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Company Profile

Company Profile. Silicon Valley Startup in 1968 Acquired by EG&G in 1976 Added Seismograph Line in 1977 Management Buyout in 1993 Acquired Blackhawk Geosciences, 1996 Acquired by OYO in May, 1997 Acquired GeoVision May, 1998. 30,000 sq. Ft. Manufacturing Facility

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Company Profile

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  1. Company Profile • Silicon Valley Startup in 1968 • Acquired by EG&G in 1976 • Added Seismograph Line in 1977 • Management Buyout in 1993 • Acquired Blackhawk Geosciences, 1996 • Acquired by OYO in May, 1997 • Acquired GeoVision May, 1998

  2. 30,000 sq. Ft. Manufacturing Facility Electronic Design, Assembly and Test Equipment Environmental Chambers Magnetometer Test Chambers Fourth Shift Computerized MRP System Lease Pool for World-Wide Rental Business 10,000 sq. ft. Facility for Research and Services at Blackhawk Facilities

  3. 51 Employees Management Experience: Schlumberger, EG&G, McKinsey 9 Engineers 7Technical Staff 20 Manufacturing and Materials 6 Service and Support 7 Administration 16 BlackHawk Geosciences Employees Personnel

  4. Natural Resources Oil and Gas Exploration, Minerals, Coal GeoEngineering Construction, Infrastructure, Buildings, Roads, Dams Environmental and Hydrology UXO, Hazardous Waste Scientific and Academic Geophysical, Crustal, Marine Studies Government Research, Mine Detection, UXO Markets and Applications

  5. Seismographs StrataView RX StrataView R SmartSeis CNT Controllers Geode Distributed Modules Magnetometers Proton Land and Marine Cesium Land Portables Cesium Marine Systems Cesium Airborne Systems GeoElectric Products StrataGem CSAMT Hybrid OhmMapper Capacitively Coupled Resistivity Product Lines

  6. Seismographs • ES-1210 - 1977 • ES-2415 - 1979 • ES-2420 - 1983 • ES-1225 - 1985 • ES-2401- 1988 • SmartSeis 12, 24 Channels - 1993 • StrataView R, 12 - 60 Channels - 1994 • StrataView RX, 12 - 60 Channels - 1995 • StrataView R and RX Expansion - 1996 • CNT-1 Controller - 1997 • Geode Distributed System - 2000 • ***** Over 3000 Systems Sold ****

  7. Configurations • Acquisition PCB for OEM applications • 3-24 channel Geode distributed module • Single Box 12 V Portable Module 12 to 72 Channels

  8. Configurations • 132 Channel Rack Mount Module • Integrated 12 to 600 channel systems

  9. Configurations • 12-600 Channel Rack Mount with Controller

  10. Configurations • On Board the Binhai 518, China Offshore Geophysical Company

  11. Controller Design Requirements • Many of our systems required integration with multiple computers • Must have ‘no data loss’ design philosophy • Must have real time data QC facilities • Must have automated instrument testing • Must work from common, inexpensive platform

  12. Project Started May, 1996 Basic version completed in October, 1996. First Marine Systems Delivered Summer 1997 Sequential Tape Buffering Added March, 1998 Real-Time CDP Processing Added Summer 1998 Controller Generalized for Other Applications Tomography Module Added Fall 1998 Earthquake Monitoring Application Added 1999 Explosive Ordnance Application 2000 Controller Project Chronology

  13. Development Effort • Development Time: 4 Years • Currently 5 Man-Years • Investment: $500K • Code: 115,000 Lines • Systems in Operation: 40

  14. Thread Diagram

  15. Features • Fault Tolerant • No Data Loss Even If All Tape Drives Fail • Maintains Data Ordering for Processing • Optimized for Speed • Data can be collected on multiple inputs • Communicates with other devices • navigation • birds, compasses • downhole encoders

  16. Features • Separate, Sizeable Windows • Shot • Multiple Simultaneous Gathers • Source Energy, Shot Timing • Noise Window • User definable alarms with adjustable thresholds • Drives multiple plotters for various displays

  17. Geophysics Gpr. Int. Kawasaki Geological Engineering, Japan National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Northwest Geophysical Services Ocean Research Institute of Tokyo University SOGO Geophysical Exploration U.S. Geological Survey University of Aarhus, Denmark Gardline Surveys, UK Gulf Ocean Services, Inc. Northern Geophysical of America Alfred Wegener Inst. for Polar and Marine Research Bedford Institute of Oceanography China Offshore Geophysical Company (Bohai) ENEA ‑ Ente per le Nuove Technologie, Italy Geological Survey of Canada University of Kiel, Germany Pukyong University NSA, University of Tokyo NDRIP Japan Marine Customers

  18. Reviews • Approved by Shell Exploration and Development • Manufacturing and documentation review by Peter Kayen, 1998 • Instrumentation Review including software

  19. Set up and operation • The following slides show the set up and operation of the marine controller for a typical survey

  20. InitialScreen showing tape drive status and labels

  21. Tape drive set up menu

  22. Serial input set up window to allow external data to be appended to the SEG-D extended header

  23. Acquisition Parameter Set-up

  24. Pre-amp gain setup

  25. Streamer sensitivity input allows calibration of noise monitor

  26. Very flexible data storage options

  27. Electronic Observers log, on-line details automatically updated

  28. Typical initial screen showing shot, gather, spectra, observers log, noise and trigger windows

  29. Dialogue box for adjusting gather windows, plus optional brute stack window

  30. Dialogue box for adjusting shot window

  31. Visual and audiable alarms can be operator selected

  32. Streamer noise, calibrated in micro bars

  33. Hot keys - Access most commonly used functions with a single key stoke

  34. Example Display

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