proposition 19 in california l.
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  1. Proposition 19 in California. • California has a ballot initiative coming up on November 2nd that will legalize the possession of Marijuana for adults 21 years of age and older. The Ballot initiative "Proposition 19: The Regulate, Control And Tax Cannabis Act Of 2010" will allow the State of California to regulate and control various marijuana related activities, and will allow local government to regulate these activities, impose fee's and taxes related to marijuana and authorize criminal and civil penalties. The Ballot initiative needs a simple majority vote in order to pass and would take effect the day after the election. (vaporizer) • The Opposition of Prop 19 is a group called Public Safety first and they state that this bill will actually make workplace's and the roads more dangerous than ever before, because employers cannot screen job applicants for marijuana and cannot fire someone unless the employer can prove job impairment and law enforcement officers cannot test for impairments of Marijuana on the spot. (vaporizer) • These accusations are somewhat false, because the Act states "Maintains an employer's right to address consumption of marijuana that affects an employee's job performance." and it also states that "Maintains existing laws against selling drugs to a minor and driving under the influence." Public safety first also believes that this will make Marijuana more accessible to children when it becomes legalized. The Yes on 19 campaign responds with it's belief that Marijuana is already more accessible than alcohol, and that legalizing and controlling marijuana will take the drugs out of the hands of drug dealers who peddle other harmful narcotics and into a more controlled and regulated space, where it can be distributed to older adults who posses an identification. It will also put many drug cartels and illegal drug business's out of business, and it will regulate and tax the $14 billion in annual revenue the marijuana industry makes in California.The Proposition will also see an increase in various marijuana related products, such as vaporizers and smoking pipes and products. Vaporizers are already a hot new item that various marijuana users enjoy and use. (vaporizer) • The preliminary polls are almost all near a tie, but some polls show prop. 19 winning the race, just slightly. We will all find out what the outcome will be and what the majority of Californians want for their state on November 2nd.