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Belifes. Avarda. Andrew & Andreas. What do you think – who are these individuals?. Belief. Belief is any principle or opinion, which guides us, or gives a meaning and a direction to our life.

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andrew andreas
Andrew &Andreas

What do you think – who are these individuals?

Margus T Pihlakas 2008

  • Belief is any principle or opinion, which guides us, or gives a meaning and a direction to our life.

Example: I never steal, I value a life, learning is a life longprocess and that helps me to develop.

  • Beliefs determine our attitudes.

Example: I believe that help from outside can help people who are struggling with their lives, so my attitude towards these people is warm and approving because I see them as my self.

"There are no impossible dreams, just our limited perception of what is possible"/ Beth Conny/

Margus T Pihlakas 2008

about beliefs
  • Belief is status, our inner vision that guides our behavior.
    • constructive beliefs
    • destructive beliefs

You can start to do great things if you understand that your beliefs are your own choice.

Margus T Pihlakas 2008

how beliefs form
How beliefs form
  • Environment
  • Events/Experiences
  • Knowledge
  • Dreams

Margus T Pihlakas 2008

effect of beliefs
Effect of beliefs
  • Beliefs create reality where we live
  • Beliefs determine our behaviour and attitudes
  • Beliefs work like unwittingly coming true prophecy
  • Events are treated within beliefs and exeptions are considered as exeptions that confirm the rules.

Margus T Pihlakas 2008

you believe there is a spoon
You believe there is a spoon!

But the truth is: “There is no spoon”

Margus T Pihlakas 2008

forming of beliefs
Forming ofBeliefs






Margus T Pihlakas 2008

andrew ja andreas
Andrew ja Andreas

Margus T Pihlakas 2006


Margus T Pihlakas 2006

andreas duscha
Andreas Duscha

Margus T Pihlakas 2007