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Persuasion. What is persuasion?. Under what circumstances might a person need to employ persuasive techniques?. What text types tend to be used to persuade?. What makes a text persuasive?.

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What techniques and word types do you already know that can be used to persuade another person or group?

rhetoric 101

Rhetoric 101

The art of eloquently convincing an audience of your opinion or viewpoint

formality flattery

Formality & flattery

Adopt a formal and flattering tone – but don’t be effusive or sycophantic!

personal pronouns

Personal pronouns

Personalise the delivery by using ‘we’, ‘you’ and ‘your’

appeal to the heart

Appeal to the heart

Fear, guilt, empathy, altruism

hard evidence

Hard evidence

Facts, statistics, research & surveys,

soft evidence

Soft evidence

Expert opinion, anecdotes & examples

the law of contrast

The law of contrast

All things are relative!

emotive language

Emotive language

Don’t shy away from strongly expressed opinion and dramatic vocabulary

poetic devices

Poetic devices

Alliteration, simile & metaphor to paint word pictures and create musicality


As you gain confidence that you have hooked your audience, don’t be afraid to use commands to drive home your point


rhetoric revisited


The law of contrast


Emotive language

The rule of 3

Poetic devices

Rhetorical questions


Formality & flattery

Personal pronouns

Appeal to the head

Appeal to the heart

Hard evidence

Soft evidence


Rhetoric revisited


The first paragraph should offer an overview of your stance or opinion that you will be putting forward for consideration


The main body of your writing will be divided into clear paragraphs – each will present a new point or idea that supports your overarching premise


Make full use of the rhetorical techniques you are now familiar with in each of your paragraphs to ensure that the CONTENT and STRUCTURE complement one another


Your final paragraph should summarise your stance and reinforce the strength of the ideas you have presented


When teachers apply for a job at school, they receive a pack containing information about the school. Write a section of this pack in which you, as a student, try to persuade teachers to come to work at your school.


An open air concert has been planned for next summer but the farmer who owns the land where the concert is to be held has received objections from locals. He is now undecided about whether or not to allow the event to take place.Write a letter persuading him to allow the concert to go ahead.


‘Killer drop’ is a popular ride in a local amusement park. A group of lobbyists are calling for it to be permanently shut down.There is a proposed meeting on the issue taking place tonight in the town hall and you have been asked to deliver a speech, arguing your opinion on the issue as a representative of young people in the area. Write the speech.


An action group called ‘Cut Road Deaths Now’ wants to change the age at which young people are allowed to drive (from 17 to 21). Write a letter to the leader of the group persuading them that the proposed change is unwise.


Your local council intends to allow a supermarket chain to build a new store on a piece of nearby green land.Write a letter for your local newspaper in which you try to persuade local people that this is unacceptable.