the crucible act i n.
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The Crucible: Act I

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The Crucible: Act I - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Crucible: Act I. “There is prodigious danger in seeking loose spirits.” --Rebecca Nurse. Cast of Characters. Questions to Consider: What characters have we met so far? What do we know about each? Take a moment and add to your Cast of Characters worksheet !. Team “WitchCraft”

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the crucible act i

The Crucible: Act I

“There is prodigious danger in seeking loose spirits.”

--Rebecca Nurse

cast of characters
Cast of Characters
  • Questions to Consider:
    • What characters have we met so far?
    • What do we know about each?
  • Take a moment and add to your Cast of Characters worksheet !
pick a side
Team “WitchCraft”

Reverend Parris

Thomas Putnam

Ann Putnam

Team “the town’s gone crazy”

John Proctor

Rebecca Nurse

Pick a Side…

With the rumors of witchcraft circulating, two factions have formed. Which character belongs to which team?


BARBADOSTituba is from Barbados, an island in the West Indies. Barbados was originally inhabited by the Arawak and the Carib, although it was uninhabited when the first white settlers arrived from England in 1627. West African slaves were brought there during the 1600s and the 1700s.

Africans brought to the West Indies cultural practices that contributed to the development of voodoo, which is characterized by sorcery and spirit possession. The Puritans did not know or understand Tituba's culture, and anything they did not know, they assumed to be evil. Therefore, Tituba is the perfect target for accusations of witchery.

What If?What do you think would have happened if Tituba had not confessed to practicing witchcraft?

characterization activity
Characterization Activity
  • Create a graphic organizer/chart for the following characters: John Proctor or Abigail and one of your choosing. You pick how you want to chart the information.
  • Jot down TWO important character traits for each character. You may treat the girls, except for Abigail, as a single character.
  • Then, find THREE examples for each trait. You may use dialogue, action, and/or stage direction.
real life characters a real life witch hunt
Real Life Characters…A Real Life Witch Hunt…?
  • Meet the West Memphis Three
    • New Evidence
      • New York Times Article
    • Web Site