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Reading Reasons. Tuesdays with Tiffany. Why Reading Matters to Me. I grew up in an abusive home Reading became an escape. I could go anywhere, do anything, and become anyone.

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Reading reasons

Reading Reasons

Tuesdays with Tiffany

Why reading matters to me
Why Reading Matters to Me

  • I grew up in an abusive home

  • Reading became an escape. I could go anywhere, do anything, and become anyone.

  • Later, my ability to read well helped me get good grades and get a scholarship to college. I was able to move out and have a better life because I could read well.

What about you
What About You?

  • You may have lots of reasons of how reading has changed your life.

  • Maybe you learned something new.

  • Maybe you escaped into books, like me.

  • Maybe you got better grades.

  • Maybe it helped you get through a stressful time in your life.

  • Maybe you are still finding your own reasons.

Why should you read
Why Should You Read?

Here are 9 reasons why you should read in real life!

  • Reading is rewarding.

  • It builds a mature vocabulary.

  • Reading makes you a better writer.

  • Reading is hard and hard is sometimes necessary.

  • It makes you smarter.

  • Reading prepares you for the world of work.

  • Reading well is financially rewarding.

  • It opens the door to college and the world beyond.

  • Reading arms you against oppression.

Tuesdays with tiffany
Tuesdays with Tiffany

  • One of my favorite books is Tuesdays with Morrie. Morrie is the author’s former teacher. When Mitch Albom finds out Morrie is dying, Mitch interviews Morrie about his life each week. Through these Tuesday meetings, Mitch learns about what is important in life.

  • In Morrie’s memory, I will dedicate every Tuesday to talking about real reasons reading matters in your life.


  • Facts from the slides

  • My thoughts

  • Connections

  • Questions

Reason 9 reading arms you against oppression
Reason 9: Reading Arms You Against Oppression

  • Since we talked about book burning and control last week, I want to spend today talking about Reason 9.

Reading reasons

Reading reasons

Students looks at 4who were behind in reading in 4th grade are behind in 6th grade, the 9th grade, and the 12th grade.

Reading reasons

Information age
Information Age economic hardships and oppression.

  • The ability to read will become increasingly important in the near future.

  • The amount of information doubles every 6 months.

  • In the last 400 weeks of human existence, 500 million computers have been plugged in.

  • We are in the beginning of an information age and weak readers will be left behind.

Expensive to be poor
Expensive to Be Poor economic hardships and oppression.

  • James Baldwin said, “It is expensive to be poor.”

  • What did he mean?

  • Poor people are often taken advantage of.

  • The best way to arm yourself against oppression is to learn how to read the world critically.

My oppression from not reading well
My Oppression from Not Reading Well economic hardships and oppression.

  • I didn’t read the fine print on my first car loan and ended up paying a lot more money than I had agreed to pay.

  • On my credit card bill, I paid the minimum monthly payments, but didn’t know that when they added interest, I was going more in debt every month.

  • I misunderstood an essay question and failed a final in college. I had to retake the class.

  • I missed a registration deadline and didn’t get my student loans. It cost me $3,000 for that mistake.

Discussion economic hardships and oppression.

  • What are some examples in your world when someone was penalized or punished because they didn’t read something or didn’t read it carefully?

  • What can you do to change this for you?