business identifies some key verticals. “With everything going digital nowadays, every vertical that is adopting a digital strategy is a prospective business vertical for us,” concludes Anshul. Consumers are the brand ambassadors for Dell Ritu Gupta Director, Marketing, Consumer & Small Business - Dell, India An innovative product/solution is at the heart of any brand’s relationship with its customers. Dell’s innovation to consistently deliver solutions that match varying user needs has been instrumental in defining the trust it has built with customers over the years. “It is this innovation around which customer engagement is built. Product innovation, accessibility across various media, sustained conversations, and extended support beyond the point of purchase, come together to create a cushion of trust between the brand and its consumers,” says Ritu Gupta, Director, Marketing, Consumer & Small Business - Dell, India. She further continues, “While our products are the focal point, sharable content and content around the Dell brand also feature as a part of our content strategy. Dell delivers consumer campaigns through the year, which are crafted to cater to various audiences based on their unique technology requirements and usage patterns. Our campaigns engage with various user groups including students, youth and young professionals to encourage the use of the PC for the fulfilment of personal and professional aspirations.” Dell’s most recent initiative Dell Aarambh, a pan India ‘PC for education’ initiative, was born out of an in-depth evaluation of the consumers’ attitude towards the personal computer and the role it plays in their lives. As a technology brand, Dell’s users are always scouting for information they can use in their day to day lives. Social media, as a tool offers extensive reach to interact - listen and respond, with its audience. The customers, for whom it builds innovative technology solutions are Dell's brand ambassadors. A business is successful when it delivers a compelling value proposition to its customers. A comprehensive marketing strategy enables customers to wholly understand this proposition. No consumer brand can make an impact on its target audience without winning a certain level of the consumer’s trust. A well-crafted strategy not only builds customer’s trust but also ensures that the relationships between the brand and its customers is sustained. “Our belief in understanding our customers’ needs enables us to deliver technology that can transform their lives. This fulfilling relationship ensures that our customers see us not just as an enabler, but as a technology companion who can complement their capabilities and can maximize their achievements,” concludes Ritu. 47 September 2017

  48. CMO SPECIAL For CP Plus, customers form the company’s backbone Anupam Sah Senior Marketing Manager - CP Plus India CP Plus believes that keeping its customers at the center of what the company does has been the winning way for it, because, in the end, a brand’s value is directly proportional to the level of its customers’ experience. Some of its major achievements have been are - • CP Plus is India’s No.1 Video surveillance brand with the largest market shareholding as per HIS Survey. • Its winning campaign “UparWala Sab Dekh Raha Hai” was bestowed with the prestigious Silver Abbey Award at the Goa Fest’ 16 • The brand was recognized and approved by DGS&D • It was awarded the India Video Growth Surveillance Excellence Leadership Award 2016 by Frost & Sullivan for outstanding contribution to the growth of video surveillance. • It is the youngest and fastest brand to enter the Global Top 4 and Asia Top 2 Club. “CP PLUS is a market leader in CCTV surveillance in India with more than 40% market share. We have a market penetration unlike any other. With more than 6500 partners and system integrators spread across the country to provide service, CP PLUS has managed to reach the remotest nook and corners with a strong customer base,” reiterates Anupam Sah, senior marketing manager - CP Plus India. Despite being a relatively new industry, the surveillance industry comprises of both the organized and the unorganized sector. While buyer behaviour is steadily changing, one thing remains constant – the value that a brand brings to the table. Being a customer oriented company has kept the company moving forward through the competition. “Be it through better products or improved service, we always try to bring more value to our customers which, I believe, should be the most important criteria for any brand,” says Anupam. An effective marketing strategy helps Supertron become a brand name V.K. Bhandari Chairman and Managing Director - Supertron Electronics Marketing is an integral part of any organization and the CMO plays an important role in connecting organization vision and corporate affairs with the outer world. “It stands true for us as well,” says V.K. Bhandari, Chairman and Managing Director - Supertron Electronics. “FY 16-17 has been an eventful journey for us and we are not only focused on retaining customers but also focused in accruing new customers in every vertical. In the prospective of IT distribution, the customers for us are partners through whom we sell our products to the end customers.” A few important aspect of its marketing strategy helped in promoting successfully Supertron as a Brand by itself in the market. It employs an effective marketing investment for relevant business goals, creates linkage between marketing & business objectives, emphasizes on its forte of distribution with a strategy revolving around New Business, New Market, New vision & Ideas, focuses on improved customer experience through constantly evolving operation process and effectively utilizes technology in marketing. All these marketing activities have helped to differentiate Supertron from the crowd. Supertron also has a robust CRM (Customer Relationship Management) process that enables identifying the right market and partners, basis the product requirement. It uses the Telesales approach for optimization of flow of information and brings about customer delight by personal touch. Supertron is also present and active in all forms of digital platform and it keeps updating information for its customers. Schneider Electric leveraging digital transformation to target its customers Bidisha Nagaraj Chief Marketing Officer - Schneider Electric India Schneider Electric is currently going through a digital transformation by focusing on Innovation at every level to transform the places where people live, work & play and riding on the wave of the Internet of Things, making everyone and everything more connected. As a global specialist in energy management and automation, it seizes the opportunities from today’s megatrends: urbanisation, industrialisation, and digitisation. “To address these megatrends and make our customers future-ready we look at influencing customers around Thought Leadership and Demand Generation at stages of Discovery, Preference and Order closure. Our marketing ammunition primarily involves all levels of Digital and Event-Led tools,” says Bidisha Nagaraj, Chief Marketing Officer - Schneider Electric India. In the coming years, Digitisation will remain at the core of how Schneider engages with its customers in this new and changes world of experiential economy. As part of Schneider’s EcoStruxure architecture the company works with start-ups and other IT leaders to sharply provide the best analytics and cloud capabilities solution for customers. 48 September 2017

  49. 49 September 2017

  50. Channel Leadership PC Market MPS InkJet Multi function printer Electronic Security Enterprise resource planning RoutersGraphic cards Control Systems Enterprise Mobility Recovery software Uninterruptible power supply Enterprise Digital Rights Management Survey– 2017 Inktank printer Anti-virus Business Intelligence LaserJet Printer Multi function printer Enterprise Digital Rights Management Multi function printer MPS Business Intelligence Back-up Smartphones Ethernet Switches Enterprise Surveillance Thin Client Digital camera PBX Systems Dot-matrix printer Servers Servers Workstation Solid State drives Enterprise Surveillance PC Market Projectors Enterprise Digital Rights Management Multi function printer MPS Business Intelligence Anti-virus Servers Business Intelligence Graphic cards InkJet RoutersGraphic cards Control Systems Anti-virus Business Intelligence LaserJet Printer Control Systems Back-up PBX Systems UTM Dot-matrix printer Servers Recovery software InkJet Storage RoutersGraphic cards Control Systems Application Delivery network Enterprise Surveillance Multi function printer Anti-virus Business Intelligence LaserJet Printer Control Systems Workstation Back-up PBX Systems Thin Client Control Systems Application Delivery network UTM Enterprise Digital Rights Management Dot-matrix printer Dot-matrix printer Servers Recovery software Storage MPS InkJet Multi function printer Dot-matrix printer Servers Application Delivery network Enterprise Surveillance Multi function printer RoutersGraphic cards Control Systems Storage Workstation Anti-virus Business Intelligence Workstation Thin Client Control Systems UTM Application Delivery network PBX Systems Enterprise Digital Rights Management Dot-matrix printer Application Delivery network Multi function printer MPS InkJet Storage RoutersGraphic cards PBX Systems MPS InkJet Multi function printer Dot-matrix printer Servers RoutersGraphic cards Control Systems Anti-virus Business Intelligence Control Systems Back-up Storage Hard disk drive Anti-virus Business Intelligence MPS Workstation InkJet Multi function printer UTM RoutersGraphic cards Control Systems PBX Systems Application Delivery network Multi function printer MPS Anti-virus Business Intelligence Servers Back-up InkJet Storage PBX Systems RoutersGraphic cards PBX Systems Hard disk drive LaserJet Printer Multi function printer Servers Anti-virus Business Intelligence Control Systems Back-up Servers Graphic cards Hard disk drive Application Delivery network Technology is growing in leaps and bounds, we, on the occasion of our 18th Anniversary special issue of VARINDIA, have attempted to outline the major trends across the IT spectrum, where we have drilled down into the segments which have shown how technology is getting transformed through the enablers called VARs. In the eighteenth year of VARINDIA’s Annual Channel Leadership Survey (CLS), our endeavour will be to present the feedback of thousands of solution providers, who casted their votes and recognized vendors in the categories of partnership, support and product innovation. The winners will be felicitated at the Star Nite Awards – 2017, which is slated to take place on 3rd November, 2017 in New Delhi. The survey focusses on the emerging technologies and contemporary product evolution (hardware / software / services) by technology vendors for addressing the needs and challenges of today’s customers. 50 September 2017