garbageland vs maryland n.
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Garbageland vs. Maryland PowerPoint Presentation
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Garbageland vs. Maryland

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Garbageland vs. Maryland - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Garbageland vs. Maryland
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  1. Garbageland vs. Maryland By: Mariana Puyo Mariana Barrios Valeria Nieto

  2. Garbageland and Maryland usedto be one country. Itwasreigenedbytwosisters Camila and Mariana Gomezafter a hugeargument Camila decidedtoleavethe country and startonecityherself Garbageland. Camila´scityis Garbageland and Mariana´scityis Maryland. As you can see in thepicturesbelow Maryland is a bettercitythan Garbageland. Garbageland vs Maryland Maryland Garbageland

  3. As you can see in the modelGarbageland is city ruled by an irresponsible mayor named Camila. If you ever go to Garbageland and see fire donot be surprised if you se fire because Camila loves fire. Camila uses the taxes on her presidental suit. Camila kills all jewish people because she just do not like them. Camila is so irresponsible that she does not care if drugdealers live in Garbageland. Garbageland Description

  4. As you can see in the model Maryland isruledby a responsible mayor Mariana. Mariana lovessecurityspeciallywhenthesituationincludesfire. Mariana uses taxesforbuilding new parks, museums, libraries, public schools etc. Mariana accepts all kinds of religions and cultures. Mariana builds a new home for poor people every day. Maryland Description

  5. Model Of Garbagelad

  6. Model of Maryland