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Configuring and Using Checklists

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Configuring and Using Checklists - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Configuring and Using Checklists. Jason Baumgartner, Tim Climis, and Nik Spurgetis. Outline for the day… 1 st segment: Presentation of main concepts 2 nd segment: Demonstration in SUNAPSIS 3 rd segment: Planning business process 4 th segment: Building checklist

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configuring and using checklists

Configuring and Using Checklists

Jason Baumgartner, Tim Climis, and Nik Spurgetis


Outline for the day…

    • 1st segment: Presentation of main concepts
    • 2nd segment: Demonstration in SUNAPSIS
    • 3rd segment: Planning business process
    • 4th segment: Building checklist
  • Feel free to ask questions at any time!

You’ve already digitized your paper forms using E-Forms...

  • What about the folders, binders, and file cabinets?

Allows office staff to keep track of a population’s progress

  • Can allow students/scholars/employees to see their progress

Configurable logic for complex situations

  • Send communications based on progress, informing students of next steps
what is a checklist

Traditional definition: “A list of items that need to be completed”

  • Less-traditional definition: “A collection of conditions that must be met in order for an action to take place”
  • Hyper-Marketing Buzz-Definition: “Flowchart2”
  • Can be linear or nonlinear
  • Inherently scalable
What is a checklist?

Helps you keep track of where students are in a process

  • Again, checklists are scalable. Keep this in mind…

One form of conditional logic

    • “This has been done”
    • “This has not been done”
    • “This has been done…but needs additional review”
    • All of these can determine which stage a student goes to
  • …or they can be solely for information purposes…
stage e forms

Useful for showing progress

  • Offers a shortcut for approval or can indicated thata student doesn’t actually need it to move forward
  • E-Forms can cause stage movement too (not just tasks)!
Stage E-Forms
what s next

Now it’s time to map out your business process to find out what stages, tasks, and stage E-Forms you need for your checklist!

What’s next?