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OntheBoards.tv. On the Boards is a thriving 34-year old contemporary performing arts center in Seattle, WA. OntheBoards.tv launched as a website in January 2010.

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Ontheboards tv

  • On the Boards is a thriving 34-year old contemporary performing arts center in Seattle, WA.

  • OntheBoards.tv launched as a website in January 2010.

  • OntheBoards.tv is an on-demand website for HD-quality contemporary performance films available for stream, download or mobile viewing via individual, institutional or subscription purchase.

The goals of ontheboards tv
The goals of OntheBoards.tv

  • To break-down the barriers of geography, time and cost for arts participation. (new audiences)

  • To create an opportunity for audiences to develop relationships with performing artists and become art fans. (current audiences)

  • To establish a new standard for performance documentation.

  • To provide a new revenue stream for artists.

  • To provide content for universities & colleges.

Featured artists 24
Featured Artists (24)

  • Radoslaw Rychcik

  • Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes

  • Rude Mechs

  • Mariano Pensotti (coming soon)

  • Michelle Ellsworth (coming soon)

  • Tanja Leidtke (Dance)

  • Diana Szeinblum (Dance)

  • Jan Fabre/Troublyn (Dance)

  • Morgan Thorson (Dance)

  • Kidd Pivot/Crystal Pite (Dance)

  • Catherine Cabeen (Dance)

  • Christian Rizzo (Dance)

  • Pat Graney (Dance)

  • Ralph Lemon (Dance)

  • Dayna Hanson (Dance)

  • zoe | juniper (Dance)

  • Young Jean Lee

  • Temporary Distortion

  • Reggie Watts

  • Allen Johnson

  • Radiohole


Purchase Options

$5 to stream (48 hours)

$15 to download (own)

$30 for academic download

$50-$100 to subscribe

$250 for educational institution subscription


High definition

Regular definition

For mobile devices

OntheBoards.tv Products

The basic process
The basic process

  • A team of independent filmmakers film a live performance, in front of an audience, with 5-6 high-definition cameras (at OtB or elsewhere).

  • The filmmakers and the artists jointly edit the film, resulting in a product that the artist approves.

  • The film along with a trailer and additional content is loaded onto the site.

How is it going

Since our launch in January 2010 we have had over45,000 visitors to the site from110countries and 52states.

We have over 8,000 registered users, 136 paid individual subscribers and 16 paid educational subscriptions. We have sold over708single downloads or streams.

Our most popular shows are The Shipment, a theater work by Young Jean Lee and contruct, the last work by Australian choreographer Tania Leidtke and Dark Matters, a dance work by choreographer Crystal Pite/Kidd Pivot.

How is it going?

  • Most users are in Seattle and New York, with our highest international participation in Canada and Australia.

A few things we have learned
A few things we have learned

  • Our films allow audiences to watch shows that they could not see live and to watch shows through a technical, analytical perspective. They are a “separate” product.

  • OntheBoards.tv attracts an audience of “arts insiders.” People follow specific artists to the website.

  • Technical issues will always exist.

  • A small organization can implement this type of project.